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May 27, 2020

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Plant Type: Annual
Full Sun
Blooms all season
Cultivar Notes - 'Sonata™ Carmine'
With an elegant, compact shape and a bloom-heavy nature, Sonata Carmine packs more color per inch than most Cosmos! The very full, well-branched plants grow just 2 feet tall and about 15 inches wide--great for the front of the border or containers of all types! The purplish-red blooms, lightly frilled at the petal tips, measure 2-3/4" to 3" across, a good size for cutting and very attention-getting on these low-growing plants! Versatile and very colorful, Sonata is a super Cosmos.

Like all Cosmos, this charming variety thrives in the sunny garden, drawing butterflies and compliments by the dozen. Simply plant whereever you like lots of quick, long-lasting color. The flowers are great in vases too, keeping their color and holding up their heads over a long period. And the plants will thrive even in poor dry soils, making them ideal for blazing-hot trouble spots as well as beds, borders, and walkways.

Series Notes - Sonata™
This series offers excellent branching, a uniform habit and very large attractive blooms. This easy to grow plant is ideal for gardeners looking for a no fuss plant.
Genus Notes - Cosmos
Cosmos offers airy foliage and delicate flowers that are great both in the garden and as a cut.


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