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January 18, 2019
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Calla Lily 'Fire Dancer'
Zantedeschia rehmannii violacea 
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Zone: 8 to 10
Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms early summer to late summer
Cultivar Notes - 'Fire Dancer'
Long, slender buds open to classic chalice-shaped blooms of bright orange and golden yellow. Loose, casual plant creates a “living bouquet” with a nice balance of flowers and glossy, lightly speckled leaves. Exceptionally disease-resistant and floriferous, Fire Dancer Calla Lily blooms dependably late spring through summer. Vigorous plants grow 2-3’ high, and flowers are carried on strong stems excellent for cutting. Makes a stunning statement in containers on patios and porches, and an eye-catching addition to perennial beds.
Genus Notes - Zantedeschia
Calla Lillies are one of the most unusual and interesting flowers. The name of this elegant plant comes from the Greek word for "beautiful." The Calla bloom, which is actually a modified leaf known as a spathe, sits at the top of the leafless stalk. Inside the spathe, you can see the tiny, true flowers on the narrow spadix or flower spike. Callas are very popular for weddings and floral arrangements as well as a potted patio plant or flowering holiday crop.

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