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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflorus 
1. Astra™ Semi-Double White
This selection forms a compact mound of green foliage, bearing inflated buds that open into star-shaped semi-double white flowers. The small habit of this variety... 5B-North Click to display 8"-10" 12"-16" 4-8 4" Green
Begonia (Double) Begonia semperflorens
2. Doublet™ White
This spectacular Begonia semperflorens Doublet White makes a wonderful addition to the garden. The dark green foliage is the perfect backdrop to the stunning double... 1B-North Click to display 8"-12" 15"-18" n/a 4½" White
Begonia (Tuberous) Begonia x boliviensis
3. Bossa Nova® Pure White
Showers of slender white, bell-like blossoms on well-branched plants are perfect for porches and patios. The upright mounding plants, with their easy-care disposition and long... 1B-North Click to display 12"-16" 16"-20" 7-10 4½" White
Begonia x tuberhybrida
4. Nonstop® Mocca Joy White
Fully double, yellow flowers on dark foliage. 1C-North Click to display 8"-12" 12"-12" 10 4½" White
Begonia (Wax-leaf) Begonia semperflorens
5. Super Olympia® White
Super Olympia Series feature glossy green leaf, early, superior performance in the garden, producing larger flowers and brighter colors. Exceptionally long blooming, and grows 10"... 11D-South Click to display 9"-10" 9"-10" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Bellflower (Carpathian Harebell) Campanula carpatica
6. Rapido White
One of the earliest blooming Campanula carpatica types on the market with good vigor and uniformity. 1-1.5in cup shaped, pure white flowers and dark... 5C-North Click to display 5"-7" 5"-8" 3-8 4" Green
Bellflower (Peach-Leaved) Campanula persicifolia
7. Takion White
This new cultivar is unique from other C. persicifolia varieties in that it is about half the typical height. It also has upward and outward... 11C-South Click to display 16"-20" 12"-16" 3-8 8" Green
Birch (Whitespire) Betula populifolia
8. Whitespire Birch
This birch is tolerant of high temperatures and resistant to bronze birch borer. Fine textured in twigs and foliage, it thrives in a wide range... TM Click to display n/a n/a 30'-40' 20'-25' 4-7 15 Gallon
Butterfly Bush Buddleia davidii
9. Pugster White® ('SMNBDW')
Full-sized flowers on a compact butterfly bush! Pugster White® buddleia offers huge white flower spikes for a classic look that is especially enjoyable on summer... 9C-South Click to display 24" 24"-36" 5-9 3 Gallon
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa hybrid
10. Superbells Tabletop White
Abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season, no deadheading necessary. Nice compact plants are sized perfectly for smaller containers, while still filling out baskets and combinations.... 1D-South Click to display 4"-8" 10"-16" 9-11 4½" White
11. Superbells® White
Abundant, small petunia-like white flowers all season on healthy cascading growth. 1D-South Click to display 7"-10" 8"-10" 9-10 4½" White
Columbine Aquilegia caerulea
12. Kirigami™ Deep Blue and White
  5D-North Click to display 14"-24" 12"-20" 5-9 4" Green
13. Kirigami™ Red and White
  5D-North Click to display 14"-24" 12"-20" 5-9 4" Green
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
14. Kismet® White
KISMET® White matches this amazing series with its great compact, upright habit. It has numerous, large and long lasting white flowers and a long bloom... 12C-North Click to display 15"-18" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
15. PowWow™ White
Pure white flowers with a golden yellow cone measured 3-4” across with wide, overlapping, reflexed petals. From early through late summer, the flowers are... 5D-S;12C-N Click to display 18"-24" 12"-16" 3-8 4" Green
16. White Swan
A classic white coneflower. Pure white ray petals reflex downward, away from the coppery-brown, spiky central cone. Their sweet honey-like fragrance attracts masses of butterflies.... 5D-South Click to display 30"-36" 18"-24" 3-8 4" Green
Echinacea x
17. White Fascinator
Fascinators are those fashionable pins that ladies wear in their hair in London for the Queen’s birthday or the ladies in Kentucky wear for the... 12C-North Click to display 16"-18" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Creeping Gloxinia Lophospermum erubescens
18. Lofos® Compact White
  2B-North Click to display 12"-24" 12"-24" 6-10 6" Green
Dahlia (Patio) Dahlia hybrid 
19. GoGo™ White
White flowers 4-6” across. Shorter height makes plant work well in containers. 3C-North Click to display 14"-20" 15"-24" 8-10 8" Green
Delphinium Delphinium elatum
20. Magic Fountains Mid-Blue/White Bee
Dramatic flowers, excellent cut or beautiful at the back or center of the garden. Especially attractive with foxglove, tall bearded iris and peony. Fertilize well... 5C-South Click to display 30"-36" 18"-24" 3-7 4" Green
False Spirea Astilbe arendsii
21. Weisse Gloria (White Gloria)
Snow white flowers on dense, pyramidal plumes. Blooms in early summer. Shiny, dark green foliage provides tremendous contrast for the light-colored plumes. 12B-North Click to display 24"-28" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Green
Fan Flower Scaevola aeumula
22. Whirlwind® White
Clear white color with larger flower petals than the original 'Whirlwind White'. Also, notably stronger, more vigorous variety, and it's trailing habit has improved branching... 2D-South Click to display 8"-14" 18"-24" 10-11 4½" White
Fern (Japanese Painted) Athyrium niponicum pictum 
23. Pearly White
This selected form has fronds with light green edges and a creamy white center giving it an ivory green appearance. Forms a small mound that... 12A-South Click to display n/a 14"-18" 14"-18" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Gaura Gaura lindheimeri
24. Sparkle White
Sparkle White gaura will bring a touch of airy elegance to the garden with its long slender stems sporting a large number of dainty white... 6B-North Click to display 12"-24" 12"-20" 6-9 4" Green
Geranium (Seed) Pelargonium x hortorum
25. Pinto™ Premium White
'Pinto Premium White' features lightly-scented large 3-5" white flowers at the ends of shorter stems from late spring to early fall. 3D-North Click to display 13"-15" 11"-13" n/a 4" Green
Geranium (Zonal) Pelargonium interspecific
26. Calliope® Medium White
Large, white flower clusters cover this high performing, heat tolerant zonal geranium. Calliope® Medium White is a compact, easy to grow cultivar that will bloom... 4B-North Click to display 16"-20" 14"-16" 9-11 4½" White
Pelargonium zonale
27. Americana® White
Flowers are bright and colorful and bloom all summer. Plants have a compact and mounded growth habit. 4B-North Click to display 14"-16" 14"-16" n/a 4½" White
Grape (White Seedless) Vitis labrusca
28. Himrod
One of the best seedless white (light green) table grapes. The vigorous grape vines bear large, loose clusters of sweet, juicy fruit that ripen early... 9C-North Click to display 8'-10' 7'2"-10' 5-8 8" Terra Cotta
Hosta Hosta hybrid
29. White Feather
This unique hosta's leaves open white and change to green-white. Lavender, funnel-shaped flowers open above the foliage in midsummer. White Feather is a great hosta... 11B-South Click to display n/a 20"-24" n/a n/a 8" Terra Cotta
Hydrangea (Smooth) Hydrangea arborescens
30. Invincibelle® Wee White™ ('NCHA5')
This smooth hydrangea has the potential to revolutionize landscaping. Its sturdy compact frame reaches just 1-2.5' tall and is covered in pure white mophead flowers... 11A-North Click to display 12"-30" 24"-36" 3-9 3 Gallon
Impatiens Impatiens walleriana
31. Beacon® White
High resistance to Impatiens downy mildew! Shows many flowers in a traditional shade plant that is a low-maintenance. A must-have plant for shade gardens. 12D-North Click to display 15"-20" 12"-14" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
32. Imara™ XDR White
  12D-South Click to display 10"-12" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Impatiens x hybrida
33. SunPatiens® Compact White
The 'SunPatiens® Compact White' Impatiens Plant exhibits lots of pizzazz with the most flamboyant white flowers atop darkly deep green foliage. This fragrant beauty will... 2D-South Click to display 24"-36" 24"-36" n/a 6" Green
34. SunPatiens® Vigorous Clear White
Vigorous Clear White quickly reaches anywhere from 2 to 4 feet high, and can spread up to 3 feet wide in no time. The secret... 2D-South Click to display 36"-48" 24"-36" 11 6" Green
35. SunPatiens® Vigorous Tropical White
Utilize in baskets, containers and the landscape where fast-growing, massive color is essential. Vigorous varieties grow 18 – 34 in. tall and 16 – 21... 2D-South Click to display 24"-36" 24"-30" 10-11 6" Green
Impatiens (Double) Impatiens balsamina
36. Rockapulco® White
Light up any shady area with masses of blooms that resemble miniature rosebuds. No deadheading necessary. Blooms spring to frost. 1C-North Click to display 10"-20" 10"-12" 10-11 4½" White
Impatiens (Interspecific) Impatiens hawkeri
37. Bounce™ White
Bounce White Impatiens have bright white single blooms that have a touch of magenta in the center on medium green foliage. 1D-North Click to display 14"-20" 14"-18" n/a 6" Green
Impatiens (New Guinea)
38. Divine™ White
Vivid white flowers mass the plant in uniform mounds in the garden that is shaded or has filtered sun. Beautiful tropical deep green foliage. Plants... 12D-South Click to display 10"-14" 12"-14" 9-11 Flat (18-Count)
39. Infinity® White
There's white, and then there's this pristine, classic, elegant white. Lush, medium green foliage. 1D-North Click to display 10"-14" 6"-8" 10 4½" White
Licorice Plant Helichrysum petiolare 
40. White Licorice
Vigorous growth and elegant silver-white foliage. 3C-South Click to display n/a 8"-12" 18"-20" 9-11 4½" White
Lobelia (Trailing) Lobelia hybrid
41. Laguna™ White
A trailing habit with classy, pure white flowers all season. Better summer performance than other Lobelia, and low maintenance. 2B-North Click to display 8"-10" 6"-10" 10 4½" White
Mandevilla Mandevilla
42. Sun Parasol® Giant White
Giant White has large flowers and displays much vigorous growth. It makes a beautiful display of white blooms all season long. 8A-North Click to display 10'-15' 36"-48" n/a 1 Gallon
Marguerite Daisy Argyranthemum frutescens
43. Pure White Butterfly™
This is the bright white version of venerable Butterfly Marguerite Daisy. The large daisy flowers thoroughly cover the plants all summer, no deadheading needed. 1B-South Click to display 18"-36" 12"-20" 10-11 4½" White
Mockorange Philadelphus
44. First Editions® Snow White
Pure white, deliciously fragrant 2" double flowers bloom late spring and again in late summer. Snow White is very useful as a backdrop for roses... SB-5 Click to display 5'-6' 48"-5' 4-8 2 Gallon
Moonflower Ipomoea alba
45. Giant White
A fast growing, climbing vine with wonderfully fragrant flowers that open at night. 4C-North Click to display 8'-20' 36"-48" n/a 4" Green
Mum (Garden) Chrysanthemum x morifolium
46. Chelsey™ White
Chelsey White is a White Decorative that flowers mid-season. Chelsey's rich white flowers are long lasting and its plant habit is uniform. n/a Click to display 14"-20" 14"-20" 5-9 8" Green
47. Cheryl™ Frosty White
  n/a Click to display n/a 12"-16" 12"-16" 3-9 8" Green
Obedient Plant, False Dragonhead Physostegia virginiana
48. Crystal Peak White
A dwarf selection of one of our native North American wildflowers. This forms a compact mound, bearing spikes of classy white flowers from midsummer through... 9C-South Click to display 16"-18" 18"-23" 2-9 8" Green
Pampas Grass (White) Cortaderia selloana
49. White Pampas Grass
The striking, feathery plumes of pampas grass are prized by floral arrangers and gardeners alike. It’s even been used by float decorators for the annual... 4C-North Click to display n/a n/a 5'-6' 48"-5' 7-10 6" Green
Pansy Viola x wittrockiana
50. Delta™ Premium White w/ Blotch
  6A-South Click to display Biennial 4"-6" 6"-9" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Petunia Petunia hybrid
51. Pretty Flora™ White
Pretty Flora White Petunia is loaded with white trumpet-shaped flowers. Pretty Flora Petunias have shorter, more controlled plant structure compared with traditional petunia type and... 10D-South Click to display 7"-10" 8"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
52. Supertunia® Mini Vista White
Supertunia® Violet Star Charm produces loads of vibrant white flowers with a violet-blue star pattern on densely branched plants all summer long without deadheading. Great... 3B-North Click to display 6"-12" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
53. Supertunia® White
Fast-growing plants with clean white flowers all season; fertilize often for best results. 3B-North Click to display 8"-10" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
Petunia (Double)
54. Double Madness™ Rose and White
Big 3" rose red frilly flowers with white overtones offer the same superior performance as the original Madness series, and bounce back just as quickly... 10D-South Click to display 10"-15" 10"-12" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Grandiflora)
55. Dreams™ White
Finally, a large flowering Petunia with superior weather tolerance! Blooms remain fresh after heavy wind and rain; colors do not fade in full sun. 10D-South Click to display 10"-15" 10"-14" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Spreading)
56. Easy Wave® White
One of the best attributes of Easy Wave is that it has the same great spreading habit as Wave, but with a little more height.... 2C-South Click to display 6"-10" 10"-15" 9-10 Wave Flat (18-Count)
Pine (White) Pinus strobus
57. Eastern White Pine
Fast growing pine, native to a good part of the Eastern United States. Open to loosely pyramidal as a young tree and becoming gnarled and... SA-14 Click to display n/a 50'-80' 20'-40' 3-8 5 Gallon
Pinks Dianthus chinensis x barbatus
58. Ideal Select™ Whitefire
Pinks in the Ideal Select series are crosses between China pinks (Dianthus chinensis) and sweet William (Dianthus barbatus). Dense clusters of small pink and white... 8D-South Click to display n/a 8"-10" 8"-10" 6-10 Flat (48-Count)
Rose (Shrub) Rosa
59. White Knock Out®
The White Knock Out® Rose is an excellent shrub rose which stands out in the landscape with the contrast between pure white blooms and very... 9A-North Click to display 32"-42" 32"-42" 4-10 3 Gallon
Snapdragon (Dwarf Garden) Antirrhinum majus
60. Snapshot™ White
Bushy and compact plants have closely spaced full-flower spikes in creamy white. Strong garden performance. Best performance in cool weather. Plant at the same time... 9D-South Click to display 6"-10" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Speedwell (Spiked) Veronica hybrid
61. White Wands
‘White Wands’ is the perfect neutral white color if you’d like to combine with brightly colored annuals, like SUPERTUNIA®. ‘White Wands’ is the perfect height... 11C-North Click to display 14"-16" 16"-20" 4-8 PW 1.0 Gallon
Summer Snapdragon Angelonia angustifolia 
62. Angelface® Cascade White
The cascading habit of this new Angelface® Angelonia is perfectly suited for hanging baskets and combinations. The plants have height on the top of... 1B-South Click to display 8"-14" 10"-14" 10-11 4½" White
63. Angelface® White
Blooms all season; heat and drought tolerant plants; grape-scented foliage; low maintenance. 1B-South Click to display 18"-24" 12"-18" 10-11 4½" White
Sweet Alyssum Lobularia hybrid
64. White Knight®
White Knight will grow a little smaller and is less vigorous than Snow Princess. 2B-North Click to display 4"-6" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
Lobularia maritima 
65. Easter Bonnet™ White
Unsurpassed for its early season carpet of color, Easter Bonnet White is covered with an abundance of fragrant pure white dainty flowers with green eye. 8D-South Click to display 4"-6" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Trillium Trillium grandiflorum
66. White Trillium
Beautiful 3-petaled white flowers are borne on erect stalks above 3 whorled leaves from April to May. Ideal for naturalizing. Will go dormant after flowering. 11C-North Click to display 12"-18" 6"-12" 4 8" Green
Verbena Verbena hybrid
67. Lanai® White
Free-flowering from and beautiful blooms all season. 2D-South   4"-10" 12"-18" 9-11 4½" White
68. Superbena® Whiteout
Another excellent trailing Verbena for containers or the border's edge. Superbena Whiteout produces crisp, clean clusters of large, white flowers that really pop against darker... 2D-South Click to display 6"-12" 10"-14" 8-11 4½" White
Verbena x hybrida
69. Obsession™ White
Obsession White Verbena has showy clusters of white star-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems from late spring to mid fall. The flowers are... 9D-South Click to display 10"-14" 8"-10" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Viola Viola cornuta
70. Penny™ White Jump Up
This lovely selection from the series features fragrant, white flowers with purple blotches and purple wings and yellow eyes. Flowers are edible! 5A-North Click to display n/a Biennial 4"-6" 4"-6" 5-9 Flat (48-Count)
White Baneberry Actaea pachypoda
71. Misty Blue
White baneberry is a striking, multi-stemmed woodland perennial selected for soft, bluish-green, finely cut foliage. Flowers appear in spring, followed by vivid, reddish pedicels... 11C-South Click to display n/a 24"-36" 24"-36" 3-8 10" Black
White Snakeroot Eupatorium rugosum
72. Chocolate
Striking foliage contrasts beautifully with brilliant white flowers. 9C-North Click to display 36"-48" 24" 3-7 10" Black
Wishbone Flower Torenia hybrid
73. Catalina® White Linen
Flowers start blooming early and keep on until late fall. Mounding/trailing habit and unique, yellow-throated bicolor blooms. Fills hanging baskets and containers with masses of... 1D-North Click to display 10"-16" 8"-10" 10-11 4½" White
Zinnia Zinnia hybrida
74. Profusion™ White
These bushy plants, 12" high and 15" wide, are simply smothered nonstop all season with cheerful, 2" daisy-formed blooms of freshest white (with frilly yellow... 4C-North Click to display 12"-15" 14"-16" n/a 4" Green
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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