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August 17, 2018

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.

Broccoli 'Liberty'
Brassica oleracea ('Broccoli' Series)
Unavailable in 2018 

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Full Sun
Cultivar Notes - 'Liberty'
Plant produces high quality large dark green broccoli. Plant produces near perfect crowns. It holds well in the field and adapts to a wide range of growing conditions. It is very flavorful.
Series Notes - Broccoli
Broccoli prefers a well-drained, fertile soil high in organic matter, a pH of 6.0-7.5 with a consistent supply of moisture throughout the growing season. Irrigate regularly for best results. While more heat-tolerant varieties are now on the market, Broccoli does not generally do well in hot weather. The best success is with spring and fall crops.

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