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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflorus 
1. Astra™ Semi-Double Pink
Interesting balloon-like buds burst open into beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Exceptional branching and thick flower petals make for long-lasting light pink blooms. 5B-North Click to display 8"-10" 6"-8" 3-8 4" Green
2. Pop Star™ Pink
Pop Star™ Blue balloon flower boasts huge blue flowers that burst into a star shape! It is a very compact habit, making it great... 5B-North Click to display 6"-8" 10"-12" 3-9 4" Green
Bee Balm (Dwarf) Monarda didyma
3. Pink Lace
This dwarf selection produces heads of pink flowers with purple centers in mid- to late-summer. Foliage is delightfully fragrant, and significantly more resistant to powdery... 9C-North Click to display 12"-16" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Green
Begonia Begonia boliviensis
4. Waterfall® Encanto Pink
‘Encanto Red’ makes an outstanding hanging basket or patio container. The flowers are an intense red and drape majestically over the pot’s edge. It’s a... 1B-North Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" n/a 4½" White
Begonia (Angelwing) Begonia tuberhybrida
5. Dragon Wing® Pink
Vigorous and heat tolerant with abundant flowers all summer, great plant to fill open shady spaces. 1B-North Click to display 12"-15" 15"-18" 9-11 4½" White
Begonia (Interspecific) Begonia x hybrida
6. Funky® Pink
Reaching just 8 to 12 inches high, Funky PInk spreads (or cascades) up to 18 inches over the sides of baskets and pots. The foliage... 1B-North Click to display 8"-12" 12"-18" 11 4½" White
Begonia (Reiger) Begonia x hiemalis
7. Solenia® Dark Pink
Solenia Dark Pink Reiger Begonia features amazingly large camellia-like double dark pink flowers at the ends of the stems from mid spring to mid fall.... 1C-North Click to display 8"-12" 8"-12" 9-11 10" Hanging Basket
Begonia (Tuberous) Begonia x tuberhybrida
8. Nonstop® Mocca Pink Shades
Fully double, pink flowers on dark foliage. 1C-North Click to display 8"-12" 12"-12" 10 10" Hanging Basket
9. Nonstop® Pink
Fully double, vibrant pink flowers all season. 1B-North Click to display 8"-12" 12" 9-10 4½" White
Begonia (Wax-leaf) Begonia semperflorens
10. Super Olympia® Pink
Super Olympia Series feature glossy green leaf, early, superior performance in the garden, producing larger flowers and brighter colors. Exceptionally long blooming, and grows 10"... 11D-South Click to display 9"-10" 9"-10" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Betony Stachys officinalis
11. Pink Cotton Candy
A new introduction from Chicago Botanic Garden's Richard Hawke, Stachys 'Pink Cotton Candy' is destined to be a cottage-garden favorite. Tall wands of two-toned, light... 9C-North Click to display 22"-24" 16"-20" 4-8 8" Green
Bush Cinquefoil Potentilla fruticosa
12. Happy Face® Pink Paradise ('Kupinpa')
A better pink potentilla! The clear pink, semi-doubled flowers hold their color longer than other pink potentillas, although they may still fade under intense heat.... SC-4 Click to display 24"-36" 24"-48" 2-7 3 Gallon
Butterfly Bush Buddleia davidii
13. Pugster Pink® ('SMNBDPT')
Dense, full flower clusters are an appealing taffy pink, appearing from summer through frost. 9C-South Click to display 24" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
Buddleia x
14. Pink Cascade
This beautifully unique Butterfly Bush has an arching, weeping look versus the normal upright habit. Light apple blossom pink flower panicles are 8-10" long. Minty... 9C-South Click to display 5'-5'6" 5'-6' 5-10 8" Terra Cotta
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa hybrid 
15. Superbells® Pink
Abundant large pink flowers all season on healthy cascading growth. 1D-South Click to display 7"-10" 8"-10" 9-10 4½" White
Catchfly Silene caroliniana
16. Hot Pink
Delightful, compact and easy to grow, Silene caroliniana is an excellent choice for bright shade or full sun. It is covered in deep pink flowers... 4C-South Click to display 6"-8" 10"-15" 4-8 4½" White
Cherry (Flowering Weeping) Prunus x
17. Pink Cascade® ('NCPH1')
Bright pink flowers smother the branches of this gracefully weeping cherry, setting it apart from the popular white-blooming Snow Fountains® Cherry which it resembles in... FLAGPOLE ENT Click to display 10'-12' 10'-12' 5-9 15 Gallon
Clematis (small flower) Clematis viticella
18. Pink Mink®
Easy to grow and lots of flowers, that's the hallmark of Szczepan Marczynski's breeding.

Pink Mink™ hits the mark head on with an abundance of bright...

12B-South Click to display 9'-10' 6'-6'6" 4-9 10" Green w/ Trellis
Coleus Solenostemon scutellarioides
19. Pink Chaos
An interestingly chaotic fusion of bright pink, mint-green and white. 4D-North Click to display n/a 6"-12" 8"-12" 10-11 6" Green
20. Pinkplosion
‘Pinkplosion’ has a green leaf with a pink and cream splash in the center. The serrated edge is thinly penciled in purple. Best in light... 4D-North Click to display n/a 14"-28" 14"-28" n/a 6" Green
Coneflower Echinacea x
21. Pink Fascinator
Fascinators are those fashionable pins that ladies wear in their hair in London for the Queen’s birthday or the ladies in Kentucky wear for the... 12C-North Click to display 16"-20" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Cosmos Cosmos bipinnatus
22. Sonata™ Pink
Fill the garden, container, or vase with soft, long-lasting color with this ultra-floriferous Cosmos! Sonata Pink grows just 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide,... 8D-South Click to display 20"-24" 12"-16" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Cuphea Cuphea ramosissima
23. Fairy Dust Pink
Petite flowers hover over airy foliage, great for use in combination plants of all kinds. 2D-North Click to display 10"-16" 12"-18" 10-11 4½" White
Dahlia Dahlia variabilis
24. Painter™ Pink Kisses
Large hot purple pink buds opening to elegant bicolor flowers of pure white highlighted with hot purple pink. 3C-North Click to display 24" 24" 9-11 6" Green
Dahlia (Patio) Dahlia hybrid 
25. GoGo™ Pink & Yellow
Unusual pink and yellow two-tone flowers 4-6” across. Shorter height makes plant work well in containers. 3C-North Click to display 14"-20" 12"-14" 8-10 8" Green
Daylily Hemerocallis fullva
26. Everydaylily Pink Wing
An offspring of the popular Stella d'Oro, yet even hardier, this fantastic new daylily is destined to be the star of the garden. EveryDaylily® Pink... 10C-South Click to display 12"-15" 16"-20" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Dead Nettle (Spotted) Lamium maculatum
27. Pink Chablis®
A frothy confection of silver and green foliage with cotton candy pink flowers; heat tolerant. 3C-South Click to display 8"-12" 10"-14" 4-8 4½" White
Dianthus (Interspecific) Dianthus x
28. Supra Pink
This compact, bushy plant blooms prolifically with novel mottled pink flowers sporting frilly petal edges that hold up even in summer heat and drought. No... 5C-South Click to display 10"-12" 10"-12" 6-9 4" Green
Dianthus x barbatus 
29. Rockin'™ Pink Magic
Beautiful, vivid flowers top the knee-high plants – a real standout in perennial borders. Reliably overwinters to USDA Zone 5 to assure multi-year performance. 4B-North Click to display 18"-24" 10"-12" 5-8 6" Green
Dipladenia Mandevilla sanderi
30. Madinia™ Coral Pink
This drought tolerant, pollinator friendly, and heat loving flower is a stunner! Place Mandinia in small or large containers and hanging baskets!! It has a... 7B-North Click to display 18"-24" 14"-18" n/a 6" Green
31. Madinia™ Pink
Large, trumpet shaped flowers on exceptional heat and drought tolerant plants. Great for hanging baskets and containers. 7B-North Click to display 18"-24" 14"-18" n/a 6" Green
Dogwood (Flowering) Cornux kousa
32. Stellar Pink®
Stellar Pink has gained a solid reputation with nurseries and landscapers as the most asked for pink dogwood available today. These dogwoods are crosses between... TJ Click to display 20'-25' 20'-25' 5-9 5 Gallon
Egyptian Star Flower Pentas lanceolata 
33. Sunstar™ Pink
Butterlies love 'em! Extremely vigorous and tolerant of heat and humidity. Large, star-shaped flowers attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and pollinators. 2B-North Click to display 18"-22" 16"-24" 11 4½" White
Foamy Bells Heucherella hybrid
34. Pink Revolution
Super Bloomer, this Heucherella produces an extreme amount of bubblegum pink flowers in late spring that will cover the foliage, after flowering you'll enjoy bright... 4D-South Click to display 16"-20" 12"-14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Gaura Gaura lindheimeri
35. Dark Pink
There's nothing that draws bees and butterflies to your garden faster than Belleza ™ Dark Pink! Producing delicate, open pink flowers with five petals and... 3C-North Click to display 12"-18" 16"-20" 6-9 4½" White
36. Stratosphere™ Pink Picotee
Wands of pink flowers hover like butterflies over dark green foliage May through September; heat and drought tolerant. 3C-North Click to display 12"-16" 8"-12" 5-11 6" Green
Geranium (Ivy) Pelargonium
37. Mini Cascade Pink
Trailing stems covered with pastel pink flowers. NULL Click to display 18"-18" 9" n/a 10" Hanging Basket
Pelargonium peltatum
38. Great Balls of Fire™ Pink
Large, double, vibrant pink flowers on an ivy geranium specifically bred for heat tolerance. 2D-North Click to display 12"-16" 18"-24" 9-11 4½" White
Geranium (Zonal) Pelargonium interspecific
39. Calliope® Large Pink
A revolutionary breakthrough in geranium breeding, bring the best features of ivy and zonal geraniums into one series. Extremely well-branched, vigorous mounding habit is ideal... 3B-South Click to display 12"-14" 18"-20" 9-11 4½" White
40. Calliope® Medium Hot Pink
Large, vivid pink flower clusters cover this high performing, heat tolerant zonal geranium. Calliope® Medium Hot Pink is a compact, easy to grow cultivar that... 3B-South Click to display 16"-20" 14"-16" 9-11 4½" White
41. Calliope® Medium Pink Flame
Large, two-tone pink flower clusters cover this high performing, heat tolerant zonal geranium. Calliope® Medium Pink Flame is a compact, easy to grow cultivar that... 3B-South Click to display 16"-20" 14"-16" 9-11 4½" White
Pelargonium zonale
42. Americana® Pink
Flowers are bright and colorful and bloom all summer. Plants have a compact and mounded growth habit. 4B-North Click to display 12"-14" 10" n/a 4½" White
43. Survivor Pink Batik
Speckled flowers really catch the eye, medium to vigorous growth, wonderful alone or in combinations 4B-North Click to display 12"-12" 10" n/a 4½" White
Gerbera Daisy Gerbera jamesonii
44. Majorette™ Pink Halo
Plants have unheard of uniformity and prolific flowering! Beautiful, 3 to 4", pink, daisy-like blooms with dark eyes, stand high and proud above lush green... 2C-North Click to display 10"-12" 8"-10" 10 4½" White
Globe Amaranth Gomphrena pulchella
45. Truffula™ Pink
Truffula™ Gomphrena has a perfectly-balanced habit that shows off a plethora of hot-pink flowers. It has performed very well in hot, humid climates where it... 2C-North Click to display 22"-28" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
Globe Amaranthus Gomphrena haageana
46. Forest™ Pink
A tall, whispy, annual that adds an airy splash of color to your garden designs. Gomphrena Forest™ Pink is a great filler, that mixes well... 2C-North Click to display 24"-26" 8"-10" 9-11 4½" White
Hydrangea (Hardy) Hydrangea paniculata
47. Pinky Winky® ('DVPinky')
A very unique new hardy Hydrangea with massive two-toned, white and pink flowers. strong upright red stems hold the large blooms up so you never... 11A-South Click to display 6'-8' 5' 3-8 3 Gallon
48. Pinky Winky® (Tree form)
A very unique new hardy Hydrangea with massive two-toned, white and pink flowers. strong upright red stems hold the large blooms up so you never... ENTRANCE Click to display 6'-8' 5' 3-8 7 Gallon
Hydrangea (Oakleaf) Hydrangea quercifolia
49. Gatsby Pink® ('JoAnn')
A remarkable new oakleaf that boasts big showy blooms which quickly transform from pure white to an incredibly rich pink. The dark green foliage turns... 11A-North Click to display 6'-8' 7'-9' 5-9 3 Gallon
Ice Plant Lampranthus aranteacus
50. Pink
A must-have for the succulent garden. Wonderfully vibrant and easy to grow, this bold beauty of a succulent brings brilliant color to the garden. Forming... 3D-North Click to display 12"-18" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
Impatiens Impatiens walleriana
51. Accent™ Deep Pink
Nothing is more stunning in the shade garden than a floriferous stand of richly colored Impatiens. Combining well with the greens of foliage plants, Accent... 12D-North Click to display 10"-12" 9" n/a Flat (48-Count)
52. Imara™ XDR Pink
  12D-South Click to display 10"-12" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Impatiens x hybrida
53. SunPatiens® Compact Blush Pink
The 'SunPatiens® Compact Orange' Impatiens Plant exhibits lots of pizzazz with the most flamboyant reddish-orange flowers atop darkly variegated deep green foliage. This fragrant beauty... 2D-South Click to display 24"-36" 24"-36" n/a 6" Green
54. SunPatiens® Compact Neon Pink
'SunPatiens Compact Neon Pink' Impatiens shows off its bright pink, perfectly-shaped blossoms against dark, lush green foliage sporting lighter green venation, midribs and stems. Like... 2D-South Click to display 18"-24" 12"-24" 10-11 6" Green
55. SunPatiens® Compact Pink Candy
Like the entire compact series, Compact Pink Candy performs wonderfully in sun or shade and will stay true to its color, even when the weather... 2D-South Click to display 16"-32" 14"-24" 10-11 6" Green
56. SunPatiens® Vigorous Rose Pink
SunPatiens® 'Vigorous Rose Pink', has deep green foliage with 2"-3" rose pink blooms, all on a widely branched plant well suited for the landscape. Like... 2D-South Click to display 36"-48" 24"-36" 8-10 6" Green
57. SunPatiens® Vigorous Shell Pink
SunPatiens® 'Vigorous Shell Pink', has deep green foliage with 2"-3" shell pink blooms, all on a widely branched plant well suited for the landscape. Like... 2D-South Click to display 36"-48" 24"-36" 8-10 6" Green
Impatiens (Double) Impatiens walleriana 
58. Fiesta™ Sparkler Hot Pink
An abundance of rose like blooms. Fiesta impatiens provide vivid color and are easy to grow! There is no need to remove faded flowers or... 1C-North Click to display 10"-16" 10"-12" n/a 4½" White
Impatiens (Interspecific) Impatiens hawkeri
59. Bounce™ Pink Flame
  1D-North Click to display 14"-20" 14"-18" n/a 6" Green
Impatiens (New Guinea)
60. Divine™ Pink
Heat tolerant impatiens bloom all summer, great deep green foliage color high lights flowers. 12D-South Click to display 10"-14" 12"-14" 9-11 Flat (18-Count)
61. Infinity® Dark Pink
Vigorous, upright plants with large dark pink flowers. 1D-North Click to display 10"-14" 6"-8" 10 4½" White
62. Infinity® Pink
Vigorous, upright plants with large light pink flowers. 1D-North Click to display 10"-14" 6"-8" 10 4½" White
63. Infinity® Pink Frost
Fancy blush pink flowers streaked with dark rose. Very dark green to purple foliage. 1D-North Click to display 10"-14" 6"-8" 10 4½" White
64. Sonic® Magic Pink
It is a one of a kind pink and white bi-color with a compact habit and a medium flower time. Sonic® New Guinea Impatiens have... 1D-North Click to display 8"-12" 9" n/a 4½" White
Lantana Lantana camara
65. Bandana® Pink
Full, bushy, upright plants display abundant large flowers in shades of bright pink and yellow, creating a mound of color in the garden. 2C-North Click to display 26" 18"-20" n/a 4½" White
66. Luscious® Pinkberry Blend
This impressively vigorous, landscape-sized Lantana forms a mounding then trailing mass of dark green foliage dotted with pretty pink and light yellow bicolor blooms all... 2C-North Click to display 20"-24" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
Lavender (English) Lavandula angustifolia
67. Ellagance™ Pink
This first year flowering L. angustifolia has pink flowers. They are produced in abundance atop bushy mounds of silver-green foliage from midsummer through early fall. 6D-North Click to display 12"-14" 12"-16" 5-8 4" Green
Lavender (Spanish) Lavandula stoechas
68. Madrid® Lavish Pink
‘Madrid Lavish Pink’ delights the senses with a lovely profusion of ruffled pink flowers, silver-green foliage and head-spinning scent. Spanish lavender cultivar is a standout:... 4B-South Click to display 12"-18" 16"-20" 7-9 4½" White
Lilac (Reblooming) Syringa x
69. Bloomerang® Dwarf Pink ('SMNJRPI')
This new and improved version of Bloomerang® 'Pink Perfume' lilac offers deeper pink flowers, greater vigor, and improved disease resistance. Growers, landscapers, and homeowners alike... n/a Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 3-7 3 Gallon
Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage Pulmonaria hybrid
70. Pretty in Pink
Lungwort are one of the classic shade perennials, and what better way to celebrate spring than with an explosion of pink flowers? Large, bright rose... 12C-North Click to display 14"-16" 24"-28" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Maiden Pinks Dianthus deltoides 
71. Zing Rose
Large, deep rose-red blooms cover the dense, somewhat upright clumps of dark green, evergreen foliage. Maiden Pinks are named for their habit of partially closing... 5C-South Click to display 6"-8" 9"-12" 3-9 4" Green
Mandevilla Mandevilla
72. Sun Parasol® Giant Pink
Giant Pink has large flowers and displays much vigorous growth. It makes a beautiful display of pink blooms all season long. 8A-North Click to display 10'-15' 36"-48" n/a 1 Gallon
Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens
73. Grandessa® Pink Halo
  1C-South Click to display 18"-24" 18"-24" 10 4½" White
Moss Rose Portulaca grandiflora
74. Happy Hour™ Mix Pink Passion
Blooms earlier than other Moss Roses. Happy Hour is ideal for hot, dry conditions and well-drained soil. Beautiful, semi-double flowers in vivid, fruity colors appear... 9D-North Click to display n/a n/a 8"-10" 10"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
Portulaca oleracea
75. Samba™ Pink Bicolor
One of the best flowers for adding lasting color to hot, dry situations. 2C-South Click to display 4"-6" 6"-14" 9-11 4½" White
Mum (Belgian) Chrysanthemum x morifolium
76. Darling Pink
  n/a Click to display 14"-18" 14"-18" 5 8" Green
77. Milano™ Pink
Large pastel pink flowers on a ball shaped plant. More vigorous than 'Milano Orange' and 'Milano Yellow' n/a Click to display 12"-20" 12"-24" n/a 8" Green
Mum (Garden)
78. Marsha™ Pink
‘Marsha Pink’ is a Yoder garden mum introduction with a spherical habit and medium to tall greenhouse vigor. This lavender daisy flower has good color... n/a Click to display 16"-24" 16"-24" n/a 8" Green
Nemesia Nemesia fruticans
79. Aromance™ Pink
Large, intensely fragrant, bright pink flowers appear early and hold up through the summer heat and rain. 2A-South Click to display 10"-18" 12"-18" 8-10 4½" White
Pampas Grass (Pink) Cortaderia selloana rosea
80. Pink Pampas Grass
The striking, feathery plumes of pampas grass are prized by floral arrangers and gardeners alike. It’s even been used by float decorators for the annual... 4C-North Click to display n/a 5'-6' 48"-5' 7-10 6" Green
Petunia Petunia hybrid 
81. Colorworks™ Pink Radiance
  2C-South Click to display 10"-18" 12"-24" 9-10 4½" White
82. Headliner™ Pink Sky
Groundbreaking new color pattern of hot pink with white spots! This is a mounded trailing variety - perfect for hanging baskets and containers. 2C-South Click to display 10"-16" 20"-30" n/a 4½" White
83. Pretty Flora™ Pink
Pretty Flora Pink Petunia is bathed in bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers with rose overtones. Pretty Flora Petunias have shorter, more controlled plant structure compared with... 10D-South Click to display 7"-10" 8"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
84. Supertunia® Giant Pink
Huge pink flowers - the largest flowers in the Supertunia series. Vigorous and free-flowering with large pink flowers all season; fertilize often for best results. 2B-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
85. Supertunia® Mini Vista Hot Pink
Supertunia® Hot Pink Charm produces loads of vibrant pink flowers on densely branched plants all summer long without deadheading. Pair it with Superbells® Yellow in... 3B-North Click to display 6"-12" 18"-24" 10-11 4½" White
86. Supertunia® Mini Vista Pink Star
Supertunia® Pink Star Charm produces loads of vibrant white flowers with a cameo pink star pattern on densely branched plants all summer long without deadheading.... 3B-North Click to display 8"-12" 24"-36" 10-11 4½" White
87. Supertunia® Trailing Bright Pink
Fast-growing plants with bright pink blooms all season; trails up to 6 feet in one season fertilize often for best results. 2B-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
88. Supertunia® Trailing Strawberry Pink Veined
Fast-growing plants with strawberry-colored blooms all season; trails up to 6 feet in one season, fertilize often for best results. 2B-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia (Grandiflora)
89. Dreams™ Pink
Showy pink blooms on compact, bushy plants. Excellent show of color for summer. 10D-South Click to display 10"-15" 10"-14" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Spreading) Petunia (Hedgiflora) 
90. Tidal Wave™ Hot Pink
Bright flowers cover this versatile petunia. Plant close together for a mounded habit or give plenty of space and use as a ground cover. Blooms... 2C-South Click to display 16"-22" 12"-24" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia hybrid
91. Easy Wave® Pink Passion
One of the best attributes of Easy Wave is that it has the same great spreading habit as Wave, but with a little more height.... 2C-South Click to display 6"-12" 10"-15" 9-10 Wave Flat (18-Count)
Phlox (Creeping) Phlox subulata
92. Emerald Pink
A profusion of flowers carpet the garden. Creates a colorful spring show in mass plantings or with spring bulbs. 4C-South Click to display 6" 18"-24" 3-9 4½" White
Phlox (Dwarf Garden) Phlox paniculata
93. Early Pink Candy
Light pink fragrant flowers have a white edge for a two-toned look and appear in summer for an exceptionally long time. Thrives best in semi-shade. 10C-South Click to display 12"-16" 12"-16" 4-8 8" Green
94. Flame® Pink
Exciting new dwarf selection just 15-18" high. Short, compact plants with large heads of light pink flowers with lighter center and pink-red eye. 10C-South Click to display 15"-18" 18" 3-8 8" Green
95. Forever Pink
Compact, clump-forming, mildew free, care-free and long blooming, what else can you ask for? Purplish-pink flowers cover the plant for three full weeks in... 10C-South Click to display 12"-16" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Green
Pincushion Flower (Dwarf) Scabiosa columbaria
96. Flutter™ Rose Pink
  4D-South Click to display n/a   12"-14" 10"-12" 5-9 6" Green
Pink and Cream Reed Grass Calamagrostis acutiflora 
97. Overdam
Graceful narrow foliage with white stripes that tinge red in the fall. Spikes appear June through fall on a neat, compact, upright growth habit and... 12C-South Click to display 48"-5' 36" 5-11 8" Green
Pinks Dianthus chinensis
98. Venti Parfait Crimson Eye
Big bold flowers with crimson centers and pink edges completely cover the compact plants on this outstanding Dianthus. 8D-South Click to display n/a n/a   n/a n/a n/a Flat (48-Count)
Dianthus chinensis x barbatus
99. Ideal Select™ Mix
Pinks in the Ideal Select series are crosses between China pinks (Dianthus chinensis) and sweet William (Dianthus barbatus). They have compact, uniform habits and produce... 8D-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-10" 6-10 Flat (48-Count)
100. Ideal Select™ Red
Pinks in the Ideal Select series are crosses between China pinks (Dianthus chinensis) and sweet William (Dianthus barbatus). Dense clusters of small red-colored flowers with... 8D-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-10" 6-10 Flat (48-Count)
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