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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Peony (Garden) Paeonia lactiflora
1. America
Large, brilliant, scarlet flowers with golden stamen tufts and mild fragrance. Excellent bush habit looks nice well into the fall. Superior true red! American Peony...   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 4-7 2 Gallon
2. Avalanche
Large, double blush-white flowers with a faint, delicate pink center. Blossoms appear late season on sturdy, upright stems with deep green foliage. Excellent for summer...   Click to display 31"-36" 35"-39" 3-7 2 Gallon
3. Ben Franklin
This heirloom, is a deep red-maroon, full double. It's outer petals are a dark with a center composed of smaller petals, mixed with stamens, with...   Click to display 30"-36" 31"-35" 3-8 2 Gallon
4. Bowl of Beauty
The flower coloration is outstanding with the fuchsia-rose colored guards and pale lemon staminodes. Strong stems hold well in the rain.   Click to display 24"-36" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
5. Buttercup
A white outer petal with butter-yellow inside becomes a bold showing when it is highlighted by this Japanese peony's attractive dark-green foliage. 'Buttercup' blooms mid-season...   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
6. Coral Charm
This charming peony is a true color breakthrough in the coral category. Deep coral buds open to semi-double, light coral peach blossoms early in...   Click to display 32"-36" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
7. Coral Sunset
A favorite of the breeder, this outstanding peony produces intense sunset coral, semi-double blossoms with rose overtones and a fluffy boss of deep yellow stamens...   Click to display 28" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
8. Dr. Alexander Flemming
Fragrant, fully double, pink blossoms abound in early summer. The central petals have a tendancy to curl inward, giving the flowers a sphere-like shape.   Click to display 30"-40" 18"-24" 3-8 2 Gallon
9. Duchesse de Nemours
Dependable and profuse bloomer produces early, creamy-white, fully double flowers with shadings of green at the base of the petals. The medium tall plants have...   Click to display 36" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
10. Early Scout
In late spring, dark red, single flowers sit atop sturdy stems with attractive, dissected leaves. The foliage remains attractive throughout the season, thus making it...   Click to display 34" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
11. Edulus Superba
This intensely fragrant peony is widely grown for cut flower production. It sports double, bright rose-pink blossoms with a tufted center. The flowers tend to...   Click to display 36" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
12. Fairbanks
Single. Palest pink fading to white with a yellow center.   Click to display 30"-32" 34"-36" 4-8 2 Gallon
13. Felix Crousse
Carmine-red blossoms with a silvery sheen are lavishly produced in early summer. This is a fragrant, double variety.   Click to display 28" 18"-24" 3-8 2 Gallon
14. Felix Supreme
Large, double, showy, deep ruby-red fragrant flowers appear in mid-season amid glossy deep green, thickly textured leaves.   Click to display 28" 28"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
15. Festiva Maxima
Noticeably fragrant, white blooms with red drizzled throughout the center is the highlight of this reliable bloomer. The flowers have a massive, loose form. This...   Click to display 34"-36" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
16. Frances Willard
Large, double, fragrant white flowers of good substance bloom mid season. Upon opening the petals are tinged with pink. Extremely free flowering, the strong stems...   Click to display 28"-36" 28"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
17. Hermione
Very fragrant - you can smell it while walking in the garden without having to stick your nose in the bloom! A huge double flower...   Click to display 30"-36" 24"-30" 2-8 2 Gallon
18. Hit Parade
Cheerful, rose-pink petals with lighter edges form the flowers of this Japanese, midseason bloomer which flowers in early summer.   Click to display 32" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
19. Humei
Large, double cherry pink flowers blooming late in the peony season. Excellent landscape plant. Great cut flower.   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
20. Immacullee
'Immaculee' is a semi-double flowered selection having large, bowl-shaped, white blooms, often with a splash of red in the center. It is an old standout,...   Click to display 29"-31" 31"-35" 2-9 2 Gallon
21. Japanese Beauty
Japanese red flowers at top of red mottled stems are bowl-shaped. Blooms freely beginning midseason. Good for cut flowers.   Click to display 24"-30" 24"-36" n/a 2 Gallon
22. Kansas
'Kanas' has large, double, watermelon-red blooms. An early season blooming peony makes a beautiful back drop for spring bulbs.   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
23. Karl Rosenfield
Brilliant, fuchia-red blooms are both sizable and fragrant. This double variety blooms from early to midsummer.   Click to display 34"-36" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
24. Laura Dessert
This incredible double selection has creamy-white outer petals and a pale lemon-yellow center. This is one of our most fragrant varieties, a floriferous plant with...   Click to display 32"-34" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
25. Longfellow
This variety has beautiful, fully double crimson red flowers with delicate yellow stamens in the center. A great choice for areas where you can veiw...   Click to display 30" 24" 3-7 2 Gallon
26. Lora Dexheimer
This attractive perennial is prized for its profuse amount of double blossoms. The late mid-season blooming flowers are a bright crimson color and are held...   Click to display 30"-36" 24"-48" 3-7 2 Gallon
27. Louise van Houtte
Medium to large sized blooms with magenta-red petals and a sunny yellow center rest among the handsome foliage of this classic peony. This is a...   Click to display 36" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
28. Madame De Verneville
The plump, heavily petaled white blossoms of the MMe. De Verneville measure 6-8" across. Dark, glossy foliage springs up in a hurry, forms a good...   Click to display 24"-30" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
29. Martha Bulloch
Double, late mid-season. One of the greatest pink Peonies. Color is bright old-rose-pink. The plant is very tall, comes into bloom late midseason. Flower is...   Click to display 24"-30" 24"-30" 3-7 2 Gallon
30. Mons. Jules Elie
Broad, smooth, rose-pink guard petals surround a mound of recurved, silvery-pink petals, giving the flower a slight two-toned effect. This bomb peony blooms in early...   Click to display 30"-34" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
31. Mons. Martin Cahuzac
For many years, Mons. Martin Cahuzac was considered the darkest peony in cultivation. Blooms are medium to large. A deep black red with silky luster....   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 4-9 2 Gallon
32. Mrs. Wilder Bancroft
Midseason ruby red Japanese peony. The staminodes are edged and tipped gold. Strong stems. Good cut flower.   Click to display n/a n/a   30"-36" 24" 3-7 2 Gallon
33. Nippon Beauty
Gorgeous deep red blossoms with a prominent central button of yellow petaloids contrast well agains the background of thick, dark green foliage. This is a...   Click to display 30"-40" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
34. Nippon Chief
A single row of dark red petals surrounds a large yellow center on tall sturdy stems. A late season bloomer, it is excellent for cut...   Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 4-7 2 Gallon
35. Paula Fay
Satiny semi-double, bright, deep, rich pink. It opens cup-like w / crinkled petals to reveal a small boss of golden stamens. Strong stems, very showy,...   Click to display 32"-35" 32"-35" n/a 2 Gallon
36. Philippe Riviore
Philippe Rivoire is possibly the most fragrant peony variety we grow. Old fashioned from France, but always in style. Deep red glossy blooms that stand...   Click to display n/a n/a 24"-36" 24"-30" 3-7 2 Gallon
37. Philomele
Originating in 1861, this historic peony has anemone type flowers with rose pink petals and lighter pink petaloides in the center of the flower. One...   Click to display n/a 36" 36" 3-7 2 Gallon
38. Pink Dawn
This midseason bloomer features single, clear pink flowers that are speckled with deeper pink and a golden-yellow center.   Click to display n/a n/a 36"-38" 24"-30" 3-7 2 Gallon
39. Primevere
Mid-late, Japanese type with larger pure white outer petals and yellow-white center petals resembling a pompom, very fragrant, strong stems make this an excellent cut...   Click to display 26"-28" 31"-35" 3-8 2 Gallon
40. Rachel
Double, glowing, hot red blooms perfume the air in early summer. A profuse bloomer. these large blossoms are presented atop strong stems in early summer.   Click to display 32" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
41. Raspberry Sundae
Like a bowl full of vanilla ice cream with raspberry syrup on top! This bomb peony has a fragrance as delicious as it looks. Expect...   Click to display 36"-40" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
42. Red Magic
'Red Magic' peony offers huge blooms made up of a mass of twisted, feathered, deep red petals for a lavish display. Almost artichoke-like in presentation,...   Click to display 27"-29" 31"-35" 2-9 2 Gallon
43. Rosabel
Rosabel blooms midseason as a red double, large perfect flowers of a rose red color, strong stems, blooms freely. The bloom size is very nice...   Click to display 36" 24" 3-7 2 Gallon
44. Sarah Bernhardt
Gigantic, double, apple blossom pink flowers are an old fashioned favorite. This variety blooms in early to midsummer. 'Sarah Bernhardt' was selected as the 2004...   Click to display 34" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
45. Scarlet O'Hara
'Gay Paree' Peony is a prolific bloomer with a romantic perfume. Single-petaled, so it's less likely to be beaten down by spring rains. This peony...   Click to display 30"-36" 24"-30" 4-8 2 Gallon
46. Shawnee Chief
The rich deep red flowers of this variety are produced on strong stems and open well, revealing their full beauty. The outer 3 rings of...   Click to display 28"-30" 24" 3-8 2 Gallon
47. Shirley Temple
Delightfully fragrant, Shirley Temple's double flowers open from soft pink buds into large, rose-shaped, pale blush pink blossoms, packed with loosely arranged ruffled petals gracefully...   Click to display 32"-36" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
48. Sorbet
The unusual pink and white, 5-7" double blooms of this hybrid are as delectable as an elegant dessert. Fragrant flowers provide breathtaking beauty in early...   Click to display 32"-36" 24"-36" 3-8 2 Gallon
49. Walter Faxon
'Walter Faxon' Peony features bold lightly-scented pink flowers at the ends of the stems from early spring to early summer. The flowers are excellent for...   Click to display 30"-36" 24"-30" 2-8 2 Gallon
50. White Swan
Classic, double, white flowers make this a favorite in the garden from the perennial border to foundation planting. Petals are slightly ruffled creating a lacey...   Click to display 32"-36" 30"-36" 3-7 2 Gallon
Paeonia officinalis
51. Rubra Plena
Rubra Plena brings drama to the spring garden with huge, deep red blooms. The double flowers are long-lasting and wonderfully fragrant.   Click to display 27"-29" 29"-35" 2-9 2 Gallon
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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