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January 21, 2018

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Quick Search: 'Narcissus' - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order

23 plants found*. Generated on 1/21/2018. Display Plant Images Only   Printer-Friendly List
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Daffodil Narcissus
1. Accent
A "sun-proof" naturalizer, this award-winner has an ivory-white perianth and a funnel-shaped, frilled cup of light salmon-pink to salmon-rose.   Click to display 'Accent' tag image 18"-20" n/a n/a Unknown
2. Barrett Browning
This dependable favorite has a small, orange-red center that contrasts beautifully with larger, surrounding white petals. She's also one of the first of the daffodils to add a touch of toasty orange red to the spring landscape. This small cup cultivar was introduced in the 1940's and has won numerous awards - give her a try and you'll understand the appeal. Deer and rodent proof.   Click to display 'Barrett Browning' tag image 16"-20" n/a 3-9 Unknown
3. Carlton
A two-tone yellow daffodil with a strong perennial nature. Soft yellow petals encircle a large, frilly, golden yellow cup. Carlton is a splendid multiplier.   Click to display 'Carlton' tag image 15" n/a 3-8 Unknown
4. Chromacolor
There is little to seek in a Daffodil that isn't found in 'Chromacolor' -- substance, eye-catching beauty, and fragrance. The flower is clear white with a cup that turns deep reddish pink and has the scent of roses or raspberries.   Click to display 'Chromacolor' tag image 16"-20" 5"-6" 3-7 Unknown
5. Delibes
Primrose-yellow flowers with a large, shallow cup that shades to orange at the mouth. Delibes is a reliable perennial and a strong multiplier. It's an all-around great daffodil.   Click to display 'Delibes' tag image n/a 16" n/a 3-7 Unknown
6. Dutch Master
This magnificent yellow Trumpet is the successor to the venerable 'King Alfred' as the all-around best Daffodil money can buy. The bold blooms, with petals drawn slightly forward, are borne on 18-20" stems. It makes a striking underplanting for Forsythia and is ideal for naturalizing. This daffodil produces flowers with great texture that hold up well through spring winds and rains. If you're wondering where to start with daffodils, this variety never disappoints. Early midseason.   Click to display 'Dutch Master' tag image 18"-20" 5"-6" n/a Unknown
7. Fortune
Circa 1917, this huge 4" award-winner is a long-lasting naturalizer with a brilliant butter-yellow perianth and a darker, broad funnel-shaped cup with a reddish-orange rim.   Click to display 'Fortune' tag image 18"-20" 6"-8" 4-9 Unknown
8. Geranium
This old garden favorite has 3-5 extremely fragrant flowers per stem. The petals are brilliant white, the small cup light orange. Bulbs produce many flowers, which all face out, so the show is terrific. A long-lasting garden perennial that should be planted where you can appreciate its perfume. Heirloom, 1930.   Click to display 'Geranium' tag image 15"-18" 5"-6" 5-8 Unknown
9. Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest is an old-timer (almost 100 years old) but still an incredible daffodil. Vigorous and long lasting. The bright yellow daffodils that you see along the roadside are often Golden Harvest.   Click to display 'Golden Harvest' tag image 15" 5" 3-8 Unknown
10. Ice Follies
The large flowers have ivory white petals and wide, frilled cups that open lemon yellow and turn creamy white. A vigorous heavy bloomer, great for naturalizing, and lightly scented, too. Early midseason.   Click to display 'Ice Follies' tag image 16" 5"-6" 3-8 Unknown
11. Large Cup Mixture
Over 40% of all narcissus varieties cultivated are Large Cupped Narcissus. Large Cupped Narcissus have a smaller cup than Trumpet Daffodils and are very popular among landscapers. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes and like Trumpet Daffodils; they are also excellent naturalizers. This means they come back year after year and will multiply if left undisturbed. Lift dead foliage when it can be removed with minimal effort and these beauties will return spring after spring.   Click to display 'Large Cup Mixture' tag image 12"-16" 4"-6" 2-10 Unknown
12. Las Vegas
Prized for its distinctive color, tremendous ability to multiply and huge flowers, Las Vegas has large blooms that have a prominent yellow cup surrounded by crisp white petals. They nod atop 18-inch stems, making a very impressive show even in a small planting, and increasing in beauty and number every year! is a fine choice for a large planting! Arising in midseason and very ready to colonize, it's one of the best investments you can make in the spring-blooming bulb garden!   Click to display 'Las Vegas' tag image 18"-20" 3"-6" 4-9 Unknown
13. Mary Bohannon
Unlike most daffodils which hang their heads in a classic narcissus pose, Mary Bohannon looks right up at you.   Click to display 'Mary Bohannon' tag image 14" n/a 5-8 Unknown
14. Mount Hood
This outstanding white Trumpet made its debut in 1937 and over the years has continued to win awards -- the most recent in 1995 -- an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. The ivory cup of 'Mount Hood' turns pure white soon after opening, making an eye-catching display both in the border and in naturalized sweeps.   Click to display 'Mount Hood' tag image 16"-18" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
15. Pink Charm
    Click to display 'Pink Charm' tag image 14"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
16. Pink Mix
    Click to display 'Pink Mix' tag image 12"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
17. Salome
This unique narcissus has broad creamy petals with a large center cup that starts out yellowish in color then matures to a beautiful salmon color.   Click to display 'Salome' tag image 16"-20" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
18. Tahiti
Here's another of our favorite big, boisterous doubles, one that delivers lots of color and giant flowers 3 to 4" across. In shades of the tropics, yellow and steamy orange, Tahiti really warms up an early season garden. Plant close enough to paths and garden edges so you'll be able to savor the strong, sweet scent.   Click to display 'Tahiti' tag image 12"-14" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
19. Tête à Tête
Narcissus 'Tête à Tête' is so popular it ranks in fourth place for the most sold daffodil in the world! These daffodils are very early bloomers, so plant them where you can see them brighten up the late winter garden. Stem will bear up to three flowers. Deep golden-yellow perianth with a little darker cup.   Click to display 'Tête à Tête' tag image 6"-8" 2"-3" 4-8 Unknown
20. Trumpet Mixture
Trumpet daffodils are known for their traditional daffodil shape; a large flower on one stem with an exceptionally long large trumpet.   Click to display 'Trumpet Mixture' tag image 14"-16" 4"-6" 2-10 Unknown
21. White Lion
Colossal and marvelous, the 'White Lion' Double Daffodil is rightly named! Its gorgeous white petals surround a full, ruffled center of golden petals which contains a few white sticking out here and there. It truly resembles the mane of a lion!   Click to display 'White Lion' tag image 14"-18" 4"-8" 3-8 Unknown
22. Yellow Cheerfulness
This prolific daffodil offers 2-3 primrose yellow flowers per stem, each with a fully double form. A fragrant heirloom that has delighted generations, this is a great variety to mix with early daffodils for many weeks of colorful blooms.   Click to display 'Yellow Cheerfulness' tag image 10"-14" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
Daffodil (Double flowering)
23. Obdam
    Click to display 'Obdam' tag image 12"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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