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January 15, 2019
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Alpine Columbine 'Alpine Blue'
Aquilegia alpina 
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Zone: 2 to 9
Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms early spring to late spring
Cultivar Notes - 'Alpine Blue'
Aquilegia alpina is a compact species with small clusters of charming, bonnet-shaped, blue flowers, ideal for adding color to a rock garden just after the spring bulbs are finished. The plants are easy-going, but short lived - if allowed to set seed they provide their own replacements, and self-sown seedlings left to grow where they germinate are extremely drought-resistant.
Genus Notes - Aquilegia
Aquilegia derives its name from the shape of the long, curved, tubular nectary, reminiscent of the claws or beak of the eagle--aquila in Latin. The common name, Columbine, meaning "dove-like" in Latin, alludes to the flower's resemblance to a flock of doves.

Rarely used for culinary or medicinal purposes, these species are of interest solely on aesthetic grounds. Abundantly prominent in medieval oil paintings, Columbines have clearly cast their spell on generations throughout history.

Columbines offer some of the most unusual and beautiful flowers to be found among hardy perennials. They come in a range of colors, often combining two colors in one flower, adding casual elegance to the midspring to early summer garden.

Columbines prefer moist, but well-drained soil and grow best in partial shade. They are not particularly long-lived, especially if kept too wet.

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