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March 21, 2019

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Butterfly Bush ‘Potters Purple’
Buddleia davidii
Unavailable in 2019   

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What's My Zone?
Zone: 5
Full Sun
Blooms mid-summer to early autumn
Cultivar Notes - 'Potters Purple'
Large, thick violet flower clusters and robust green foliage. Use near porch or patio to enjoy the sweet fragrance. Prune back in spring for best flower display.
Genus Notes - Buddleia
This shrub, commonly and appropriately called Butterfly Bush, is found throughout the tropical and temperate regions of Asia, South Africa, and the Americas. Butterfly Bushes are large shrubs with arching branches and nodding clusters of fragrant flowers.

Buddleia nectar is irresistably attractive to butterflies. By imparting brilliant color and animation, butterfies greatly enhance the delight of a garden. They constantly dart and dance about to elude predators and search for the high-energy nectar that sustains them through their brief lives. Butterfly gardens are easy to establish by using flowering plants that will draw the delicate creatures from miles around.

Butterfly bushses are a fast growing deciduous shrub with tremendous late summer bloom. With their long, arching wands of flowers that fill the air with fragrance, they offer a pleasing garden centerpiece and can be complemented with other shrubs and perennials playing subsidiary roles. Mulch in colder climates.


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