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August 23, 2019

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Asparagus Asparagus officinalis
1. Purple Passion
‘Purple Passion’ is considered a connoisseur’s selection of asparagus with a refined sweet flavor (20% more sugar!) which becomes mildly nutty when cooked. In April... 7D-South Click to display 36"-48" 18"-24" 3-10 4½" White
2. Sweet Purple
Gourmet quality. Deep purple spears are very thick with no fibrous strings so the entire spear can be used. Flavor is unique, sweeter than green... 7D-South Click to display n/a 7"-9" 5"-8" 4-6 4½" White
Aster (New England) Aster novae-angliae 
3. Purple Dome
'Purple Dome' is less than half as tall as other New England Asters, and when it blooms in fall, it really does resemble a purple... 9C-South Click to display 18"-18" 12"-18" 4 8" Green
Aster (New York) Aster novi-belgii
4. Believer Purple
The variety Believer is a early, deep purple flowering Aster n/a Click to display 18"-24" 18"-24" 3-8 8" Green
Beardtongue Penstemon barbatus
5. Pristine™ Lilac Purple
An upright clumping variety with large sturdy stems that are stacked with tubular dark purple flowers in summer, foliage is glossy and clean, a vigorous... 11C-South Click to display 15"-20" 16"-18" 5-8 8" Green
Penstemon x mexicale
6. Carillo™ Purple
Masses of lavender flowers with white throats. This penstemon hybrid produces cheerful upright displays of tubular, white-throated flowers on shorter bushy mounded plants. Got Hummingbirds?... 5B-North Click to display 8"-10" 10"-12" 5-9 4" Green
Bee Balm Monarda didyma
7. Balmy™ Purple
This more compact selection features purple flowers, arranged in large, shaggy heads, an ideal size for the middle of a sunny border. Foliage is delightfully... 9C-North Click to display 10"-12" 8"-10" 4-9 8" Green
8. Purple Rooster
  9C-North Click to display n/a n/a   n/a n/a n/a 8" Green
Beech (European) Fagus sylvatica
9. Purple Fountain Beech
Pendulous branches drape from an upright leader as this unusual beech matures into a unique living sculpture. Much faster growing than Purpurea Pendula, its foliage is... TG Click to display n/a 25' 12' 5-9 7 Gallon
Butterfly Bush Buddleia davidii
10. High Five Purple
A dwarf selection that will produce flowers when the plant is only 8" tall, large double purple blooms will appear summer through fall, a non-invasive... 9C-South Click to display 20"-24" 18"-24" 5-10 10" Black
Buddleia x
11. Lo & Behold® Purple Haze
Uniquely horizontal branches produce an abundance of dark purple-blue flowers. The flowers radiate outward and downward like a pinwheel, and are continuous from mid summer... 9C-South Click to display n/a 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
Cockscomb Celosia plumosa
12. First Flame™ Purple
Celosia First Flame Purple is perfect for lining your side walk, pots, or just as a general border plant. Your container gardens and pots will... 3C-North Click to display 10"-14" 10"-16" 9-11 4½" White
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
13. Purple Emporer
‘Purple Emperor’ produces large, fragrant, saturated magenta purple blossoms on sturdy, well-branched stems that are held in perfect proportion to the bushy clump of deep... 12C-North Click to display 15"-18" 12"-16" 4-8 8" Terra Cotta
Coral Bells Heuchera
14. Forever Purple
This Coral Bells is destined to become the new standard for purple-leafed perennials. It forms a mound of glossy, purple leaves with fluted edges year... 4D-South Click to display 12"-15" 18"-22" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Heuchera micrantha
15. Palace Purple
The original purple coral bells, 'Palace Purple' is perhaps the most well-recognized and widely planted variety of all heucheras. It was the 1991 Perennial Plant... 5D-South Click to display 8"-12" 12"-16" 3-8 4" Green
Cosmos Cosmos bipinnatus
16. Sonata™ Purple Shades
With an elegant, compact shape and a bloom-heavy nature, Sonata Purple Shades packs more color per inch than most Cosmos! The very full, well-branched plants... 8D-South Click to display 24" 12"-14" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Dead Nettle (Spotted) Lamium maculatum
17. Purple Chablis™
A frothy confection of silver and green foliage with lavender-purple flowers; heat tolerant. 3C-South Click to display 8"-12" 10"-14" 4-8 4½" White
Dianthus (Interspecific) Dianthus x
18. Supra Purple
Fringed flowers attract butterflies. Great for gardens, pots, cutting. 5B-South Click to display 12" 8"-10" n/a 4" Green
Floss Flower Ageratum 
19. Artist® Purple
A little gem of a plant that continuously produces masses of purple pink flowers. 1B-South Click to display 8"-12" 10"-12" 9-10 4½" White
Fountain Grass (Dwarf Purple) Pennisetum setaceum 
20. Red Riding Hood
A dwarf form of 'Rubrum', this rich burgundy- colored fountain grass does wonders for any container garden. 'Red Riding Hood' adds height without outgrowing its... 4C-N,12C-S Click to display 18"-30" 12" 5-9 PW Trade Gal
Fountain Grass (Purple)
21. Purple Fountain Grass
Gracefully arching, wine-purple foliage topped with burgundy, soft bottlebrush plumes up to 1' long appear in midsummer. Enjoy its winter interest too-the plumes and the... 4C-N,12C-S Click to display 30"-36" 18"-24" 9 Trade Gallon Green
Foxglove Digitalis purpurea
22. Dalmatian Purple
This first year flowering perennial foxglove has a strong growth habit, floridity, and intensely colored flowers. This improvement over 'Dalmatian Purple' displays greater vigor, better... 6B-North Click to display 24"-36" 12"-14" 4-9 4" Green
Fuchsia Fuchsia 
23. Deep Purple
Stunning deep purple flowers with white sepals bloom on trailing plants. n/a Click to display 12"-15" 12"-14" n/a 10" Hanging Basket
Geranium (Regal; Martha Washington) Pelargonium x domesticum
24. Elegance™ Purple Majesty
'Elegance Purple Majesty’ features gorgeous tissue paper blossoms in burgundy and pink. Blooms cover the uniform green foliage all season. It is an excellent choice... 4B-North Click to display 12"-18" 12"-15" 8-10 8" Terra Cotta
Geranium (Zonal) Pelargonium zonale
25. Tango® Neon Purple
Purple flowers are bright and colorful and bloom all summer. Plants are well-branched with a medium growth habit, and are heat resistant and suitable for... 4B-North Click to display 12"-14" 10" n/a 4½" White
Globe Amaranth Gomphrena globosa
26. Buddy Purple
A flower-gardening favorite, globe amaranth thrives in hot conditions and will bloom throughout summer with interesting pom-pom type flowers on 8 inch tall stems that... 9D-North Click to display 8"-10" 6"-8" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Grape (Purple) Vitis vinifera
27. Concord
The Concord grape emerged as the dominant cold climate American variety. Grow your own fruit by planting vine on trellis, arbor, pergola, or fence. Fast... 9C-North Click to display 48"-6' 18"-24" 4-9 Trade Gallon Green
Impatiens Impatiens x hybrida
28. Compact Purple
'SunPatiens Compact Purple' Impatiens shows off its purple, perfectly-shaped blossoms against dark, lush green foliage sporting lighter green venation, midribs and stems. Like the entire... 2D-South Click to display 14"-32" 12"-24" 10-11 6" Green
Impatiens (Double) Impatiens balsamina
29. Rockapulco® Purple
Light up any shady area with masses of blooms that resemble miniature rosebuds. No deadheading necessary. Blooms spring to frost. 1C-North Click to display 10"-20" 10"-12" 10-11 4½" White
Impatiens (New Guinea) Impatiens hawkeri
30. Infinity® Light Purple
Vigorous, upright plants with large light purple flowers. 1D-North Click to display 10"-14" 6"-8" 10 4½" White
Jacob's Ladder (Purple-leaf) Polemonium yezoense
31. Purple Rain
An unusual form of Jacob's Ladder, this plant forms a lush mound of ferny foliage in a stunning black-purple shade, later becoming green. Upright stems... 6C-North Click to display 12"-23" 12"-18" 4-9 4" Green
Lavender (English) Lavandula angustifolia
32. Lavance Deep Purple
Produces the deepest purple lavender summer color with no bleaching, on the most controlled English Lavender available. 6C-North Click to display 10"-12" 10"-12" 5-9 4" Green
Lilac (Reblooming) Syringa x
33. Bloomerang® Dark Purple ('SMSJBP7')
It's the next big thing for Bloomerang! Dark Purple is a bigger plant with larger, more rounded inflorescenses. It's very showy in spring, and continues... SC-4 Click to display 48"-6' 5'-7' 3-7 3 Gallon
Mum (Belgian) Chrysanthemum
34. Adiva Purple
An excellent dark purple variety for mid-September. Beautiful sphere habit with strong and flexible stems. n/a Click to display 14"-18" 14"-18" 5 8" Green
35. Coparo Purple
  n/a Click to display 18"-24" 18"-24" n/a 8" Green
Mum (Garden)
36. Cheryl™ Regal Purple
Sport of Cheryl Pink. Dark lavender decorative flowers are almost purple. More compact and the slowest of the Cheryl family. Platinum (mound) habit. n/a Click to display 18"-24" 18"-24" 5-9 8" Green
Chrysanthemum ×morifolium
37. Meridian™ Cherry Purple
Excellent red with medium-sized dark red decorative flowers. n/a Click to display 16"-24" 16"-24" 4-7 8" Green
Ornamental Millet Pennisetum glaucum
38. Purple Baron
Simply majestic, 'Purple Baron's' shiny, purple-burgundy foliage is the richest, darkest of all millets. Add a vertical, contrasting punch to beds of pastel pink, white,... 4C-North Click to display 30"-36" 12"-14" 9-11 4½" White
39. Purple Majesty
Bold purple foliage and deep maroon 8-12" flower plumes make a dramatic addition to your garden or landscape. Striking in large containers, at the center... 4C-North Click to display 48"-5' 24"-48" 9-11 4½" White
Peruvian Lily Alstroemeria
40. Inticancha® Dark Purple
Alstroemeria Inticancha has a compact mounding habit and a strong heat tolerance. With flowering from Spring until late Fall, makes these series a perfect patio... 3A-North Click to display 12"-24" 12"-24" 7 8" Terra Cotta
Petunia Petunia
41. Pretty Flora™ Purple
Pretty Flora Purple Petunia is clothed in purple trumpet-shaped flowers. Pretty Flora Petunias have shorter, more controlled plant structure compared with traditional petunia type and... 10D-South Click to display 7"-10" 8"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
Petunia hybrid
42. Supertunia® Picasso in Purple®
This unique Supertunia® features bicolor purple flowers with mint green edges on beautifully mounded to trailing plants. It mixes well with many other colors in... 3B-North Click to display 8"-12" 12"-18" 10-11 4½" White
43. Supertunia® Trailing (formerly Mini) Purple
Petite purple flowers grace very vigorous plants; an explosion of color all season; low maintenance 2B-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia (Double Spreading) Petunia integrifolia 
44. Double Wave™ Purple
Striking double flowers in a wide range of vibrant colors. Very vigorous plants provide a dazzling display in the garden. Blooms all season. Use in... 2C-South Click to display 6"-6" 24"-36" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia (Double) Petunia (Grandiflora)
45. Pirouette Purple
Striking flowers, beautiful in the garden or mixed containers. 10D-South Click to display 14"-16" 12"-15" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Spreading) Petunia (Hedgiflora) 
46. Tidal Wave™ Purple
Bright flowers cover this versatile petunia. Plant close together for a mounded habit or give plenty of space and use as a ground cover. Blooms... 2C-South Click to display 16"-22" 12"-24" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia x hybrida 
47. Wave™ Purple
Creates a ground-hugging carpet of purple! This series is the lowest growing in the Ride The Wave™ family. It also spreads out, making a beautiful... 2C-South Click to display 4"-6" 12"-18" 9-10 6-pack
Phlox (Creeping) Phlox subulata
48. Purple Beauty
Lavender-purple flowers witha dark purple eye in mid- to late-spring. 4C-South Click to display 4"-6" 12"-24" 2-9 4½" White
Phlox (Dwarf Garden) Phlox paniculata
49. Early Start™ Purple Eye
This hybrid compact selection is bi-colored purple and white flowers that are also fragrant will appear in summer for an exceptionally long time, thrives best... 10C-South Click to display n/a 12"-16" 12"-16" 4-8 8" Green
Purple Heart Setcreasea pallida
50. Purple Queen
An outstanding combination of attractive purple foliage and lavender flowers makes this plant a wonderful foliage accent. Use in hanging baskets and containers. 3B-South Click to display 15"-18" 12"-15" n/a 4½" White
Purple Toadflax Linaria purpurea
51. Purple Toadflax
This selection forms a bushy, upright plant with purple flowers, like small snapdragons. Stems are good for cutting. In cooler regions these bloom for weeks... 4C-South Click to display 23"-29" 12"-18" 4-9 4½" White
Rhododendron Rhododendron
52. Purple Passion
An abundance of regal, deep reddish purple blooms highlighted with white and delicate maroon spots appear in late spring against glossy dark green, disease resistant... n/a Click to display 48"-5' 48"-5' 6-9 Unknown
Rhododendron x
53. Dandy Man® Purple 'LAVJO2011'
This hard-working Joe Parks' hybrid has proven itself hardy in Maine and New Hampshire. You'll love the rich purple blooms, but you will really appreciate... SA-3 Click to display 6'-8' 6'-9' 5-9 3 Gallon
Sage (Purple Leaf Common) Salvia officinalis 
54. Purpurascens
Lamb's Ear-like foliage in shades of softest purple. Lovely with white- and silver-foliage plants. Striking blue flower spikes in summer. 8D-North Click to display 24"-24" 18" 5-11 4½" White
Sage (Scarlet) Salvia splendens
55. Lighthouse™ Purple
Planted in the border, the deep purple spikes with dark to black corollas of the statuesque 3' plants become beacons of sense-drenching color. Showy in... 9D-North Click to display 18"-26" 12"-18" 10-11 Flat (48-Count)
56. Vista™ Purple
Tremendous show of continuous color from well-packed flower spikes. Color intensity remains even in hot areas where other annuals fail. 9D-North Click to display 10"-12" 8"-10" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Stoke's Aster Stokesia laevis 
57. Honeysong Purple
'Honeysong Purple' sports true royal purple flowers with a hint of red towards the center that darkens as it ages. The contrasting white stamens and... 9C-South Click to display 14"-14" 12"-15" 5-9 8" Green
Sweet William Dianthus barbatus
58. Barbarini™ Purple Picotee
Vibrant flower clusters attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Presents a colorful display in the rock garden or at garden's edge. A lovely cut... 5C-South Click to display Biennial 6"-8" 8"-12" 5-9 4" Green
Viola Viola cornuta
59. Penny™ Purple Picotee
This lovely selection from the series features fragrant, yellow flowers with a purple picotee edging. Flowers are edible! 5A-North Click to display n/a Biennial 4"-6" 4"-6" 5-9 Flat (48-Count)
60. Sorbet™ XP Purple Face
  5A-North Click to display n/a n/a Biennial 6"-8" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Wandering Jew; Zebra Plant Tradescantia zebrina
61. Purple
A popular, easy-to-care-for plant for hanging baskets and containers. Can be easily rerooted by placing a broken branch in water until roots grow. 3B-South Click to display 6"-8" 18"-24" 7-9 4½" White
Weigela Weigela florida
62. My Monet Purple Effect ('Verweig8')
Hues of cream, green, and pink, layered with a cast of purple make My Monet Purple Effect™ weigela a noteworthy selection. From renowned plantsman Bert... n/a Click to display 18"-30" 18"-30" 4-6 3 Gallon
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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