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February 18, 2019

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Bulbs - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order


94 plants found*. Generated on 2/18/2019. Display Plant Images Only   Printer-Friendly List
*Displaying all plants meeting criteria, including plants only available in prior years

Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Allium Allium aflatunense
1. Allium aflatunense
A single stem with basal foliage supports a round cluster of purple flowers.   Click to display 28"-32" n/a 2-10 Unknown
Allium gigantium
2. Globemaster
Perhaps the tallest of the large flowering alliums, Giganteum is a horticultural Amazon that catches the eyes of even non-gardeners. Blossoms the size of softballs...   Click to display 40"-5' 15"-18" 4-8 Unknown
Crocus Crocus
3. Botanical Mixture
The soil softens up after a cold long winter and look, the crocus flowers are there to brighten up your lawn or border with their...   Click to display 3"-4" 2"-3" 3-9 Unknown
4. Golden Yellow
These stunning crocus will be a ray of sunshine in the garden! The Golden Yellow Giant Crocus are jumbo bulbs which are quite delightful when...   Click to display 4"-6" 2"-4" 3-9 Unknown
5. Peter Pan
These "white as snow" early bloomers grow almost anywhere. Ideal for borders and naturalizing. They provide some of the earliest spring color.   Click to display 4"-6" 2"-3" 3-8 Unknown
6. Rainbow Mixture
    Click to display 4"-5" 4"-5" 3-9 Unknown
7. Remembrance
‘Remembrance’ has rounded blooms in a lovely violet color highlighted with a silvery gloss. We recommend planting the corms by the handful in rock...   Click to display 5" 4" 3-9 Unknown
8. Zwanenburg Bronze
Outstanding deep orange flowers beautifully feathered dark bronze on the exterior - a long lasting, robust & beautiful early flowering Crocus.   Click to display 3"-4" n/a n/a Unknown
Crocus chrysanthus
9. Dorothy
Bright, zappy golden flowers get the springtime off to a cheerful start. Plant them anywhere and they will naturalize readily, becoming more profuse season after...   Click to display 2"-4" 2"-4" 3-9 Unknown
Crocus tommasinianus
10. Whitewell Purple
The unusual lavender blooms of this crocus open to a star shape and expose bright orange stigmas. Both leaves and blooms appear at the same...   Click to display 4" 2" 3-9 Unknown
Crocus (Autumn) Crocus
11. Fall Blooming Mixture
Grass like foliage surrounds this chalice shaped flower. Plant in July and August for fall blooms. Leaves come up in spring and fade by summer....   Click to display 4"-6" 2"-3" 6-10 Unknown
Crocus (Snow)
12. Mixture
Grass like foliage surrounds this chalice shaped flower. Snow crocus are easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade, are extremely...   Click to display 3"-4" 2"-3" 3-9 Unknown
Crown Imperial (Red) Fritillaria imperialis rubra
13. Red Crown Imperial
Here's a plant that will stop traffic when in bloom - big, bold and beautiful. Each three foot tall flower stalk produces up to ten...   Click to display 32"-40" 7" 5-9 Unknown
Daffodil Narcissus
14. Accent
A "sun-proof" naturalizer, this award-winner has an ivory-white perianth and a funnel-shaped, frilled cup of light salmon-pink to salmon-rose.   Click to display 18"-20" n/a n/a Unknown
15. Barrett Browning
This dependable favorite has a small, orange-red center that contrasts beautifully with larger, surrounding white petals. She's also one of the first of the daffodils...   Click to display 16"-20" n/a 3-9 Unknown
16. Carlton
A two-tone yellow daffodil with a strong perennial nature. Soft yellow petals encircle a large, frilly, golden yellow cup. Carlton is a splendid multiplier.   Click to display 15" n/a 3-8 Unknown
17. Chromacolor
There is little to seek in a Daffodil that isn't found in 'Chromacolor' -- substance, eye-catching beauty, and fragrance. The flower is clear white with...   Click to display 16"-20" 5"-6" 3-7 Unknown
18. Delibes
Primrose-yellow flowers with a large, shallow cup that shades to orange at the mouth. Delibes is a reliable perennial and a strong multiplier. It's an...   Click to display n/a 16" n/a 3-7 Unknown
19. Dutch Master
This magnificent yellow Trumpet is the successor to the venerable 'King Alfred' as the all-around best Daffodil money can buy. The bold blooms, with petals...   Click to display 18"-20" 5"-6" n/a Unknown
20. Fortune
Circa 1917, this huge 4" award-winner is a long-lasting naturalizer with a brilliant butter-yellow perianth and a darker, broad funnel-shaped cup with a reddish-orange rim.   Click to display 18"-20" 6"-8" 4-9 Unknown
21. Geranium
This old garden favorite has 3-5 extremely fragrant flowers per stem. The petals are brilliant white, the small cup light orange. Bulbs produce many flowers,...   Click to display 15"-18" 5"-6" 5-8 Unknown
22. Golden Harvest
Golden Harvest is an old-timer (almost 100 years old) but still an incredible daffodil. Vigorous and long lasting. The bright yellow daffodils that you see...   Click to display 15" 5" 3-8 Unknown
23. Ice Follies
The large flowers have ivory white petals and wide, frilled cups that open lemon yellow and turn creamy white. A vigorous heavy bloomer, great for...   Click to display 16" 5"-6" 3-8 Unknown
24. Large Cup Mixture
Over 40% of all narcissus varieties cultivated are Large Cupped Narcissus. Large Cupped Narcissus have a smaller cup than Trumpet Daffodils and are very popular...   Click to display 12"-16" 4"-6" 2-10 Unknown
25. Las Vegas
Prized for its distinctive color, tremendous ability to multiply and huge flowers, Las Vegas has large blooms that have a prominent yellow cup surrounded by...   Click to display 18"-20" 3"-6" 4-9 Unknown
26. Mary Bohannon
Unlike most daffodils which hang their heads in a classic narcissus pose, Mary Bohannon looks right up at you.   Click to display 14" n/a 5-8 Unknown
27. Mount Hood
This outstanding white Trumpet made its debut in 1937 and over the years has continued to win awards -- the most recent in 1995 --...   Click to display 16"-18" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
28. Pink Charm
    Click to display 14"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
29. Pink Mix
    Click to display 12"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
30. Salome
This unique narcissus has broad creamy petals with a large center cup that starts out yellowish in color then matures to a beautiful salmon color.   Click to display 16"-20" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
31. Tahiti
Here's another of our favorite big, boisterous doubles, one that delivers lots of color and giant flowers 3 to 4" across. In shades of the...   Click to display 12"-14" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
32. Tête à Tête
Narcissus 'Tête à Tête' is so popular it ranks in fourth place for the most sold daffodil in the world! These daffodils are very early...   Click to display 6"-8" 2"-3" 4-8 Unknown
33. Trumpet Mixture
Trumpet daffodils are known for their traditional daffodil shape; a large flower on one stem with an exceptionally long large trumpet.   Click to display 14"-16" 4"-6" 2-10 Unknown
34. White Lion
Colossal and marvelous, the 'White Lion' Double Daffodil is rightly named! Its gorgeous white petals surround a full, ruffled center of golden petals which contains...   Click to display 14"-18" 4"-8" 3-8 Unknown
35. Yellow Cheerfulness
This prolific daffodil offers 2-3 primrose yellow flowers per stem, each with a fully double form. A fragrant heirloom that has delighted generations, this is...   Click to display 10"-14" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
Daffodil (Double flowering)
36. Obdam
    Click to display 12"-16" 6"-12" 2-10 Unknown
Fireworks Flower Allium
37. Schubertii
These loose, starry blooms appear almost other-worldly and are guaranteed to elicit comments. The rose-purple, 10-12" globe shaped flowers are fist-sized and carried on stems...   Click to display 13"-16" n/a 5-8 Unknown
Grape Hyacinth Muscari
38. Armeniacum
A gardener's favorite, these fragrant flowers resemble upside-down clusters of grapes. Grape hyacinths thrive and increase rapidly in all but dampest and shadiest locations. Use...   Click to display 6" 4" 4-8 Unknown
Grecian Windflowers Anemone blanda
39. Mix
A ground cover like mat of green foliage growing only about 4-6" tall supports this daisy-like flower. These daisy-like flowers are a blend of deep...   Click to display 4"-6" 2"-3" 4-10 Unknown
Hyacinth Hyacinth orientalis
40. Fondant
This stunning Hyacinth has brilliant jewel-tone blooms with fabulous fragrance. Ideal as bedding or in pots. You know Spring has really arrived once the air...   Click to display 10"-12" 3"-6" 4-8 Unknown
41. Gypsy Princess
Sweetly scented blossoms of soft, sunny yellow give the garden an easy cheerfulness. Easy to grow and critter resistant, they’ll bloom for for years to...   Click to display 8"-12" 4"-6" 4-9 Unknown
42. Gypsy Queen
Need a really luscious color to get your spring garden humming? Here it is, with its light salmon blooms highlighted with brushings of rose and...   Click to display 10"-12" 4"-6" 4-8 Unknown
43. Delft Blue
The Delft Blue hyacinth is truly a dazzler - as colorful as it is fragrant! The blooming cycle of the Delft Blue hyacinth is roughly...   Click to display 8"-12" n/a 4-9 Unknown
44. Pink Pearl
A pearly sheen covers each deep pink flower, making it almost iridescent. The small flowers are clustered on intensely fragrant spikes. Grow them in or...   Click to display 8"-12" 6"-8" 4-8 Unknown
Hyacinthus orientalis
45. Carnegie
    Click to display 10"-12" 6"-8" 4-8 Unknown
46. Jan Bos
Jan Bos has a carmine-red color, which is unique among Hyacinths. This classic variety features a compact, densely-flowered spike of strongly-scented blooms. It is an...   Click to display 10"-12" 6"-8" 4-8 Unknown
Mediterranean Bells Nectaroscordum siculum
47. Mediterranean Bells
Mediterranean bells are a truly spectacular addition to any garden. The stems bear a crown of dainty bell-shaped flowers in shades of white to pink...   Click to display 32"-38" 6"-8" 4-8 Unknown
Mountain Bells Allium
48. Small Flowering Mixture
Also known as persian onions or mountain bells! Alliums make excellent plants for the middle or back of borders. Alliums also make excellent cut flowers...   Click to display 8"-12" 2"-3" 3-9 Unknown
Persian Lily Fritillaria persica
49. Persian Lily
Narrow, bell-shaped flowers of rich plum purple, almost black, alternate up the stem, which can range from 1' to 3' tall. They dangle above glaucous...   Click to display 12"-36" 12"-18" 5-8 Unknown
Siberian Squill Scilla siberica
50. Siberian Squill
A variety that is exceptional for creating and or adding to a garden for naturalizing. Grows exceptionally well in areas that are partial sun. Looks...   Click to display 4"-6" 3"-4" 4-8 Unknown
Tulip Tulipa
51. Apeldoorn
Best perennial tulip and best tulip for cutting! Up to 6" diameter flower when open. The Apeldoorn is a red Darwin Hybrid Tulip that loves...   Click to display 20"-24" 4"-5" 3-9 Unknown
52. Ballade
This spring sweetheart is a lush blend of deep red, magenta and plum all swirled together and finished with ivory petal edges and a tiny...   Click to display 20"-22" 6" 3-8 Unknown
53. Banja Luka
This sport of the famous Darwin Hybrid Tulip, 'Golden Apeldoorn', carries golden blooms feathered with bright red. It would take a big, bold Tulip to...   Click to display 18"-22" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
54. Bleu Aimable
The Blue Aimable Tulip has a unique violet-lilac combination. The blue hue is most noticeable from the outer bases of the petals. These tulips create...   Click to display 20"-22" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
55. Day Dream
Changing from Apricot, to orange to yellow, Darwin is one of the best perennial tulips and best tulip for cutting and is exceptionally beautiful! Up...   Click to display n/a 20"-24" 4"-5" 3-9 Unknown
56. Double Late Mix
Mixture of double tulips in solid reds, whites, pinks, and plums   Click to display 18"-20" 6"-12" 2-8 Unknown
57. Easter Joy Mixture
Sword-like foliage on a sturdy stem supports the most recognizable flower imported from Holland. Triumph Tulips were created by cross-breeding Single Early and Single Late...   Click to display 18"-20" 3"-5" 2-8 Unknown
58. Golden Apeldoorn
Best perennial tulip and best tulip for cutting! Up to 6" diameter flower when open. You will enjoy these lovely bright yellow tulips of top-qualitiy...   Click to display 18"-24" 4"-5" 3-7 Unknown
59. Hemisphere
This lovely tulip features widely variable white and pink flowers on sturdy stems that reach approximately 20" in height. Sometimes flowers emerge with a dash...   Click to display 15"-24" n/a 3-8 Unknown
60. Jackpot
Jackpot tulips are a rare purple-and-white bicolor. Very eye-catching and classy, these are great around driveways and other places where you want to set an...   Click to display 16" n/a 3-7 Unknown
61. Jimmy
Jimmy is one of the brightest and most beautiful tulips - fluorescent pink blooms with a shimmering gold-orange edge.   Click to display 12"-14" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
62. Kees Nelis
Strong yellow edges that transition into red. One of the most popular mid-season two tone varieties, Kees Nelis has very sturdy flowers and strong stems.   Click to display 18"-20" 4"-6" 3-10 Unknown
63. Kikomachi
'Kikomachi´ is another yellow tulip we offer, this time from the Triumph group. This means that it starts blooming in April and lasts for about...   Click to display 12"-14" 4"-6" 2-8 Unknown
64. Menton
This ravishing hybrid is varying shades of enchanting rose-pink with muted apricot-pink petal edges. While it appears more pink at times, it can also look...   Click to display 22"-26" n/a n/a Unknown
65. Orange Princess
Double tulip of marigold orange with flaming of burnt amber-purple. This is a tulip which is lovely in all its stages and is enhanced by...   Click to display 14"-16" 5" 3-8 Unknown
66. Pays Bas
Large, ivory white flowers with a lemon yellow base and a small blush of pink.   Click to display 24"-28" 4"-6" n/a Unknown
67. Purple Prince
Purple Prince has a beautiful lilac purple color. Single early tulips, as indicated by their name, produce one flower per stem, bloom early in the...   Click to display 12"-14" 3"-4" 2-8 Unknown
68. Queen of Marvel
Queen of Marvel has purple-violet petals. They are double early tulips bloom early in the season with long-lasting, rose-like double flowers which open flat in...   Click to display 12"-14" 5" n/a Unknown
69. Rainbow Mixture
Cold region winter landscapes are studies in muted hues: whites, creams, tans, taupes and grays. While lovely, there comes a time when you long for...   Click to display n/a 18"-20" 3"-4" 2-8 Unknown
70. Red & White Duo
Mixture of red tulips and white tulips. Does not include the red and white striped tulip found in the Candy Cane mixture.   Click to display 18"-20" 6"-12" 2-8 Unknown
71. Rembrandt's Mixture
You have seen them in Dutch and English paintings. Also known as "Broken Tulips", they date back to the days of "tulipa mania". Each flower...   Click to display 24"-28" 3"-4" 2-8 Unknown
72. Single Late Mixture
Single Late Tulips, formerly known as Darwin or Breeder Tulips, are the tallest class of all tulips. These tulips emerge in late spring and offer...   Click to display 22"-28" 3"-4" 2-8 Unknown
73. Sugar Plum Mix
    Click to display 19"-20" 6"-12" 2-8 Unknown
74. Synaeda Amor
The Tulip 'Synaeda Amor' produce gorgeous pink blooms that begins to "blush" soft white around the edges.   Click to display 14"-16" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
75. Wildflower Mixture
Specialty Tulips are fairly unique and true gardening enthusiasts proudly include these types of bulbs in their garden collections. Plant tulips in well-drained soil to...   Click to display 4"-6" 2"-3" 2-10 Unknown
Tulipa fosteriana
76. White Emperor
Clear white with a yellow center and base; They are among the best for perennializing and will bloom together with daffodils.   Click to display 14"-18" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
Tulipa greigii
77. Pinocchio
The greigii group has excellent value as their foliage is also attractive, with purplish flames and speckles.Pinocchio has scarlet red outer petals with an ivory-white...   Click to display 10"-12" 4"-6" 3-9 Unknown
Tulip (Darwin Hybrid) Tulipa
78. Golden Parade
Golden Parade has golden yellow blooms with a black star shaped base. Very weather resistant with strong stems.   Click to display 24"-26" n/a 3-8 Unknown
79. Parade
Sword-like foliage on a sturdy stem supports the most recognizable flower imported from Holland.   Click to display 22"-24" n/a 2-8 Unknown
80. Pink Impression
The "original", award-winning Impression, Pink Impression remains one of the most highly regarded tulips since its introduction in 1979. It is luminous soft pink, maturing...   Click to display 22" n/a 3-8 Unknown
81. Red Impression
These giants are among the most weather resistant of all garden tulips, have exceptional perennial qualities and will produce many lovely flowers year after year.   Click to display 22" n/a 3-8 Unknown
82. Salmon Impression
The Tulip 'Salmon Impression' is a glorious variety that is salmon-apricot with a warm pink glow and paler, marble-pink petal edges, This impressive darwin...   Click to display 20"-24" 5"-6" n/a Unknown
83. Tequila Sunrise Mixture
Darwin hybrid tulips were created by cross breeding Emperor and Single Late Tulips. Darwin hybrid tulips come in hues of red, yellow, pink, and orange,...   Click to display 20"-22" 3"-4" 2-8 Unknown
Tulip (Single Late)
84. Dordogne
The classic aristocrats of tulips, these matchless Scheeper's sports are probably the most widely known and popular class of all tulips grown today. With their...   Click to display 26" n/a 3-8 Unknown
85. Kingsblood
Tulip single-late Kingsblood has a very beautiful, deep-red color. A very robust grower that lasts very long. One of the best!   Click to display 22"-24" 5" 3-8 Unknown
86. Maureen
The Tulip 'Maureen', a fall planted bulb, produces large and vibrant white flowers on tall stems. Maureen tulips provide great contrast to red and orange...   Click to display 28" 5"-6" 3-8 Unknown
87. Queen of Night
Queen of Night 'Black Tulip' bulbs are becoming more and more popular among tulip lovers; in fact, they have made America's top 10 list of...   Click to display 18"-24" 3"-5" 3-8 Unknown
Tulip (Triumph)
88. Candy Cane Mix
Triumph Tulips were created by cross-breeding Single Early and Single Late Tulips; it is the largest class of tulips with the widest range of colors...   Click to display 18"-20" 6"-12" 2-8 Unknown
89. Carnaval de Rio
    Click to display 18"-20" n/a n/a Unknown
90. Ile de France
The 'Ile de France' Triumph Tulip's triangular-shaped petals are truly exceptional with their vibrant red coloring. A true red bloom, plant these among whites for...   Click to display 14"-20" 4"-6" 3-8 Unknown
91. Negrita
The Tulip 'Negrita', a fall planted bulb, produce gorgeous dark purple flowers.   Click to display 18"-20" n/a n/a Unknown
92. Paul Scherer
Stunning, purple-black blooms make a bold statement in the mid spring garden. Like most Triumph Tulips, Paul Scherer has strong, sturdy stems and looks fabulous...   Click to display 18"-20" 12"-16" 2-8 Unknown
93. Purple Passion Mixture
Purple Passion Mix includes purples ranging from dark to light and even bi-clors. The dramatic blooms make beautiful cut flower arrangements so be sure to...   Click to display 18"-20" 12"-16" 2-8 Unknown
94. Shirley
"Shirley" is one of the most delicately colored tulips of them all. It's icy white, with sort of a mist of lavender sprinkled over the...   Click to display 18"-20" n/a 3-8 Unknown
Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
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Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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