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Regal Geranium; Martha Washington Geranium ‘Solstice™ Chocolate’
Pelargonium x domesticum (‘Solstice™’ Series)
Unavailable in 2023

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Vitals -
Type: Annual
Full Sun
Blooms early summer to late summer
Series Notes -
The Solstice series exhibits better heat tolerance than older varieties. Solstice has a mounded, compact growth habit requiring less concern about too large of a plant or leaves.
Species Notes -
Pelargonium x domesticum
Regals are the Pelargonium genus to arrive in Europe from the Cape of Good Hope. Their group claims many nicknames including Regals, Martha Washingtons, Lady Washingtons and show geraniums. They preceded the better-known zonal geraniums by 20 years.

Regals have the showiest blooms and velvety scented leaves. They prefer the cooler temperatures of spring and fall but if watered well during the hot months they will thrive.

Genus Notes -
Confusingly known as geraniums, pelargoniums are in the same plant family as hardy geraniums, but fall into a different genus and bear no resemblance to them at all. They are normally grown as annual bedding plants although they can be overwintered indoors, and are prized for their bright summer flowers and attractive, often fragrant, foliage.

Pelargoniums come in a variety of forms, and most belong to one of the following six horticultural groups: Angel, Ivy-leaved, Regal, Scented-leaved, Unique and Zonal. All thrive in full sun and do best when grown in a sheltered, sunny spot.


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