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Phlox ‘Intensia® Blueberry’
Phlox hybrid (‘Intensia®’ Series)
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What's My Zone?
Zone: 10 to 11
Full Sun
Blooms all season
Cultivar Notes - 'Intensia® Blueberry'
At last, an unflagging annual Phlox! Not only will the rich, berry-purple shade of this Phlox excite your inner artist, its ability to produce continuous blooms all season long will impress you, too.

Plants of the Intensia® series are large-flowered, heat and humidity resistant, and cold tolerant. Their growth habit is spreading, making them ideal in hanging baskets and containers. They will also carpet a bed with their vivid flowers all summer long.

Series Notes - Intensia®
Their heat and humidity tolerance, sweet fragrance, and rich colors have earned 'Intensia' a special place in the hearts of gardeners. Amazingly cold tolerant, they could easily be the last plants left blooming to greet the snow.
Genus Notes - Phlox
Europeans first became aware of Phlox around the 1630s, after the exploration of eastern North America by John Tradescant the Younger. But only in the eighteenth century did the gardens of Europe receive this species from various American colonies. As botanical explorers ventured farther west, more kinds of Phlox were found.

Through hybridization and selection, the varieties of Phlox grown today far surpass their predecessors in depth and breadth of color, length of bloom, plant habit, and general constitution. Improvement continues to this day.

The large trusses of flowers held atop sturdy, leafy stems offer rich, sweet scents. Their fragrance readily wafts about the garden, traveling amazing distances through the air. The low-growing varieties of Phlox, with their showy flowers, are particular favorites and bloom in spring or early summer.

There are big Phlox and small Phlox, spring Phlox and summer Phlox. All produce masses of five-petaled, often fragrant flowers in a range of colors. Garden Phlox need rich, evenly moist soil, creeping Phlox require excellent drainage.

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