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August 8, 2020

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What's My Zone?
Zone: 9
Plant Type: Annual
Full Sun to Full Shade
Blooms all season
Cultivar Notes - 'Spellbound® Salmon'
Spellbound is the SUN-sational trailing impatiens – unlike other impatiens, Spellbound can thrive in full sun or shade. All Spellbound varieties are vigorous, free flowering and heat tolerant so they’ll look great all summer long.
Series Notes - Spellbound®
Raised from cuttings, the impatiens Spellbound series was bred to achieve trails of 2 ft. or more while retaining its bushy appearance from the top down. It produces masses of large flowers throughout the season from early spring to first frost. The series is the result of years of research by S&G Flowers' breeding team. Varieties are available in many colors, including Pink, Salmon, Rose, Blackberry Star, Bright Purple, Royal Purple, Dark Red, Lavender and more.

Spellbound varieties work well in hanging baskets and tall patio containers in single or mixed plantings. They can be mixed with other vigorous plants, and due to their trailing habit, they can be used as landscape groundcover. At close spacing of 8-10 inches, this variety will reach heights of 16-20 inches. At spacing of 16-24 inches, it will reach 10-12 inches tall. Varieties in this series have a unique trailing ability that will cover the ground with mats of color, with each plant covering an area of about 2-3 ft. In sunny or semi-shaded areas, impatiens Spellbound varieties have resistance to weather variations. They can rebound from rain due to sturdy flowers and pliable branching. Impatiens in this series may flower profusely and continuously throughout summer months due to their non-seed-setting characteristics, which promote reflowering. Plants branch as well as they flower for quick fill in both containers and landscapes.

Genus Notes - Impatiens
Shade plants can be hard to find and New Guineas fill that niche with vibrant beauty. These plants have large flowers, dark green to purple foliage, and a variety of color choices. Perfect in shade combination planters, pots, baskets and the landscape.


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