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May 25, 2020

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Plant Type: Annual
Full Sun to Full Shade
Blooms all season
Cultivar Notes - 'Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson'
The first dwarf, bedding Mandevilla! Bred to be naturally compact, this new selection is perfect for entry, patio or balcony, spilling out of hanging baskets, window boxes or containers. Equally stunning in landscape borders. Hummingbirds adore the prolific and large crimson flowers, which contrast beautifully with the glossy evergreen foliage on a tight, vine-like form.
Series Notes - Sun Parasol®
Mandevilla fans will love the new Sun Parasol® varieties, bred for their exceptional, velvety flowers, which have a richer color — the deepest saturated red on the market — and last longer that other Mandevillas. Once established, these selections are undemanding and require minimal care. They are recognized for excellent vigor, weather tolerance, long bloom cycles, disease resistance and ease of growing.

Bred by the innovative plant breeding company Suntory Flowers Ltd. from Japan, Sun Parasols arrived to North America in 2003, and already have become a consumer favorite. These versatile plants which include bush and vining habits will climb or trail beautifully and bloom non-stop from spring until fall. They are ideal in containers, on trellises or arbors, grown as a hanging plant or trailing groundcover, and good for small spaces and balconies.


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