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August 19, 2019

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Boxwood Buxus
1. Green Mountain
Vigorous evergreen shrub with bright green foliage that retains good color through winter. Upright, cone shaped form makes an excellent natural or clipped hedge. Pruned... SA-4 Click to display n/a 36"-48" 24"-36" 4-9 2 Gallon
2. Green Velvet®
The best boxwood on the market? Many people think so. A compact, rounded plant with outstanding hardiness and dark glossy leaves. Green Velvet tolerates full... SA-6 Click to display n/a 24"-36" 36" 5-9 2 Gallon
Boxwood (Little Leaf) Buxus microphylla
3. Sprinter
This is an improved, fast-growing form of 'Winter Gem'. Its glossy evergreen foliage is attractive year-round, and it has excellent hardiness. This variety's more upright... SA-7 Click to display n/a 24"-48" 24"-50" 5-9 3 Gallon
Buxus microphylla japonica
4. Winter Gem
An excellent evergreen shrub for small hedges. Among the hardiest of the small-leaved boxwoods, the rich green foliage can acquire a golden bronze hue in... SA-6 Click to display n/a 48"-6' 48"-6' 5-9 2 Gallon
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa hybrid
5. Superbells® Hollywood Star
Abundant deep pink flowers have a bright yellow star in the center, edged in a deep pink lining. Flowers all season on healthy cascading foliage;... 1C-South Click to display 6"-12" 8"-12" 9-10 4½" White
Dogwood Cornus kousa
6. Heart Throb®
Compact, slow and wide growing when young. Large, very dark pink to red flower bracts, the intensity influenced by the season. Green foliage turns brilliant... TJ Click to display n/a n/a   15'-30' n/a n/a 5 Gallon
Dogwood (Chinese Kousa) Cornus kousa chinensis
7. Chinese Kousa Dogwood
This small flowering tree, with creamy white blooms creates a spectacular show in late May. Flowers develop into large pinkish-red fruit. Light brown exfoliating bark... TJ Click to display 20'-30' 15'-20' 5-8 5 Gallon
8. Chinese Kousa Dogwood (multi-stem)
A beautiful, small specimen tree with distinct horizontal branches. Large white flowers are borne in early summer for a very showy display. Nursery Ent Click to display 15'-25' 20'-25' 5-9 20 Gallon
Dogwood (Flowering) Cornux kousa
9. Stellar Pink®
Stellar Pink has gained a solid reputation with nurseries and landscapers as the most asked for pink dogwood available today. These dogwoods are crosses between... TJ Click to display 20'-25' 20'-25' 5-9 5 Gallon
Dogwood (Pagoda - Tree form) Cornus alternifolia
10. Pagoda Dogwood - Tree form
This graceful small tree has pale yellow flowers in May, followed by blue-black fruit, and the leaves turn a beautiful maroon red in the fall.... TJ Click to display 15'-20' 20'-25' 4-7 5 Gallon
Dogwood (Red Twig) Cornus sanguinea
11. Arctic Sun® ('Cato')
Andre van Nijnatten, the breeder of ‘Winter Flame’, brings us another special Cornus with beautiful yellow stems tipped with red. It’s a spectacular show in... SB-2 Click to display 36"-48" 48"-5' 4-7 3 Gallon
Cornus stolonifera 
12. Arctic Fire® ('Farrow')
A new compact selection of the ever popular 'Baileyiu' red stem dogwood. Dark red winter twigs and a compact, nonsuckering habit. Compact in stature and... SB-1 Click to display 36"-48" 36"-48" 3-7 3 Gallon
Dusty Miller; Wormwood Artemisia schmidtiana 
13. Silver Mound
Aptly named, 'Silver Mound' has soft, feathery foliage and forms compact, silky, cushion-like mounds. It has many applications in the garden including: edging, rock gardens,... 12C-North Click to display n/a 8"-10" 10"-15" 3-7 8" Green
Artemisia stelleriana
14. Silver Brocade
This is a low, compact selection, similar in appearance to Dusty Miller, but perfectly hardy. Plants form a spreading mat of bright silvery-white scalloped leaves.... 4C-South Click to display 6"-12" 23"-29" 2-9 4½" White
Dyers-Greenwood Genista lydia
15. Bangle® ('Select')
A new floriferous, low mounding selection of Genista that produces waves electric yellow flowers in early spring. Improved branching and texture make this a wonderful... SA-11 Click to display 24" 24" 4-9 10" White
Lily (Oriental) Lilium (Oriental)
16. Tiger Woods
Replacing 'Dizzy', 'Tiger Woods' is better suited for containers, large white fragrant flowers with maroon spots and a stripe down the center, produces 3-4 flowers... 8C-North   42"-45" 12"-18" 4-9 8" Green
Millet (Golden Wood) Milium effusum
17. Aureum
Not often seen in gardens, this is a low-growing grass that prefers moist, shady sites. Plants form a dense mound of beautiful chartreuse-yellow foliage in... 4C-South Click to display 12"-16" 8"-12" n/a 6" Green
Phlox (Woodland) Phlox stolonifera
18. Sweet Seduction Blue
Sweet Seduction Blue has fragrant lavender-blue flowers that will last for weeks in spring, they appear to dance above the tiny green foliage on 6"... 10C-South Click to display 6"-8" 8"-10" 4-8 8" Green
Summer Snapdragon Angelonia angustifolia
19. Angelface® Wedgwood Blue
Blooms all season on heat and sun-loving plants; drought tolerant; foliage is grape scented 1B-South Click to display 18"-24" 12"-18" 10 4½" White
Sweet Woodruff Galium odoratum 
20. Sweet Woodruff
A vigorous ground cover for partially shaded, moist areas with slightly acidic soil. Tiny, white, star-shaped flowers appear in late spring above a carpet of... 4C-S,8D-N Click to display 6"-8" 12" 4-8 4½" White
Viburnum (Fragrant) Viburnum burkwoodii
21. Burkwood
Pink buds open white and release a most delicious spicy scent. Plant near wakways or windows to easily enjoy fragrance. Red-burgundy color is a welcome... SB-17 Click to display 5'-8' 6'-8' 4 3 Gallon
Wormwood Artemisia arborescens
22. Powis Castle
This shrubby Artemisia is stunning from spring through fall, and yet it rarely flowers. Its appeal is its exceptionally fine, silver foliage, which offers great... 4C-South Click to display n/a 24"-36" 12" 6-10 4½" White
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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