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November 17, 2017

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 Proven Winners® and Proven Selections Plants - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order - Page 1 of 2

113 plants found. Generated on 11/17/2017. Display Plant Images Only   Printer-Friendly List

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Change View Preferences • Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Type Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
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Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Barberry (Golden) Berberis thunbergii
1. Sunjoy® Gold Pillar ('Maria')
Similar in shape to Helmond Pillar, but with bright golden foliage and red new growth. Great garden architecture. Bright orange-red autumn foliage is stunning. Proven to be burn resistant in side by side tests with other yellow leaved barberry. SB-8 Click to display 'Sunjoy® Gold Pillar ('Maria')' tag image n/a 36"-48" 12"-5' 4 3 Gallon
2. Sunjoy® Tangelo ('O'Byrne')
Bright and cheery, this new barberry has unique tangy orange foliage that is often accentuated by a distinctive chartreuse margin. Stronger growing than other variegated cultivars, it is colorful in the landscape from spring to fall. Certified Wheat-rust resistant. SB-6 Click to display 'Sunjoy® Tangelo ('O'Byrne')' tag image n/a 36"-48" 36"-48" 4-8 3 Gallon
Beautyberry Callicarpa x
3. Purple Pearls® ('NCCX1')
This new hybrid beautyberry is a cross between Callicarpa dichotema x kwantungensis. It has distinctive pink flowers. The foliage is tinged with purple, particularly in the fall when the very large purple-violet berries cover the plant. This vigorous, upright plant has a nice upright habit. SB-5 Click to display 'Purple Pearls® ('NCCX1')' tag image 48"-5' 48"-5' 6-8 3 Gallon
Blue Chalk Fingers Senecio vitalis
4. Serpents
Densely packed narrow blue-green succulent leaves grow in a symmetrical fashion from sprawling fleshy stems. Striking texture and color, perfect for a sunny, low-water garden. Easy care and drought tolerant but will tolerate irrigation. Attractive in containers. Evergreen. 3D-North Click to display 'Serpents' tag image n/a 12"-18" 10" 9-11 4½" White
Bluebeard Caryopteris x clandonensis
5. Lil' Miss Sunshine® ('Janice')
An awesome, strong growing Caryopteris with bright gold foliage. It is a great contrast plant that will add season long color to the garden. Use it next to dark green plants such as boxwood or Alberta spruce or mix it the perennial bed. This beauty will add color and vibrancy to any garden, especially in the fall when it blooms. SC-18 Click to display 'Lil' Miss Sunshine® ('Janice')' tag image n/a n/a 30"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
Buckthorn (Fern Leaf) Rhamnus frangula
6. Fine Line® ('Ron Williams')
This new shrub is idea for those small narrow beds along the house. Use it for creating narrow attractive hedges or privacy walls around your patio or deck. Unlike the species, this plant is not weedy or invasive. This plant has great architecture. SC-1 Click to display 'Fine Line® ('Ron Williams')' tag image n/a 5'-7' 24"-36" 3-8 10" Black
Bugleweed Ajuga reptans 
7. Black Scallop
Dark-as-night, shimmering foliage with gorgeously scalloped purple leaves that are larger than 'Mahogony' and darker than 'Catlin's Giant'. A knockout in patio pots, combos, and as a striking groundcover accent with white, gold, or light-colored plants. 4C-South Click to display 'Black Scallop' tag image 4"-4" 12" 4-10 4½" White
8. Burgundy Glow
Fantastic tricolored foliage in shades of creamy-white, rose-burgundy, and dark green make this ajuga different than all the others. In the fall, the mature leaves turn a deep bronze while the newer growth takes on a rose tone. 4C-South Click to display 'Burgundy Glow' tag image 6" 8"-10" 3-10 4½" White
9. Chocolate Chip
Dwarf, spreading habit with unusually narrow green foliage overlaid with chocolate brown highlights. Short spikes of blue flowers in early spring. 4C-South Click to display 'Chocolate Chip' tag image 6"-8" 12" 4-10 4½" White
Burning Bush (Dwarf) Euonymus alatus 
10. Fire Ball ('Select')
An improved selection of compact burning bush with tighter branching and superior hardiness. FIRE BALL® has the brilliant red fall color to be expected of burning bush. Plant it among spring and summer flowering shrubs for a jolt of color in the fall. SC-6 Click to display 'Fire Ball ('Select')' tag image 5'-7' 48"-5' 4 3 Gallon
Bush Cinquefoil Potentilla fruticosa
11. Happy Face® Yellow ('Lundy')
The flowers are so big and bright the flowers will stand out from all others! It produces an abundance of big yellow flowers from spring until late summer. Its dense habit and dark, healthy foliage add to its appeal. This is a wonderful, low-maintenance plant for adding bright color to the summer landscape. SC-2 Click to display 'Happy Face® Yellow ('Lundy')' tag image 24"-36" 24"-48" 2-7 3 Gallon
Butterfly Bush Buddleia x
12. Lo & Behold® Blue Chip, Jr.
Young Junior is smaller than the original, less brittle, and has attractive silver-green leaves. Great for mass plantings, containers or mixed into perennial gardens. It flowers from mid-summer to frost.

The earliest blooming of the Lo & Behold® series.

n/a Click to display 'Lo & Behold® Blue Chip, Jr.' tag image 18"-30" 18"-30" 5-9 3 Gallon
13. Lo & Behold® Purple Haze
Uniquely horizontal branches produce an abundance of dark purple-blue flowers. The flowers radiate outward and downward like a pinwheel, and are continuous from mid summer to frost. This is a sterile variety that will not produce unwanted seedlings. 9C-South Click to display 'Lo & Behold® Purple Haze' tag image n/a 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
14. Miss Molly
This new hybrid from NCSU plant breeder Dennis Werner takes Buddleia 'Miss Ruby' a step closer to the elusive red by crossing it back onto Buddleia 'Attraction'. The sangria-red flowers top the compact 5' tall clump from July until frost...a treat for hummingbirds. 9C-South Click to display 'Miss Molly' tag image 48"-5' 5'-6' 5-9 3 Gallon
15. Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby is a sweetheart of a plant noted for its compact habit and remarkable vivid, rich pink blooms. The flower color is unlike any other Buddleia. This new butterfly bush has silver leaves, and has a compact growth habit. 9C-South Click to display 'Miss Ruby' tag image 48"-5' 36"-48" 5 3 Gallon
Buttonbush (Dwarf) Cephalanthus occidentalis
16. Sugar Shack® ('SMCOSS')
Buttonbush has long been prized as a native, but it was way too big for most landscapes. Not anymore! We've cut the size in half and added colorful red fruit and glossy foliage. Add in cool looking, fragrant white flowers and you've got a delightful plant that shines from spring to fall. SC-15 Click to display 'Sugar Shack® ('SMCOSS')' tag image 36"-48" 36"-48" 4-10 3 Gallon
Chastetree Vitex agnus-castus
17. Blue Diddley® ('SMVACBD')
This dwarf chaste-tree is a fun little ball of lavender-blue flower spikes in mid-summer. Its compact size fits nicely into perennial gardens and mixed borders. Treat like a perennial in the north; it is a shrub or small tree in the south. SD-8 Click to display 'Blue Diddley® ('SMVACBD')' tag image 36"-6' 36"-7' 5-9 3 Gallon
Chenille Acalypha pendula
18. Firetails
Fuzzy, tassel-like flower spikes. Great in hanging baskets. 6C-South Click to display 'Firetails' tag image 4"-6" 12"-24" 10-11 10" Hanging Basket
Chokeberry (Black) Aronia melanocarpa
19. Low Scape® Mound ('UCONNAM165')
The perfect landscape plant! As cute as a button yet tough as nails, this innovative dwarf aronia may be the closest thing yet to a perfect landscape plant. Adaptable to most any soils, this little beauty offers dark glossy foliage, loads of white flowers in spring, black summer fruit, and intense red foliage in autumn. Ideal for low-maintenance, appealing mass planting. SA-15 Click to display 'Low Scape® Mound ('UCONNAM165')' tag image 12"-24" 24"-36" 3-9 3 Gallon
Clematis (small flower) Clematis viticella
20. Pink Mink®
Easy to grow and lots of flowers, that's the hallmark of Szczepan Marczynski's breeding.

Pink Mink™ hits the mark head on with an abundance of bright pink-on-pink blooms from early summer to early fall. Now everyone can grow Clematis!

12B-South Click to display 'Pink Mink®' tag image 9'-10' 6'-6'6" 4-9 10" Green w/ Trellis
Clematis (Sweet Autumn - small flower) Clematis paniculata
21. Sweet Summer Love
Wouldn't it be great if Sweet Autumn clematis flowered sooner and longer and came in other colors? Now it does! 'Sweet Summer Love' gives you everything you want: the flowers, the fragrance, the ease of growth and cranberry-violet blooms that start over a month earlier than others. This breakthrough vine is from award-winning clematis breeder Szczepan Marczyski of Poland. It will add lots of drama to gardens when trained up a trellis or other support. 12B-South Click to display 'Sweet Summer Love' tag image 10'-15' 6'-10' 4-9 10" Green w/ Trellis
Crassula Crassula capitella
22. Campfire
Striking coloration and an interesting form make this particular succulent stand out from the rest. 3D-North Click to display 'Campfire' tag image n/a 12"-24" 10" 9-11 4½" White
Daylily Hemerocallis hybrid 
23. Orange Smoothy
4" wide, orange mango petals with a light rose band, pink mid-rib, and green throat. The flower scapes have well-branched, 4-way scapes and upwards near 32 buds per scape, packing quite a punch with its flower performance. The diamond dusting will dazzle you as it sparkles in direct sun. Flowers are cookie-cutter consistent in form and color and we have observed excellent rebloom. 'Orange Smoothie' combines well with pastel and bold colors alike, making it a great choice for landscape designers. Plant en masse for a truly stunning display.

From the same hybridizer who brought you the popular reblooming daylily 'Going Bananas'.

10C-South Click to display 'Orange Smoothy' tag image 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
24. Primal Scream
If you’re looking for the WOW! factor in daylilies, you’ve found it here with ‘Primal Scream’. Nothing comes close to the spectacular 7½-8½ inch, glimmering tangerine orange, gold dusted blossoms and green throat of this selection. One of the most sought-after daylilies available today. 10C-South Click to display 'Primal Scream' tag image 34" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
25. Ruby Spider
One look and it’s easy to see why this incredible daylily is a multiple award winner! The gigantic 9”, dark ruby red flowers are officially classified as “unusual form-spatulate” since the petals are long and spoon-shaped. The petals open very wide and flat, displaying the large, golden yellow throat and matching midribs nicely. Planted singly or en masse, this outstanding daylily is sure to make a huge visual impact in the landscape! 10C-South Click to display 'Ruby Spider' tag image 34" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
26. Storm Shelter
This is one of our favorite new daylilies! This stunning, high quality, tetraploid produces 5 inch wide, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant purple eye that extends to nearly the edge of the petals. Piecrust edges have a wide picotee margin that matches the eggplant color of the eye zone. The flowers boast heavy substance that stands up to adverse weather. Rounded petals and flower form complete the package. The rich color saturation of the flower make this daylily a can't miss! 10C-South Click to display 'Storm Shelter' tag image 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
Dead Nettle (Spotted) Lamium maculatum 
27. White Nancy
When you add white flowers to the frosted leaves of Lamium, you have 'White Nancy', the ideal way to add light and life to a shady garden. A glowing ground cover and a fine companion for any and all shade-loving plants. 3C-South Click to display 'White Nancy' tag image 4"-8" 12"-24" 4-9 4½" White
Deutzia Deutzia gracilis
28. Chardonnay Pearls® ('Duncan')
Add season long color to the garden with this easy growing, bright beauty! Numerous pearl like buds burst into attractive star shaped flowers in spring. When the flowers have faded, this plant continues to shine with its bright yellow foliage. SC-11 Click to display 'Chardonnay Pearls® ('Duncan')' tag image 20"-36" 36" 5 3 Gallon
29. Yuki Cherry Blossom™
It took ten years to develop the first-ever Nikko-type deutzia with pink flowers. That's right, pink flowers on a low spreading deutzia. A shower of elegant pink flowers creates a carpet of color. Great for mass plantings because of its neat, mounded habit and rich burgundy-purple fall color. Butterflies adore it! SC-10 Click to display 'Yuki Cherry Blossom™' tag image 12"-24" 12"-24" 5-8 3 Gallon
Dichondra Dichondra argentea 
30. Silver Falls
Seed-grown foliage plant is covered with very small, rounded, silver leaves on silver stems. Vigorous Silver Falls has a true cascading habit, making it an excellent choice for mixed containers or as a single hanging basket item. 3D-South Click to display 'Silver Falls' tag image n/a 2"-3" 24"-36" 9-10 4" Green
Dogwood (Red Twig) Cornus stolonifera 
31. Arctic Fire® ('Farrow')
A new compact selection of the ever popular 'Baileyiu' red stem dogwood. Dark red winter twigs and a compact, nonsuckering habit. Compact in stature and easy to care for, the stem of this plant is perfect for arrangements. SC-12 Click to display 'Arctic Fire® ('Farrow')' tag image 36"-48" 36"-48" 3-7 3 Gallon
Dyers-Greenwood Genista lydia
32. Bangle® ('Select')
A new floriferous, low mounding selection of Genista that produces waves electric yellow flowers in early spring. Improved branching and texture make this a wonderful plant for containers and for mass plantings. SA-12 Click to display 'Bangle® ('Select')' tag image 24" 24" 4-9 10" White
Echeveria Echeveria runyonii
33. Topsy Turvy
Adaptable as a houseplant. Grown for its foliage. 3D-North Click to display 'Topsy Turvy' tag image 4"-8" 10" 9-11 6" Green
Echeveria (Painted) Echeveria nodulosa x hybrid
34. Painted Echeveria
Exquisite red markings define the interior and edges of each leaf; pinkish-white flowers appear in fall 3D-North Click to display 'Painted Echeveria' tag image 10"-18" 8"-10" 9-11 6" Green
Elderberry Sambucus nigra
35. Black Lace™ ('Eva')
Intense purple black foliage is finely cut, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese maple. Indeed, some designers are using it in place of the more sensitive acer varieties since BLACK LACE is extremely durable and adaptable. SD-17 Click to display 'Black Lace™ ('Eva')' tag image 6'-8' 28"-5' 4-7 10" White
Forsythia Forsythia
36. Show Off® Sugar Baby ('NIMBUS')
This miniature, upright selection delivers more flowers per inch to create an outstanding spring display. A very compact, dwarf plant which provides lots of spring color in a small space. n/a Click to display 'Show Off® Sugar Baby ('NIMBUS')' tag image 18"-30" 24"-36" 4-8 3 Gallon
Forsythia x intermedia
37. Show Off® ('Mindor')
A standout new forsythia with large, bright yellow flowers that adorn the plant from head to foot. Attractive dark green foliage is very attractive and unlike any other forsythia. The dark leaves add season long interest. n/a Click to display 'Show Off® ('Mindor')' tag image 36"-5' 36" 3-7 3 Gallon
Fountain Grass Pennisetum alopecuroides
38. Desert Plains
This large fountain grass makes a great focal point in a sunny landscape. Many consider it to be the best hardy pennisetum available today.The finely textured, green leaves form a beautiful cascading, rounded clump. 12C-South Click to display 'Desert Plains' tag image 48" 36"-48" 5-9 8" Green
39. Red Head
It begins to show its huge, bottlebrush plumes in mid to late summer. Deep purple buds mature to smoky purple plumes that can measure a whopping 3" wide by 8-10" long! The combination of foliage and flower remains attractive for several months. 12C-South Click to display 'Red Head' tag image 36"-48" 24"-36" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Holly (Blue) Ilex x meservae
40. Castle Spire® ('Hachfee') (Female)
The Castle Ilex are new varieties of blue holly with compact, pyramidal forms. Their dark glossy leaves, superior vigor and branching make them an improvement over other older varieties. Their narrow form makes them great for hedges, foundation plantings, or even as a dramatic specimen. The lustrous green foliage provides season long interest. Castle Spire® will produce bright red berries for fall and winter enjoyment; use Castle Wall® as the pollinator. Fruit is not edible. SA-10 Click to display 'Castle Spire® ('Hachfee') (Female)' tag image n/a n/a 8'-10' 48"-5' 5-7 3 Gallon
41. Castle Wall® ('Heckenstar') (Male Pollinator)
The Castle Ilex are new varieties of blue holly with compact, pyramidal forms. Their dark glossy leaves, superior vigor and branching make them an improvement over other older varieties. Their narrow form makes them great for hedges, foundation plantings, or even as a dramatic specimen. The lustrous green foliage provides season long interest. Castle Spire® will produce bright red berries for fall and winter enjoyment; use Castle Wall® as the pollinator. SA-11 Click to display 'Castle Wall® ('Heckenstar') (Male Pollinator)' tag image n/a n/a 5'-8' 48"-5' 5-7 3 Gallon
Honeysuckle (Bush) Diervilla
42. Kodiak® Orange
This shrub pushes fall color to the limits with its glowing orange fall foliage. It lights up the fall landscape, making it an ecofriendly alternative to burning bush. Bright yellow flowers in early summer. A durable native that thrives in sun or shade. It's drought-toleran, deer-resistant, and can even grow in dry shade. SB-17 Click to display 'Kodiak® Orange' tag image 36"-48" 48"-5' 4-7 3 Gallon
Honeysuckle (Sweetberry) Lonicera caerulea
43. Sugar Mountain® Blue ( 'Dolce Vita')
Reminiscent of raspberries and blueberries, this new haskap selection from the Czech Republic gives you bigger, tastier berries on an easy to grow hedge. So much easier to grow than blueberries, this native shrub is super hardy and needs no special soils. Plant two selections for even heavier fruit crops.

Maintenance Notes: Haskaps flower on old wood, so pruning should occur after harvest. Plants should not be pruned until they have been in the ground for at least three years. Cut back the tips of stems to encourage branching as lateral branches bear more fruit. Older plants (3+ years in the ground) may be renewed by removing dead branches and weak stems in late winter. No more than 25% of the plant should be removed. For best fruit production plant more than one variety.

SA-18 Click to display 'Sugar Mountain® Blue ( 'Dolce Vita')' tag image 5'-6'6" 5'-6' 1-6 3 Gallon
Hosta Hosta hybrid
44. Autumn Frost
‘Autumn Frost’ is a sport of the 2010 Hosta of the Year, ‘First Frost’, which in turn is a sport of the champion of blue hostas, ‘Halcyon’. It is a showier version of ‘First Frost’, displaying extra wide margins. The leaves emerge frosty blue with a bright yellow margin that lightens to creamy white during the summer. It forms a medium sized mound topped with light lavender flowers in mid to late summer. 12B-North Click to display 'Autumn Frost' tag image 12" 24" 3-9 2 Gallon
45. Coast to Coast
'Coast to Coast’ is a giant, solid gold hosta that makes a striking specimen in the shade garden. Its foliage emerges gold in spring and turns lighter gold with a bit more sun exposure in the summer months. As the leaves mature, they become thick and puckered with wavy edges and have nearly white undersides.

The upright vase-shaped clump is topped with green scapes carrying pale violet flowers in midsummer. This hosta tends to be more slug resistant because of its thick substance foliage and rigidly upright habit. It can be grown as a single specimen in a large container or in a prominent place in the landscape.

12B-North Click to display 'Coast to Coast' tag image 20" 36" 3-9 2 Gallon
46. Empress Wu
Huge dark green, deeply veined leaves of good substance can measure more than 1½ feet wide and long. Strongly upright habit, forming a very tall and wide clump. Pale reddish violet flowers appear just above the foliage in early to midsummer. 12B-North Click to display 'Empress Wu' tag image 36"-48" 5'-6' 3-9 2 Gallon
47. Hudson Bay
An improvement over its parent, ‘Eskimo Pie’, this new sport is a much showier, larger specimen and a stronger grower overall. The wider, brighter blue margin and apple green jetting contrast nicely with the creamy white center all season long. The leaves are of heavy substance, exhibiting good slug resistance in the landscape. This plant forms a large mound of attractive foliage topped with near-white flowers on white scapes in early summer. 11B-South Click to display 'Hudson Bay' tag image 24"-26" 24" 3-9 2 Gallon
48. Seducer
Large sized hosta with broadly, ovate leaves. Leaves are dark green with a slightly ruffled, gold margin and a trace of white between the center and margin. The white coloring needs the summer heat to develop. Near-white, tubular flowers are produced from late summer through early fall. 11B-North Click to display 'Seducer' tag image 26" 36" 3-9 2 Gallon
49. Wheee!
Extremely ruffled, cream colored margins extend from the tip of each green leaf all the way down the petiole to the crown. This ruffled margin is evident even in the juvenile stage of the plant before vernalization. The leaves of this medium sized hosta are of excellent substance, making them slug resistant in the landscape. Light lavender flowers appear atop purple scapes in midsummer. 11B-North Click to display 'Wheee!' tag image 11"-18" 28"-30" 3-9 2 Gallon
Hydrangea (Bigleaf) Hydrangea macrophylla
50. Abracadabra® Orb ('Horob')
If you're looking for an unusual hydrangea with bright color, this is the plant for you! Mop-head flowers emerge green and peach, then mature to a hot pink. Black Satin stems add to the fun. Flower color can be pushed to blue with the addition of aluminum sulfate. The distinctive black stems are interesting even when the plant is not in bloom, and when it does bloom, look out! Bold, bright flowers really light up the summer garden. 11A-North Click to display 'Abracadabra® Orb ('Horob')' tag image 36"-48" 36"-48" 5 3 Gallon
51. Let's Dance® Big Easy ('Berner')
Big Easy has exceptionally large, vividly colored mop-head flowers, the largest of perhaps any mop-head hydrangea. The huge blooms go through a wonderful progression of color changes, from pink/green to pink, and often back to green. Color ranges from rich pink to blue depending on soil.

This hydrangea blooms every year, even after harsh winters! Reblooming Let's Dance hydrangeas bloom on both old and new wood, so even if the flower buds are damaged overwinter they will bloom on later season growth.

12A-North Click to display 'Let's Dance® Big Easy ('Berner')' tag image 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
52. Let's Dance® Diva ('SMHMLDD')
She's going to be the talk of the town with her super-sized blooms. This new reblooming hydrangea has sepals the size of your palm and baby blue (or pink) lace-cap blooms as big as a dinner plate. Like other Let's Dance reblooming hydrangeas, she flowers on both old and new wood, ensuring gardeners of beautiful flowers every summer. Soil pH will affect bloom color. 12A-North Click to display 'Let's Dance® Diva ('SMHMLDD')' tag image 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
53. Let's Dance® Starlight ('Lynn')
Let’s Dance Starlight is the first ever new wood blooming lace-cap. It’s hardy, dependable and colorful. The massive blooms are vivid pink (or blue) with strong stems. The Let’s Dance series blooms on both new wood and old. 12A-North Click to display 'Let's Dance® Starlight ('Lynn')' tag image 24"-36" 24"-36" 5-9 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Hardy) Hydrangea paniculata
54. Bobo® ('ILVOBO')
This dwarf hydrangea will turn heads. Bobo is a delightful plant that is engulfed by large white flowers in summer. The flowers are held upright on strong stems, and continue to grow and lengthen as they bloom. In fall they can turn pinkish. It is an undeniable asset to any garden, particularly those in which space is limited. 11A-South Click to display 'Bobo® ('ILVOBO')' tag image 29"-36" 48"-5' 3-9 3 Gallon
55. Fire Light® ('SMHPFL')
Fire Light™ is the new standard to measure all hardy hydrangeas. Upright panicles are packed with florets which transform from pure white to rich pomegranate-pink. Its thick, sturdy stems hold up the beautiful flowers so they are prominently displayed in the garden. 12A-North Click to display 'Fire Light® ('SMHPFL')' tag image 54"-6' 54"-6' 3-8 3 Gallon
56. Limelight
'Limelight' has unique bright green blooms in mid-summer that holds its bright and refreshing color right into autumn when the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The autumn display of green and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! 11A-N,SB-16 Click to display 'Limelight' tag image 6'-8' 6'-8' 4-7 3 Gallon
57. Little Lamb
A special Hydrangea with diminutive, showy flowers tightly packed into full flower heads that dance above a compact plant. It blooms regardless of climate, soil, pH or pruning. 11A-S,SB-18 Click to display 'Little Lamb' tag image 5'-7' 5'-6' 3 3 Gallon
58. Little Lime® ('Jane')
A new dwarf form of the ever popular ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea. Little Lime Hydrangea sports the same great flowers and coloration as Limelight but at one third the size you can fit it in any spot in your garden. 11A-South Click to display 'Little Lime® ('Jane')' tag image 36"-5' 36"-5' 3-8 3 Gallon
59. Pinky Winky® ('DVPinky')
A very unique new hardy Hydrangea with massive two-toned, white and pink flowers. strong upright red stems hold the large blooms up so you never get the dropping look you get from Pee Gee Hydrangea. 12A-North Click to display 'Pinky Winky® ('DVPinky')' tag image 6'-8' 5' 3-8 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Mountain) Hydrangea serrata
60. Tiny Tuff Stuff™ ('MAKD')
This is a real beauty, with flowers so delicate and refined that it seems strange to call them tough - but they are. Extremely bud-hardy, each year it produces abundant lacecap flowers comprised of doubled sepals. It is a rebloomer. While this plant leans to blue, the flower color may range from blue to pink to white, all soft, delicate shades perfect for refined gardens. The flowers age to an attractive pink, and tip down in a distinctive arching fashion. 11A-South Click to display 'Tiny Tuff Stuff™ ('MAKD')' tag image 18"-24" 18"-24" 5-9 2 Gallon
61. Tuff Stuff™ ('MAK20')
We wanted a hydrangea with improved bud and stem hardiness in addition to the ability to flower on new wood. This plant delivers on both accounts. Its attractive, reddish-pink lacecap flowers create a mass of color in early summer, and it continues to produce new flowers right up until frost. The semi-double to double florets begin with creamy coloration in the center before maturing to an intense pink. If your reblooming H. macrophyllas have been inconsistent performers, try Tuff Stuff. It's the reblooming hydrangea that really does. 11A-South Click to display 'Tuff Stuff™ ('MAK20')' tag image n/a n/a 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
62. Tuff Stuff™ Red ('SMNMAKTSR')
A new color for the Tuff Stuff™ series!

Get the improved bud and stem hardiness, the reblooming habit, and the double lacecap flowers of the original Tuff Stuff™, but with dark red-pink flowers. Flowers open to a two-toned green and red, maturing to all red. Strong stems give this mounded hydrangea a handsome presentation both in the container and in the landscape. Developed by Tim Wood at Spring Meadow Nursery.

11A-South Click to display 'Tuff Stuff™ Red ('SMNMAKTSR')' tag image 24"-36" 24"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Oakleaf) Hydrangea quercifolia
63. Gatsby Gal® ('Brenhill')
A little smaller than other H. quercifolia, but with impressively large flowers, and lots of them. Full panicles of pure white blooms are held upright above the foliage. The flowers are quite large relative to the plant's compact size and make this plant a great choice for smaller gardens. 11A-N,SB-13 Click to display 'Gatsby Gal® ('Brenhill')' tag image 5'-6' 5'-6' 5-9 3 Gallon
64. Gatsby Star® ('Doughill')
It's got star power! Doubled blooms are similar to those of 'Snowflake', but the individual petals are pointed instead of rounded. The result is a beautiful, lacy panicle - and a very showy plant. It's a fun way to add some unexpected drama to woodland gardens. 11A-N,SB-12 Click to display 'Gatsby Star® ('Doughill')' tag image 5'-6' 5'-6' 5-9 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Smooth) Hydrangea arborescens
65. Incrediball® ('Abetwo')
This hardy, strong growing hydrangea deliver loads of big blooms that emerge line green, change to white and then to green. The big flower heads are held up by sturdy stems that don’t droop, even after a heavy rain. 11A-North Click to display 'Incrediball® ('Abetwo')' tag image 48"-5' 48"-5' 3 3 Gallon
66. Incrediball® Blush ('NCHA4')
It's the next big thing in hydrangeas!

This beauty has big, bodacious, blush-pink blooms that change to an attractive green color as they age. This very hardy variety blooms every year, even after harsh winters.

11A-North Click to display 'Incrediball® Blush ('NCHA4')' tag image   48"-5' 5'-6' 3-9 3 Gallon
67. Invincibelle® Limetta™ ('NCHA8')
Invincibelle Limetta® hydrangea represents the next generation of 'Annabelle'-type hydrangeas. This revolutionary new variety offers a dwarf habit with lush green flowers and very strong stems. Blooms start out a rich jade green, soften to green-white, then age to green again. This strong rebloomer keeps fresh flowers coming through frost, too. This versatile, reliable native plant will appeal to landscape designers and homeowners alike. n/a Click to display 'Invincibelle® Limetta™ ('NCHA8')' tag image 30"-36" 36"-48" 3-9 3 Gallon
68. Invincibelle® Mini Mauvette™ ('NCHA7')
Invincibelle Mini Mauvette™ hydrangea brings a never-before-seen color to the species, with large mophead flowers in a deep mauve-violet. Blooms are held on very strong stems and appear early summer through fall. Dwarf habit gives this native plant amazing versatility in the landscape and the garden. A whole new color for smooth hydrangeas! n/a Click to display 'Invincibelle® Mini Mauvette™ ('NCHA7')' tag image 30"-36" 36"-48" 3-9 3 Gallon
69. Invincibelle® Spirit II ('NCHA2')
A better pink 'Annabelle' - type hydrangea!

This new and improved Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea delivers on all counts. It has darker foliage, stiffer stems, and larger flowers that are a richer pink. The blooms age to an attractive green. This hydrangea grows from Manitoba to Mobile, blooming every year from mid-summer to frost. It is a strong rebloomer.

$1 from each Invincibelle® Spirit II sold is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. We encourage you to donate as well. BCRF is dedicated to advancing the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer in our lifetime. For more information about BCRF, visit www.bcrfcure.org.

11A-S,SB-17 Click to display 'Invincibelle® Spirit II ('NCHA2')' tag image 36"-48" 36"-5' 3-9 3 Gallon
70. Invincibelle® Wee White™ ('NCHA5')
This smooth hydrangea has the potential to revolutionize landscaping. Its sturdy compact frame reaches just 1-2.5' tall and is covered in pure white mophead flowers from summer to fall. The blooms start white and age to shades of green and pink - and they keep coming, with fresh buds being produced through autumn. Strong stems prevent flopping. Now, everyone has room for this classic native flowering shrub - great in containers, too. n/a Click to display 'Invincibelle® Wee White™ ('NCHA5')' tag image 12"-30" 24"-36" 3-9 3 Gallon
Joseph's Coat Alternanthera ficoidea
71. Partytime
Shocking pink and green foliage covers this great looking shade annual. Excellent substitute for impatiens combined with caladiums or begonias. Also great for containers and hanging baskets. 3B-South Click to display 'Partytime' tag image n/a 15"-18" 24"-36" 10 4½" White
Leadwort Ceratostigma plumbaginoides 
72. Leadwort
A groundcover that provides interest in late summer, after many other perennials are finished blooming. The foliage is green during the summer, then turns a beautiful bronzy-red in fall. It produces beautiful gentian-blue blooms from late summer to frost. 4C-South Click to display 'Leadwort' tag image 8"-12" 10"-20" 5-9 4½" White
Lilac (Reblooming) Syringa x
73. Bloomerang® Dark Purple ('SMSJBP7')
It's the next big thing for Bloomerang! Dark Purple is a bigger plant with larger, more rounded inflorescenses. It's very showy in spring, and continues to amaze with fragrant blooms from mid-summer to frost. This is a strong grower, and will add beauty and fragrance to gardens from spring to fall. SD-12 Click to display 'Bloomerang® Dark Purple ('SMSJBP7')' tag image 48"-6' 5'-7' 3-7 3 Gallon
74. Bloomerang® Pink Perfume
This latest addition to the Bloomerang series has the same multi-season flower show, only this time in pink. The fragrant blooms will delight gardeners in spring, then again from midsummer to fall. SD-13 Click to display 'Bloomerang® Pink Perfume' tag image 48"-5' 48"-5' 3-7 3 Gallon
Ninebark Physocarpus opulifolius
75. Coppertina® ('Mindia')
Coppertina is a new cross between the golden ninebark 'Darks Gold' and the purple leafed ninebark Diabolo ('Monlo'). The result give us a wonderful plant with orange-copper foliage in the spring. As the foliage matures in summer it turns a rich red. SC-4 Click to display 'Coppertina® ('Mindia')' tag image 8'-10' 5' 3-7 3 Gallon
76. Festivus Gold™ ('Bert Dart's G')
A colorful, dwarf, native plant that has lots of appeal, this improved 'Dart's Gold' has a chunky, compact growth habit and thicker, heavier stems. The result is a sturdy plant with lots of easy color. It maintains its yellow color throughout the season. n/a Click to display 'Festivus Gold™ ('Bert Dart's G')' tag image 36"-48" 48"-5' 3-7 3 Gallon
77. Summer Wine® ('Seward')
A new smaller version of purple-leafed Ninebark. This shrub has very compact branching and fine, deeply cut leaves. A very hardy shrub that requires little pruning, this unique native plant has pinkish-white, button-like flowers in mid-summer. SC-3 Click to display 'Summer Wine® ('Seward')' tag image 5'-6' 36"-48" 3-8 3 Gallon
Pearl-bush Exochorda
78. Snow Day® Surprise ('Niagara')
Snow Day Surprise's large white blooms cover this plant in a flood of spring flowers. This is a stronger grower than old fashioned pearl-bush, with a neater, more compact habit. An excellent plant for the spring landscape! SB-15 Click to display 'Snow Day® Surprise ('Niagara')' tag image 36"-48" 48"-52" 4-8 3 Gallon
Quince (Flowering) Chaenomeles speciosa
79. Double Take™ Scarlet ('Scarlet Storm')
Big dark red double flowers appear in early spring. Drought tolerant once established, this plant may be pruned after flowering. Bright spring color. Good cut flower. Thornless, deer resistant and does not set fruit. SA-17 Click to display 'Double Take™ Scarlet ('Scarlet Storm')' tag image n/a 36"-48" 48"-5' 5-8 3 Gallon
Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus
80. Ruffled Satin® ('SHIMCR1')
The largest flowers seen on a Rose of Sharon!

Looking more like a tropical hibiscus than a temperate plant, this hardy Rose of Sharon boasts rich pink, ruffled flowers accented by an intense burgundy-red eye. Large and showy, the overlapping flower petals form a complete circle. Its glossy green leaves and short internodes make for a very nice, full, bushy.plant. Low seed-set is an added benefit

SB-2 Click to display 'Ruffled Satin® ('SHIMCR1')' tag image 8'-10' 8'-10' 5-9 3 Gallon
81. Sugar Tip® ( 'America Irene Scott')
An eye-catching new Rose of Sharon with brightly variegated creamy-white and blue-green foliage. Unlike ‘Purpureus Variegatus’ this beauty actually flowers! Loads of clear pink, double flowers and it does not produce seed. SB-3 Click to display 'Sugar Tip® ( 'America Irene Scott')' tag image 8'-12' 36"-5' 5 3 Gallon
Sage (Purple Leaf Common) Salvia officinalis 
82. Purpurascens
Lamb's Ear-like foliage in shades of softest purple. Lovely with white- and silver-foliage plants. Striking blue flower spikes in summer. 8D-North Click to display 'Purpurascens' tag image 24"-24" 18" 5-11 4½" White
Salvia Salvia guaranitica 
83. Black and Blue
This eye catching Salvia has abundant, deep cobalt blue, tubular blooms and nearly black calyxes, flowers all summer into fall. More compact than many of the S. guaranitica species, and very dramatic in the garden. Hummingbirds love them. 3C-North Click to display 'Black and Blue' tag image 36"-36" 24" 7-10 6" Green
Sedge (Variegated Japanese) Carex hachijoensis (syn. Carex oshimensis) 
84. Evergold
One of the most popular variegated sedges, this selection has creamy-yellow leaves with deep green margins. They cascade softly to the ground in a fountain-like manner. Unlike many other sedges, this one prefers dry to average soil moisture. 12C-North Click to display 'Evergold' tag image n/a 12"-12" 18" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Spirea (Japanese) Spiraea japonica
85. Double Play® Big Bang ('Traci')
Massive pink flowers bloom against the bright yellow foliage. Glowing orange spring foliage. Season long color. Deer resistant. Easy to grow. This is an outstanding landscape plant! It is perfect for mass plantings or as part of the mixed border. SD-15 Click to display 'Double Play® Big Bang ('Traci')' tag image n/a n/a 24"-36" 36"-48" 4-9 3 Gallon
86. Double Play® Candy Corn ('NCSX1')
You have to see it to believe it - candy apple red foliage starts the show in spring. As the season progresses, the foliage transforms to pineapple yellow. Dark purple blooms appear in late spring, making this the most eye-poppingly colorful Double Play spirea yet. Developed by Tom Ranney of NCSU. n/a Click to display 'Double Play® Candy Corn ('NCSX1')' tag image 18"-30" 30"-36" 4-7 3 Gallon
87. Double Play® Painted Lady ('Minspi')
Taking color to a whole new level, this spirea delivers brightly variegated yellow and green foliage and hot pink flowers in late spring. Great for perennial gardens, patio containers, or any place that can be enlivened with a splash of low-maintenance color. The variegation is very clean and stable. n/a Click to display 'Double Play® Painted Lady ('Minspi')' tag image 24"-36" 24"-48" 4-8 3 Gallon
88. Double Play® Red ('SMNSJMFR')
A flower color breakthrough! This is the first and only spiraea with true red flowers. Add in showy dark burgundy spring foliage and you've got the perfect double play. SD-16 Click to display 'Double Play® Red ('SMNSJMFR')' tag image 24"-36" 24"-48" 3-9 3 Gallon
Stonecrop Sedum
89. Angelina
A low-growing groundcover with needle-like, evergreen golden-yellow foliage. Fall foliage takes on an orange hue. Has a prostrate, creeping habit in the ground, and trails in a container. Can also be used as an edging. 3D-South Click to display 'Angelina' tag image 3"-6" 10"-12" 3-9 4½" White
Sedum hybrid
90. Carl
Pink flowers on heat and cold tolerant plants, flowers late summer to fall. An improved for of 'Autumn Joy'. 9C-South Click to display 'Carl' tag image 18"-24" 12"-16" 3-9 4½" White
Stonecrop (Orange) Sedum kamtschaticum
91. Variegatum
Striking cream-splashed variegated leaves form an attractive creeping groundcover, especially hot dry sites with poor soil. Clusters of orange-yellow star flowers bloom in summer aging to crimson in fall, adding attractive contrast to the variegated foliage. 3D-South Click to display 'Variegatum' tag image 4" 10"-14" 4-9 4½" White
Summersweet Clethra alnifolia
92. Vanilla Spice® ('Caleb')
Attractive glossy, dark green leaves and extra large flowers roughly the size of a dime, about twice the size of a typical Clethra adorn this plant. The large spikes are loaded with fragrant, pure white flowers in late summer. Wonderfully fragrant. SC-14 Click to display 'Vanilla Spice® ('Caleb')' tag image 36"-6' 36"-6' 5 3 Gallon
Sweetshrub Calycanthus floridus
93. Aphrodite
A new, improved calycanthus with large, bright red magnolia-like flowers. Unlike 'Hartlage Wine' it is very fragrant. This rebloomer has nice, glossy foliage, too. SB-4 Click to display 'Aphrodite' tag image 5'-6' 6'-7' 5-9 3 Gallon
Sweetspire (Virginia) Itea virginica 
94. Little Henry® ('Sprich')
A new compact Sweetspire with pure white flowers in the early summer cover this low mounded, compact shrub. Perfectly suited for flooding large banks, beds and borders. If burning bush has good fall color, then this plant is a wildfire. SC-6 Click to display 'Little Henry® ('Sprich')' tag image 36" 36" 5 3 Gallon
Switch Grass (Red) Panicum virgatum
95. Cheyenne Sky
Absolutely ideal for growing in decorative containers, this hardy Red Switch Grass is a perennial substitute for Pennisetum 'Rubrum'. It forms a compact, vase-shaped clump of blue-green foliage which turns wine red in early summer. 12C-South Click to display 'Cheyenne Sky' tag image 36" 18" 4-9 PW .65 Quart
Tickseed (Threadleaf) Coreopsis verticillata 
96. Moonbeam
Ever-popular and a classic perennial, C. 'Moonbeam' is an excellent performer with bright lemon-yellow flowers produced in profusion from early through late summer. The airy clumps of fine, needle-like foliage on upright stems add a nice fine texture elem 10C-North Click to display 'Moonbeam' tag image 18"-24" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Green
97. Zagreb
One of the most loved perennials, C. 'Zagreb' is an excellent performer with bright golden-yellow flowers (a deeper yellow than 'Moonbeam') blooming from early through late summer. Coreopsis is the toughest, most durable perennial available. 10C-North Click to display 'Zagreb' tag image 15"-12" 15" 4-9 8" Green
Viburnum (Linden) Viburnum dilatatum
98. Cardinal Candy™ ('Henneke')
A special new selection with abundant glossy scarlet red fruit. Tons of creamy white flowers cover this well branched, rounded plant in May. The fruit on this plant is remarkable and abundant. The show of bright red fruit appears in late summer. SD-10 Click to display 'Cardinal Candy™ ('Henneke')' tag image 5'-6' 36"-48" 4 3 Gallon
Vinca Vine Vinca major
99. Maculata
Dark green leaves with unevenly variegated yellow-green centers. 3D-South Click to display 'Maculata' tag image n/a 4"-6" 18"-24" 7-11 4" Green
100. Variegata
The quintessential component plant with green and white variegated leaves and pale lavender flowers. 3D-South Click to display 'Variegata' tag image 3"-6" 6"-12" 7-11 4" Green
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