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October 21, 2018
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Coleus 'WizardŽ Mosaic'
Solenostemon scutellarioides ('WizardŽ' Series)

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Part Sun to Shade
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Cultivar Notes - 'WizardŽ Mosaic'
Oval to heart-shaped leaves in a nice color range. The garden performance is superior due to the dwarf basal branching plant habit.
Genus Notes - Solenostemon
Bold, exciting, and versatile, our collection of these phenomenally popular foliage plants runs the gamut of sizes, leaf shapes, and patterns. All are easy to grow and very popular.
Series Notes - WizardŽ
The 'Wizard' Series is the best seed raised strain for bedding and containers. The compact plants are durable and hardy to around 50°F. With colorful, medium-size leaves and a base-branching growth, they grow naturally close-to-the-ground and never need pinching to reach a bushy, symmetrical, compact form. Growing 10 to 12in tall, the heart-shaped leaves appear in vivid shades that all reach the same size at the same time.

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