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January 21, 2018

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.

Hens and Chicks 'Piloseum'
Sempervivum piloseum 
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Zone: 3 to 8
Full Sun
Blooms mid-summer to late summer
Cultivar Notes - 'Piloseum'
Striking evergreen foliage on vigorous, small to medium plants with semi-loose resettes. Medium green color. Excellent for strawberry jars or other containers, miniature gardens, rock gardens and walls.
Genus Notes - Sempervivum
Hens and Chicks, a touch of nostalgia!

Once, every grandchild received a start of this plant from their grandmother. Rosettes of leaves (the hens) send out many offsets (the chicks) which can be pulled off and transplanted. Prefers sun in almost any soil. Unusual flowers spikes are produced eventually. A resurgence of interest has Sempervivums used in living wreaths, spilling out of clay pots, old tea kettles, and even retired work boots.

All derive from alpine species native to the mountains of southern Europe and western Asia. The rosettes develop by long-stalked offsets into crowded, colorful, richly textured mats. In summer the older rosettes send out thick upright stems bristling with stubby pointed leaves and topped with dense clusters of tightly packed pink blooms. Rosettes die after flowering.

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