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September 15, 2019

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Azalea Azalea
1. Kimono™ May Snow ('Maishchnee')
Beautiful upward-facing, pure white flowers blanket this azalea in May, producing a show of blooms as spectacular as a late spring snow flurry. The spreading,... n/a Click to display 14"-16" 30"-36" 6-9 1 Gallon
Bacopa Sutera hybrid
2. Snowstorm® Blue
Snowstorm Blue delivers a dark blue Sutera with a larger bloom that resembles the size of Giant Snowflake. It is an extremely prolific bloomer, and... 1C-South Click to display 4"-6" 8"-10" 9-11 4˝" White
3. Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake®
These 'living carpet' plants are vigorous, versatile, and superb as solo plantings or in combos. Easy to grow, much-loved, and much publicized by consumer magazines... 1C-South Click to display 4"-8" 8"-10" n/a 4˝" White
4. Snowstorm® Pink
Sutera is incredibly vigorous and versatile. Its light pink flowers make a "living carpet" that is unbeatable for rfilling those inevitable bare spots and spicing... 1C-South Click to display 4"-8" 8"-10" n/a 4˝" White
5. Snowstorm® Snow Globe
Large flowers create a snowstorm of color all summer long. 1C-South Click to display 3"-6" 10"-12" 9-11 4˝" White
Calla Lily Zantedeschia aethiopica
6. Snow Storm®
Red Alert® is a red calla lily. The leaves are green with whitish spots and have a leathery texture. Calla Lilies are often used by... 4B-South Click to display n/a 16"-20" 12"-14" 8-11 8" Terra Cotta
Cauliflower Cauliflower
7. Snow Crown
Very early, pure white heads up to 2 lbs. Try raw with dips or broken into salads. Tie outer leaves over developing heads to prevent... 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a n/a 18" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Cherry (Flowering Weeping) Prunus x
8. Snow Fountains® Cherry (‘Snofozam’)
This small, strongly weeping tree is covered with snow white flowers in spring, creating a fountain of single white blooms. The small dark green leaves... TL Click to display 10'-15' 15'-20' 5-8 7 Gallon
Cherry (Flowering Weeping/Serpentine)
9. Snow Fountains® Cherry (Serpentine) ('Snofozam')
Contorted trunk creates a unique and appealing look. Much sought after tree and stunning in the landscape. front Click to display   10'-12' 8' 4-8 15 Gallon
Geranium (Scented) Pelargonium capitatum
10. Atomic Snowflake
"Atomic Snowflake" has a heavenly scent mix of rose, lemon-rose and pale eucalyptus flavors.

Remember, Scented geranium (Pelargonium) varieties are grown for either their distinct...

3B-South Click to display 22"-24" 22"-24" n/a 8" Green
Himalayan Caryopteris, Bluebeard Caryopteris divaricata
11. Snow Fairy
A new and different Caryopteris coming out of Japan. Grown for its intriguing soft leaves of green and white, this sub-shrub has excellent drought tolerance... SC-15 Click to display 24"-36" 24"-36" 5-9 10" Terra Cotta
Japanese Snowbelle Styrax japonicus
12. Snowcone® ('JFS-D')
Snowcone® Japanese Snowbell is a refreshing new selection of this popular small garden tree. It features the same pure white, bell-shaped, pendulous flowers as the... TF Click to display 20'-25' 18'-20' 5-9 10 Gallon
Lavender (English) Lavandula angustifolia
13. Ellagance™ Snow
These sensational new lavenders bloom the first year, show incredible uniformity and produce scads of fragrant white flower spikes from July to September. Butterflies love... 6C-North Click to display 12"-14" 12"-16" 5-9 4" Green
Mexican Snowball Echeveria elegans
14. Mexican Snowball
E. elegans is a tender succulent forming a clump of evergreen rosettes of spoon-shaped, whitish-green leaves and one-sided racemes of lantern-shaped pink flowers, tipped with... 3D-North Click to display n/a 4" 4" n/a 3" Black
Mountain Bluet Centaurea montana
15. Amethyst in Snow
'Amethyst in Snow' forms a low mound of grey-green leaves with an early summer display of shaggy flowers. Petals are white, held together by a... 11C-South Click to display 12"-16" 12"-23" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Onion (Ornamental) Allium schoenoprasum
16. Snowcap
This semi-dwarf variety has wispy, pristine white flowers. Fine, grassy gray-green foliage looks nice all season long. Plant it in well-drained soil. Holds up well... 10C-North Click to display 12"-15" 12"-18" 2-9 8" Green
Pearl-bush Exochorda
17. Snow Day® Surprise ('Niagara')
Snow Day Surprise's large white blooms cover this plant in a flood of spring flowers. This is a stronger grower than old fashioned pearl-bush, with... SC-8 Click to display 36"-48" 48"-52" 4-8 3 Gallon
Phlox (Moss) Phlox subulata 
18. Snowflake
There are many selections of Moss Phlox, all of them forming a low mound or cushion of dark green needle-like leaves, smothered by tiny flowers... 10C-S;4C-S Click to display 4"-6" 12"-18" 2-9 4˝" White
Rose (Miniature) Rosa
19. Snow Bride
Beautiful exhibition blooms of the purest snow white produced in abundance on a compact plant. The finest of the pure white miniature roses. 9A-South Click to display 12"-15" 12"-15" 5-9 Trade Gallon Green
Sedge (Creeping Broad-leaved) Carex siderosticha
20. Snow Cap
'Snow Cap' has nearly all-cream to bright white, wide, strappy leaves with narrow green stripes. The striking variegation is much whiter than ‘Variegata’ but grows... 12C-North Click to display n/a 6"-8" 12"-15" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Shasta Daisy Leucanthemum superbum 
21. Snow Lady
This popular dwarf plant produces numerous bright white flowers all summer. 6C-South Click to display 10"-12" 12" 4-9 4" Green
Snow-in-Summer Cerastium tomentosum
22. Snow-in-Summer
A silver-grey carpet of pointed leaves covered liberally in early summer with masses of crisp white silky flowers with an almost luminous quality. Foliage is... 6C-South Click to display 6" 24"-36" 3-7 4" Green
Spirea Spiraea nipponica
23. Snowmound
An easy to grow shrub with graceful, spreading branches, dark green foliage, and an abundance of white flower clusters that provide a spectacular show in... SD-18 Click to display 48"-6' 48"-6' 4-9 3 Gallon
Sweet Alyssum Lobularia hybrid
24. Snow Princess®
This sterile Lobularia is extremely vigorous, and beacuse it puts no energy into setting seed it has an incredibly long bloom time. Creates a beautiful... 2B-North Click to display 14"-20" 14"-20" 9-11 4˝" White
Viburnum (Snowball Bush) Viburnum opulus
25. Common Snowball (Sterile)
This is the "old fashioned" snowball bush you saw in your grandma's garden. This snowball bush is sterile and does not produce the red berries... SB-17 Click to display 10'-12' 10'-12' 4-7 3 Gallon
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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