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Snapdragon 'Montego™ Yellow'
Antirrhinum majus ('Montego™' Series)
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Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms all season
Cultivar Notes - 'Montego™ Yellow'
A dwarf mass of colorful flower spikes from spring to frost. Fragrant, too.
Series Notes - Montego™
Montego™ is the earliest flowering dwarf snapdragon that still shows superb garden performance. These varieties last longer in the garden than other dwarf types. Montego™ snapdragons will only grow up to ten inches tall and wide, and like their big cousins, there is a wide variety of colors. The colors of red, yellow, white, pink, and bicolor would be gorgeous lining the front edge of a flower bed. These plants are ideal for planting in the full sun to partial shade. The individual flowers are aligned neatly and tightly bundled on the many stems. And the flowers are big for the size of the plant, so it's good that the Montego snapdragons have strong and sturdy stems. The flowers heads will stay compact, and not stretch in the warmer spring weather. And, just like their big cousins, these dwarf dragons also live in the flowers of Montego.

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