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May 28, 2018

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Spurge 'Diamond Frost'
Euphorbia hypericifolia hybrid 

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Zone: 8 to 10
Full Sun to Part Shade
Blooms all season
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Cultivar Notes - 'Diamond Frost'
This is the U.K.'s 2005 Plant of the Year! Clouds of dainty white fowers match the full and airy habit of the most exciting plant we've seen in years. Exceptionally heat and drought tolerant. Prefers some shade.
Genus Notes - Euphorbia
Euphorbias are a diverse group of plants that include several outstanding perennials. Their bright-color displays are provided by colorful leaves called bracts. Euphorbias want full sun but are not at all pcky about soil.

Spurge are wonderful garden plants, usually with colorful foliage and unusual flowers. Most flowers actually consist of colorful, ornamental bracts, providing a long season of color. Use in the perennial border or rock garden.

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