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February 24, 2018

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Delphinium hybrid 'Round Table Mix'
Delphinium x elatum ('Pacific Giant' Series)

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Zone: 3 to 7
Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms early summer
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Cultivar Notes - 'Round Table Mix'
Mix of every shade and tone. Symmetrically shaped huge flowers in June and Possibly again in September. Use for borders, cutting. Stake if necessary
Genus Notes - Delphinium
The name of this genus originated in reference to the dolphin-like shape of the flower bud, for in Greek, delphin means "dolphin." The first Delphiniums recorded as cultivated in gardens were the Larkspurs, and the modern perennial Delphinium was a creation of mid-nineteenth-century European breeders.

Dephinium is one of the few genera in which the flowers display a true, pure blue. This genus is also among a very limited number that have evolved species spanning the color spectrum. Whether blue, scarlet, or yellow, these flowers never fail to rivet attention with their extraordinary, saturated intensity.

Elegant treasures of the perennial garden, Delphiniums have a stately appearance and cup-shaped flowers that add lovely displays of vibrant color.

The towering spikes of the tall hybrid Delphiniums are much admired but highly impractical for many gardeners. The shorter varieties give nearly as much pleasure with a lot less effort. Give them deep, rich, moist soil and plenty of sun.

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