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October 19, 2017

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New Perennials for 2017 - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order - Page 1 of 2

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Change View Preferences • Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
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Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
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Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Aster Symphyotrichum ericoides
1. Bridal Veil
White flowers cover finely-textured branches that arch gracefully and can be up to two feet high and four feet wide. This early fall bloomer usually peaks in October. Use as a border plant at the edge of the garden, cascading over rocks or walls or on a slope. Drought tolerant and powdery mildew-resistant.

A hybrid aster developed at Chicago Botanic Garden. This clonal selection resulted from a cross made in 2002 with the groundcover Aster ericoides 'Snow Flurry' as the seed parent. The pollen parent is unknown.

12C-South Click to display 'Bridal Veil' tag image 20"-24" 24"-48" 5-8 8" Green
Aster (Japanese) Kalimeris integrifolia
2. Daisy Mae
An ever-blooming compact plant with white daisy-like, petite flowers beginning in June and continuing into September. Naturally self-cleaning, 'Daisy Mae' looks neat and tidy all season. This heat and drought tolerant variety is extremely easy to grow in well-drained soil. Excellent plant for the front of the border. 12C-South Click to display 'Daisy Mae' tag image 24" 24" 4-9 8" Green
Bamboo Fargesia rufa
3. Sunset Glow
Orange-red sheaths at each node add color to the green culms (stems) of this well-contained plant. Perfect specimen for smaller gardens and courtyards. Leaves do not curl in the sun as with some bamboos. A favorite food of the giant pandas. Evergreen. 12C-South Click to display 'Sunset Glow' tag image n/a 7'-8' 36"-48" 5-9 2 Gallon
Basket of Gold, Cloth of Gold, Gold Dust Aurinia saxatilis (Alyssum saxatile)
4. Summit
One of the most popular of spring-flowering perennials, most often seen in rock gardens or as a border edging. This forms a low bushy mound of grey-green leaves, smothered by masses of tiny, bright golden-yellow flowers for several weeks. This improved selection is compact and has excellent disease resistance. Clip plants back by half, immediately after blooming but do not prune in fall or early spring. Not easily divided. 5B-North Click to display 'Summit' tag image 6"-8" 12"-18" 3-8 4" Green
Bee Balm Monarda didyma
5. Balmy™ Lilac
This more compact selection features lilac flowers, arranged in large, shaggy heads, an ideal size for the middle of a sunny border. Foliage is delightfully fragrant. Good powdery mildew resistance. A favorite of both butterflies and hummingbirds. 9C-North Click to display 'Balmy™ Lilac' tag image 10"-12" 8"-10" 4-9 8" Green
6. Balmy™ Purple
This more compact selection features purple flowers, arranged in large, shaggy heads, an ideal size for the middle of a sunny border. Foliage is delightfully fragrant. Good powdery mildew resistance. A favorite of both butterflies and hummingbirds. 9C-North Click to display 'Balmy™ Purple' tag image 10"-12" 8"-10" 4-9 8" Green
Bee Balm (Dwarf)
7. Grand™ Mum
This midsized selection produces heads of large, shaggy pink-mauve flowers in mid to late summer. Foliage is delightfully fragrant, and significantly more resistant to powdery mildew than most older varieties. Excellent for cutting. 9C-North Click to display 'Grand™ Mum' tag image 14"-18" 12"-23" 3-8 8" Green
8. Pink Lace
This dwarf selection produces heads of pink flowers with purple centres in mid to late summer. Foliage is delightfully fragrant, and significantly more resistant to powdery mildew than most older varieties. Excellent in containers or at the border edge. Introduced by Future Plants of the Netherlands. 9C-North Click to display 'Pink Lace' tag image 12"-16" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Green
Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy Rudbeckia hirta
9. Autumn Colors
This mid-sized strain produces large brown-eyed daisy flowers for months on end, in a range of bicolor shades from yellow through gold, orange and bronzy-red. An outstanding cut flower. Removing faded blossoms regularly will greatly increase the flowering time. Seed heads have good winter interest, and can be used in dried arrangements. Fairly drought tolerant, once established. Wonderful in mixed containers. Fleuroselect. 5C-North Click to display 'Autumn Colors' tag image 20"-23" 10"-12" 5-9 4" Green
Blanket Flower Gaillardia grandiflora
10. Mesa™ Bright Bicolor
Bright red flowers with a wide, bright yellow band. 10C-N;5C-N Click to display 'Mesa™ Bright Bicolor' tag image 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 8" Green
11. Mesa™ Peach
Peach flowers with a bright yellow band. Earlier bloomer than Mesa™ Bright Bicolor and MESA™ Yellow. 10C-N;5D-N Click to display 'Mesa™ Peach' tag image 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 8" Green
12. Mesa™ Red
Beautiful, red scalloped petals surround a sunny yellow, flat cone. A compact, well-branched plant that grows 14 to 16 inches tall and 20 to 22 inches wide. Good for cut flowers.

Very drought tolerant once established, Mesa Red shows intense, non-fading color all season on upright plants that perform well in landscapes and mixed containers.

5D-North Click to display 'Mesa™ Red' tag image 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 4" Green
Blue Fescue (Idaho) Festuca idahoensis
13. Siskiyou Blue
The slate blue, narrow leaves of this cultivar are longer and more arching than the species, giving it a graceful look in the garden. Its neat, clumping mound is especially striking when planted en masse. Drought tolerant once established. Prefers average to poor soil. Full sun enhances the spruce blue color, but it will tolerate dappled sunlight.

Idaho fescue is native to the short-grass prairie habitat. It can be used in a xeriscape design along with Buffalo grass and Blue grama. Adding junipers, Rabbit brush and Sage, enhances such a design without compromising low maintenance. Many types of fescues need frequent dividing, however Idaho fescue is an exception and can survive years with no maintenance.

12C-South Click to display 'Siskiyou Blue' tag image   10"-14" 8"-16" 4-9 8" Green
Bluestem (Little) Schizachyrium scoparium
14. Blue Paradise
This ornamental grass is a result of an extensive Schizachyrium breeding program from Walters Gardens, Inc. and is the perfect option for those looking to add to their native or prairie garden. The habit is very upright and columnar, and maintains its upright habit through fall. At 3˝ feet tall, this grass will be the perfect backdrop to your garden. True to its name, ‘Blue Paradise’ has striking silvery blue stems in summer. In the fall, this grass takes center stage as the leaves develop a deep wine purple color. In early fall, tiny tan seed heads appear on the top half of the stems. 12C-South Click to display 'Blue Paradise' tag image 36"-42" 24"-28" 3-9 8" Green
Cardinal Flower (Blue) Lobelia siphilitica
15. Great Blue
The spikes of brilliant true blue flowers on this wetland native attract butterflies, hummingbirds and neighbors to your garden! 5D-North Click to display 'Great Blue' tag image 24"-36" 12"-18" 4-8 4˝" White
Catmint (Dwarf) Nepeta x faassenii
16. Junior Walker™
This selection of Catmint is a sterile dwarf of N. ‘Walker’s Low’ and only reaches approximately 40cm (16 inches) tall. It features blue-green leaves that are highly aromatic when crushed or bruised so an excellent addition planted along a garden path. Small pale lavender flowers are densely clustered and bloom from May to September. Shear back the initial flower spikes for continuous bloom. Attractive to our feline friends. 12C-South Click to display 'Junior Walker™' tag image 14"-16" 31"-35" 5-9 8" Green
Clematis (large flower) Clematis
17. Corinne
This beautiful clematis has white flowers with ruffly edges and a pink/violet stripe on each petal. This compact, heavy bloomer is great for patio containers as well as the garden. It can be grown in full sun to partial shade making it a great addition. It grows to a height of 6' and blooms June through August. Pruning type 2. 12B-South Click to display 'Corinne' tag image 5'-6' 24"-36" 4-9 10" Green w/ Trellis
18. Diana's Delight
Diana’s Delight has beautiful, rich blue colored flowers with light and dark tones and a creamy yellow center. This lovely clematis has a very free flowering habit. It grows to a height of 6 feet and blooms June through early September. Stunning! Pruning type 2 or 3. 12B-South Click to display 'Diana's Delight' tag image 5'-6' 24"-36" 4-9 10" Green w/ Trellis
Columbine Aquilegia coerulea
19. Rocky Mountain Blue
Rocky Mountain Blue is a beautiful heirloom addition to your perennial garden. Along with the dazzling pale violet and white, long-lasting blossoms, it has delicate, beautiful, blue-green foliage, somewhat like maidenhair fern. At home in part shade as well as full sun. Use in rock gardens, borders, and as a cut flower. North American native wildflower. 5D-South Click to display 'Rocky Mountain Blue' tag image 15"-18" 12"-15" 3-8 4" Green
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
20. Cone-fections™ Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop is a fully double coneflower with bright yellow petals the color of Lemon Drop candies. Add this color to your garden to brighten up deep blues and purples. Mix this lovely new cone with pinks, and purples for a cool effect or oranges, pinks and reds for a hot summer combo. Strong, straight stems make this new perennial an eye catching specimen wherever you plant it. 12C-North Click to display 'Cone-fections™ Lemon Drop' tag image 15"-18" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
21. Cone-fections™ Southern Belle
A double-flowered Coneflower, this selection has excellent garden appeal. It produces unique bicolor flowers with flat, pink daisy-like petals surrounding a deep magenta pompom. Plant habit is well-branched, strong and bushy. Good vigor and bloom power. Ideal for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers. Attractive to butterflies and excellent for cutting. 12C-North Click to display 'Cone-fections™ Southern Belle' tag image 31"-35" 23"-29" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
22. Firebird
These flaming red-orange flowers have deeply reflexed petals and a large, dark coppery brown cone. This hot new perennial will add pep to your summer gardens. Well-branched plants support the 3 ˝” blossoms in mid through late summer, and removing spent flowers may prolong the bloom time. 12C-North Click to display 'Firebird' tag image 25"-31" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
23. Playful Meadow Mama
Raspberry pink blooms, tipped in white look like berries dipped in white chocolate. How playful is that? A red cone compliments the petal colors perfectly and makes for a delicious combo to nurture and feed your gardening desires. Playful Meadow Mama will attract attention from passers-by and provide an unusual color combination, not often seen in perennials. 12C-North Click to display 'Playful Meadow Mama' tag image 20"-24" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Coral Bells Heuchera
24. Crimson Curls
This selection has ruffled and curled bronzy-brown foliage, the contrasting crimson undersides displaying well. Sprays of small creamy-white flowers appear in late spring and summer. Excellent in the border, for edging, or in tubs and mixed containers. Foliage may be tidied up in spring by removing any withered or tired-looking leaves. Evergreen. Bred by Ray Brown in the United Kingdom. 4D-South Click to display 'Crimson Curls' tag image 12"-18" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
25. Dolce® Appletini
Continuing the trend of bringing flower performance back to Coral Bells, ‘Appletini’ is the perfect combination of lime foliage and red flowers. Medium sized, lime green leaves have a silver overlay that makes the foliage truly attractive. Its best feature is arguably its stunning flower color: dark rose red stems hold rich ruby red flowers, starting in early summer. This plant occasionally reblooms into fall. The bright foliage is the perfect addition to a perennial combination container or the front of the border. 4D-South Click to display 'Dolce® Appletini' tag image 18"-24" 24"-30" 4-9 1 Gallon White
26. Dolce® Silver Gumdrop
If you’re looking for a silver Heuchera to brighten up your shade area, you’ve found it. Unlike other silver Heucheras on the market, ‘Silver Gumdrop’ has vibrant pink flowers instead of the typical white or cream. Match it with its silver, iridescent leaves with a semi-glossy finish and you have a winning combination. ‘Silver Gumdrop’ is a smaller scale Heuchera, the perfect size for a container. Growers and gardeners alike will be pleased that it is a vigorous grower for its size. Its silver leaves take on a rosy blush overtone later in the season for additional interest.

This plant is a Heuchera villosa hybrid. The villosa species is a large, late blooming type that exhibits an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity over other species. Most produce cream flowers in midsummer, though they are grown more for their fantastic foliage. H. villosa is native to the southeastern United States.

4D-South Click to display 'Dolce® Silver Gumdrop' tag image 5"-6" 14"-16" 4-9 1 Gallon White
27. Lime Marmalade
A sport of ‘Marmalade’, this green selection exhibits the same robust, vigorous growth as its parent. Heavily ruffled, smaller lime green to chartreuse leaves form a compact, rounded clump. Compared to ‘Lime Rickey’, this is a larger variety that works well as a landscape plant as well as in containers. Tan colored flowers appear on short stalks in late spring to early summer. 4D-South Click to display 'Lime Marmalade' tag image 8"-10" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
28. Mega Caramel
Like 'Caramel' but much bigger! Caramel foliage with pink-purple undersides, large cream flowers on arching stems blooms mid summer to early fall. 4D-South Click to display 'Mega Caramel' tag image 18"-20" 20"-28" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
29. Obsidian
Obsidian is the result of volcanic lava coming in contact with water. This process results in a glassy finish. Heuchera 'Obsidian' PP14836 exhibits this same glassy sheen and is closer to black than any other heuchera. The surface and edges of the rounded leaves are so smooth they look like they have been polished. Their undersides are deep purple and exhibit the same glassy finish.

Though this selection is grown mainly for its unusual foliage, its ornamental value is enhanced by the 24 inch tall scapes which bear smoky purple buds that open to cream flowers.

This selection forms a very compact, tight mound of foliage, making it ideal as an edging or in containers. It's fabulous when paired with brightly colored flowers and foliage in the garden. This new variety is destined to become a favorite!

4D-South Click to display 'Obsidian' tag image 10"-14" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
30. Primo™ Black Pearl
If you’re going to choose just one Heuchera for your lineup, this is the one! Meet the new standard in black Heuchera. ‘Black Pearl’ forms an incredibly dense habit of shiny, jet black leaves with scalloped, ruffled edges. Each 4-4.5” leaf has rosy purple undersides, revealed with the intense ruffling of the leaves. Oldest leaves have a slight silver overlay. To top it off—‘Black Pearl’ keeps its intense black color even in full sun, instead of bleaching to brown. White flowers with pink calyxes appear in midsummer

This plant is a Heuchera villosa hybrid. The villosa species is a large, late blooming type that exhibits an increased tolerance of high heat and humidity over other species. Most produce cream flowers in midsummer, though they are grown more for their fantastic foliage. H. villosa is native to the southeastern United States.

4D-South Click to display 'Primo™ Black Pearl' tag image 8"-10" 18"-20" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
31. Primo™ Pretty Pistachio
You’ll be impressed by this big and beautiful plant for both its flowering performance and its garden performance. Starting in spring, 4.5in wide leaves are chartreuse and mellow to lime green in summer. Huge, 5” wide clusters of medium pink flowers are produced continuously starting in midsummer and going until early fall. Flowers dry on the stems to a lovely raspberry color, extending the attractiveness of the plant. This plant preforms best in filtered sun, as too much sun will bleach the brightly colored leaves. 4D-South Click to display 'Primo™ Pretty Pistachio' tag image 8"-10" 28"-32" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
32. Silver Scrolls
An enchanting looking heuchera, this selection displays leaves with such crisp color patterning that they look like little stained glass windows. They range in color from season to season in response to changing light levels. In spring, they are deep grape purple with a heavy steel-grey overlay and crisp veination. Their undersides are royal purple, revealed by the curling of the leaves. During the winter, the foliage turns to a rich violet hue.

Though the extraordinary foliage is reason enough to grow this plant, it has the added bonus of producing rose-pink buds which open to greenish-cream flowers on 24 inch scapes in late spring.

4D-South Click to display 'Silver Scrolls' tag image 10"-12" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
33. Stainless Steel
This hardy Coral Bells adds a glimmering sheen to shady spots. In spring the silvery lobed leaves blush reddish purple, and then mature to clear silver with green veining. The undersides are a complementary purple that enhances the show. Dark purple flower stems hold aloft large, creamy white flowers that open from pink buds. A great combination of foliage and flowers that is a good match for Hellebores and Epimediums. 4D-South Click to display 'Stainless Steel' tag image 8"-12" 16"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Heuchera villosa
34. Fire Alarm
Touted by many as the best red to date, this H. villosa hybrid is incredibly vigorous, forming a full, dense clump of large, round lobed leaves. When it emerges in spring and then again in fall it is fiery red, mellowing only slightly to mahogany red in the heat of summer. Dark red stems carry pink flowers in early through late summer. This selection fills out containers fully and delivers an excellent garden performance. 4D-South Click to display 'Fire Alarm' tag image 8"-10" 12"-14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
35. Georgia Peach
You'll be blown away by the spectacular glowing peach colored foliage of this new Heuchera from Terra Nova Nurseries!

The very large leaves, which can measure up to 8" across, have rounded lobes and are dusted with a light silver overlay. In fall and winter, the foliage turns a warm rose-purple color. Dainty creamy white flowers are produced in early summer.

4D-South Click to display 'Georgia Peach' tag image 14" 24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
36. Red Lightning
This selection features huge, bright gold leaves with attractive red veining. White flower sprays appear in late spring to early summer. Protect from hot afternoon sun to prevent leaf scorch. Remove any winter-burned leaves in the spring, otherwise no pruning is required. Part of the villosa Collection from Terra Nova Nurseries. 4D-South Click to display 'Red Lightning' tag image 10"-12" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Cranesbill Geranium cinereum
37. Jolly Jewel® Salmon
Two-toned salmon pink flowers with a dark pink center, blooms continuously throughout summer. Low-growing clump form with deeply divided foliage. 12C-North Click to display 'Jolly Jewel® Salmon' tag image 10"-12" 10"-12" 3-8 8" Terra Cotta
Daylily Hemerocallis hybrid 
38. Fooled Me
This is considered a premium daylily, which means that it has been selected as highly performing plant with exceptional bloom performance, substantive, vibrantly colored flowers, complete winter hardiness in northern zones, and a vigorous habit. 5.5", radiant golden yellow flowers with a striking deep red eye and matching picotee edge. Broad, rounded petals display a beautiful pie crust edging. Blooms in midsummer. 10C-South Click to display 'Fooled Me' tag image 18"-24" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
39. Heavenly Flight of Angels
Mid, an exceptional diploid with blooms that stay open for two days, yellow spider flowers with white eye are up to 10" wide, fragrant and semi-evergreen. 10C-South Click to display 'Heavenly Flight of Angels' tag image 30"-36" 24"-30" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
40. Isabella Marafi
Mid, giant 6" double glowing cantaloupe flowers with green throat and ruffled edges will be a delight in summer above the dark green foliage, excellent bud count and very floriferous.

The flowers are fragrant, lightly ruffled, and attract hummingbirds, as well as, butterflies. It is also rabbit resistant, will rebloom throughout the summer, and is adaptable to most soil conditions. Beautiful Daylily that will add a unique touch to the garden.

10C-South Click to display 'Isabella Marafi' tag image 24"-26" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
41. Orange Smoothy
4" wide, orange mango petals with a light rose band, pink mid-rib, and green throat. The flower scapes have well-branched, 4-way scapes and upwards near 32 buds per scape, packing quite a punch with its flower performance. The diamond dusting will dazzle you as it sparkles in direct sun. Flowers are cookie-cutter consistent in form and color and we have observed excellent rebloom. 'Orange Smoothie' combines well with pastel and bold colors alike, making it a great choice for landscape designers. Plant en masse for a truly stunning display.

From the same hybridizer who brought you the popular reblooming daylily 'Going Bananas'.

10C-South Click to display 'Orange Smoothy' tag image 24" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
42. Passionate Returns
From renowned daylily breeder Darrel Apps comes what he considers his best overall quality rebloomer to date. An everblooming daylily, ‘Passionate Returns’ blooms for about 3˝ months beginning in early July in zone 5. Four inch, rosy red, ruffled flowers have perfect form. Flowers are held just at the top of the foliage, with multiple branched scapes and lots of buds to make it extremely floriferous in the landscape. Its short stature and continuous flower show makes this the perfect daylily for growing at the front of the border and in containers. 10C-South Click to display 'Passionate Returns' tag image 17" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
43. Romantic Returns
Another standout reblooming daylily from renowned hybridizer Dr. Darrel Apps! Deep rose pink flowers have ruffled petals with notably large flowers for a continuous bloomer at 5in wide. Compared to 'Passionate Returns', this is a deeper pink with larger flowers. 10C-South Click to display 'Romantic Returns' tag image 25" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
44. Storm Shelter
This is one of our favorite new daylilies! This stunning, high quality, tetraploid produces 5 inch wide, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant purple eye that extends to nearly the edge of the petals. Piecrust edges have a wide picotee margin that matches the eggplant color of the eye zone. The flowers boast heavy substance that stands up to adverse weather. Rounded petals and flower form complete the package. The rich color saturation of the flower make this daylily a can't miss! 10C-South Click to display 'Storm Shelter' tag image 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
Dead Nettle (Spotted) Lamium maculatum
45. Purple Chablis™
A frothy confection of silver and green foliage with lavender-purple flowers; heat tolerant. 3C-South Click to display 'Purple Chablis™' tag image 8"-12" 10"-14" 4-8 4˝" White
Delphinium (Chinese) Delphinium grandiflorum
46. Morpho Marine Blue
Tall spikes of spectacular blue flowers appear over a long bloom season. Blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds and are excellent for cutting. A superb choice for borders, cottage gardens and naturalized areas. 5B-South Click to display 'Morpho Marine Blue' tag image 28"-32" 18"-24" 3-8 4" Green
False Indigo Baptisia
47. Decadence® Vanilla Cream
Selected for its petite size and unique flowers, this cultivated looking native perennial fits easily into today’s suburban landscapes. Newly emerging spring foliage has a beautiful bronze cast which contrasts nicely with other spring green perennials planted nearby. As the foliage matures, it lightens to grey-green and forms a well-branched, full, rounded clump. Ten inch long spikes of pastel yellow buds open to creamy vanilla colored flowers from late spring into early summer. Seed pods begin to develop immediately after the plant is finished flowering, deepening in color and persisting into fall. This easy care, drought tolerant, deer resistant perennial is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for low maintenance or native perennials. 12C-North Click to display 'Decadence® Vanilla Cream' tag image 30"-36" 36"-41" 4-9 10" Black
Baptisia x variicolor
48. Twilight Prairieblues™
Adding to the array of Baptisia flower colors developed by Dr. Jim Ault of the Chicago Botanic Garden, TWILITE PRAIRIEBLUES™ has deep purple buds which open to smoky violet-purple flowers with lemon yellow keels. The long-lasting flowers appear on upright spikes in late spring about 1-2 weeks later than STARLITE PRAIRIEBLUES™ from late spring into early summer. Charcoal black seed pods add visual interest to the fall landscape.

This is a fairly large selection of Baptisia, so be sure to give it plenty of room to grow. It is unusually robust and vigorous selection that matures quickly in the landscape. 3 year old plants can have 100 or more flowering stems! The blue-green, trifoliate foliage remains beautiful all season long, making this plant a terrific backdrop for other flowering perennials in the landscape.

TWILITE PRAIRIEBLUES™ is a selection from a controlled cross of two species of Baptisia.

12C-North Click to display 'Twilight Prairieblues™' tag image 42"-5' 48"-5' 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
False Spirea Astilbe arendsii
49. Boogie Woogie
One of the best new astilbes, with a more compact growth habit and many more blossoms than older varieties. Boogie Woogie's dense, dark green foliage is attractive from spring to fall, and the fluorescent, magenta-pink flowers are large and extra full. Electrifying in mass plantings. 11B-North Click to display 'Boogie Woogie' tag image 14"-16" 12"-14" 3-8 8" Green
50. Country and Western
This midsized selection blooms in early summer with fluffy, soft-pink plumes over a mound of large, shiny, green leaves. A healthy, vigorous performer. Great in the border, also thrives in tubs or mixed containers. Fertilize in April and June. Excellent for cutting. Seed heads may be removed, or left on the plant for winter interest. Will tolerate full sun, in cool summer regions. Developed by Harry Verduin. 11B-North Click to display 'Country and Western' tag image 14"-18" 14"-18" 4-9 8" Green
51. Look At Me
This selection has large, fragrant, bubble-gum pink plumes on red stems over a compact mound of elegant, lacy green leaves. Declared the best new plant at Plantarium 2013. 11B-South Click to display 'Look At Me' tag image 16"-18" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Green
Astilbe chinensis
52. Little Vision in Pink
Perfectly sized for containers or the front of the border, ‘Little Vision in Pink’ offers all the same great traits as the original ‘Vision in Pink’ but in a smaller package. Standing about 16” in bloom, a dense block of fuzzy, pyramidal shaped, rose pink plumes is presented just above the coarsely textured, dark green foliage in midsummer. Like all Chinese Astilbes, this one exhibits a bit greater tolerance to drier soils and can take full sun. 11B-South Click to display 'Little Vision in Pink' tag image 14"-16" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Green
False Sunflower Heliopsis
53. Summer Pink
'Summer Pink' is truly unique and colorful. The plant forms a midsized mound of multi-colored pink, green and white leaves with purple veining on dark red stems. To top it off, the large daisy-like flowers are bright yellow appearing in summer. Outstanding cut flower. 11C-North Click to display 'Summer Pink' tag image 23"-25" 21"-23" 4-9 8" Green
Heliopsis helianthoides
54. Midwest Dreams
This strain is more compact than most others, and a little less prone to wind damage and usually does not need to be staked. Outstanding cut flowers. 6B-North Click to display 'Midwest Dreams' tag image 31"-35" 18"-23" 2-9 4" Green
Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra
55. Burning Hearts
Burning Hearts False Sunflower is an outstanding new native plant cultivar with large yellow and red daisy-like flowers in mid- to late summer. It has purple-green foliage with purple stems. Developed by European breeders, this large growing perennial is recommended for attracting butterflies and other pollinators to its numerous nectar-rich flowers. Extremely cold hardy, it's an excellent choice for northern gardeners all the way to the Canadian border. Resistant to browsing rabbits and deer, this plant is a 'must have' easy-to-grow new variety. 11C-North Click to display 'Burning Hearts' tag image 42"-48" 18"-24" 3-8 8" Green
56. Venus
The largest flowers we've ever seen on a Heliopsis (4? across), and the closest yet to clear yellow. They are semidouble, full but not excessively so. 'Venus' was bred in Germany for cut-flower use.

We highly recommend you put a plant or 3 in a border and keep a stand in the cutting garden.

11C-North Click to display 'Venus' tag image 42"-48" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Green
Fern (Autumn) Dryopteris erythrosora
57. Autumn Fern
This selection is rapidly becoming one of the most popular garden ferns. Its name 'Autumn Fern' refers to the beautiful copper-pink color of the newly emerging leaves which seem to glow against the backdrop of the shiny, dark green, mature fronds. 12A-South Click to display 'Autumn Fern' tag image n/a 18"-24" 15" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Fern (Braun's Holly) Polystichum braunii
58. Braun's Holly Fern
This is a clumping native fern, with thick, dark green fronds. Stalks or stems are covered in golden-brown scales that contrast nicely against the leaflets. Dense, upright and arching habit, the fronds arising from a single point, giving a formal appearance. Easy and reliable. Evergreen in milder winter regions. 12A-South Click to display 'Braun's Holly Fern' tag image n/a 12"-29" 12"-23" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Fern (Fortune's Holly) Cyrtomium fortunei
59. Fortune's Cold Hardy Holly Fern
Exceptional fern for interesting form and texture. Fronds are stiff, upright and dark green arching outward from the center of the plant. Excellent bedding fern under larger shrubs and accent trees. Grows well in breezy sites and containers. This hardy fern is evergreen in mild winter climates.

Cyrtomium fortunei, Fortune’s holly fern, is the most cold hardy of the entire assortment of ornamental holly ferns performing well in the harsh weather experienced in Zone 5 (where the fronds will hold up well under snow) as well as the gradually more temperate to warm regions of Zones 6.

12A-South Click to display 'Fortune's Cold Hardy Holly Fern' tag image n/a 12"-24" 18"-24" 5-10 8" Terra Cotta
Fern (Northern Maidenhair) Adiantum pedatum
60. Northern Maidenhair Fern
Maidenhair fern has a delicate appearance, forming a medium sized mound of arching black-stemmed fronds with light green leaflets arranged in a wide fan. Excellent foliage for using in cut flower arrangements. Plants take a couple of years to reach mature size, appreciating a rich soil that stays evenly moist. Not a good choice for dry shade under thirsty types of trees. Clumps may be divided after 4 to 5 years. 12A-South Click to display 'Northern Maidenhair Fern' tag image n/a 12"-23" 12"-23" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
Foamy Bells Heucherella hybrid
61. Catching Fire
If you’re looking for a bright-colored foliage plant, you’ve found it! Vibrant lime green leaves are rounded, giving it a refined presence in the garden. In the centers of each leaves are very defined flame-shaped markings that flare from the center like cherry red fire. In summer, these markings will deepen to mahogany. Cream flowers appear in early summer. This is a very polished, vigorous plant. For best foliage color and performance, plant in an area with filtered sun or afternoon shade.

‘Catching Fire’ is a H. villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant and also has greater vigor than Heucherellas without such parentage. It forms a very dense mound of interesting foliage that is evergreen in most climates.

4D-South Click to display 'Catching Fire' tag image 8"-10" 16"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
62. Hopscotch
The search was on for a great performing orange Heucherella, and we’ve found it with ‘Hopscotch’. Leaves emerge red with dark red centers early in spring, before lightening to bronze red. Each leaf is lobed, giving it a unique lacy texture in the garden. In the heat of summer, the leaves mellow to deep green. In late spring, cream, bottlebrush shaped flowers appear above the foliage. ‘Hopscotch’ is a H. villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant, including greater vigor than Heucherellas without such parentage. The foliage is evergreen in most climates. 4D-South Click to display 'Hopscotch' tag image 10"-12" 20"-24" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
63. Pumpkin Spice
Get a sweet taste of fall in spring with ‘Pumpkin Spice’! Bronze red leaves emerge in late spring and hold its color well into early summer. Each 4” lobed leaf has deep mahogany centers that follow the veins of the leaf. Dark red stems hold cream flowers that appear in early summer. For best foliage color and performance, plant in an area with filtered sun or afternoon shade.

‘Pumpkin Spice’ is a H. villosa hybrid which means that it is naturally more heat and humidity tolerant and also has greater vigor than Heucherellas without such parentage. It forms a very dense mound of interesting foliage that is evergreen in most climates.

4D-South Click to display 'Pumpkin Spice' tag image 8"-10" 18"-22" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
64. Red Rover
Choose this unique looking Heucherella for its intense red leaves and incredibly lobed foliage. Newest leaves in spring are coppery red, a brighter red than ‘Hopscotch’. Each 5in large, deeply lobed leaf has burgundy red centers. The uniquely lobed leaves are almost finger-like, making it a great addition to both containers and the landscape. When temperatures increase, ‘Red Rover’ will mellow to more of an olive green. Burgundy rose stems hold creamy white flowers well above the foliage on tall scapes. As a H. villosa hybrid, ‘Red Rover’ can stand up to hot and humid summers. The foliage is evergreen in most climates. 4D-South Click to display 'Red Rover' tag image 6"-8" 18"-20" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
Globe Thistle Echinops bannaticus
65. Blue Glow
Beginning in early summer, intense blue spheres measuring 1.5" across appear on tall, unbranched stems. Bumblebees and nocturnal moths delight in their sweet nectar. This variety is very similar to E.ritro with leaves that are more deeply divided and hairy. 11C-North Click to display 'Blue Glow' tag image 36"-48" 24" 3-8 8" Green
Goldenrod Solidago rugosa
66. Fireworks
Plants form a bushy, upright clump of dark-green leaves, bearing large heads of golden-yellow flowers that look like an exploding sun. This deserves a special spot in any sunny garden, with no fear of it taking over. Clumps may be easily divided in early spring. Tolerates hot, humid summer regions. Flowers do not cause allergies. Attractive to butterflies. 11C-South Click to display 'Fireworks' tag image 35"-47" 23"-29" 4-9 8" Green
Hens and Chicks Sempervivum arachnoideum
67. Cobweb Red
Tiny gray-green rosettes are covered with fine cobweb-like hairs. Spreads slowly to make a dense mat. Foliage flushes red in spring; deep pink flowers appear in summer. 3D-South Click to display 'Cobweb Red' tag image 2"-4" 6"-8" 4-10 4˝" White
Sempervivum hybrid
68. Carmen
A beautiful Hens and Chicks, 'Carmen' forms large 5" wide rosettes, spreading to make a 12" patch in a few years. 'Carmen's' olive green foliage is enhanced with red tips. Maybe 2-3" tall at the most. Useful in rockeries, troughs, or mixed with other hardy and tender succulents. 3D-South Click to display 'Carmen' tag image n/a 2"-3" 8"-12" 5-9 4˝" White
69. Kalinda
With its beautiful large evergreen rosettes of pale burgundy, orange-flushed, coral-tipped leaves that turn deep wine tones in winter, this is one of many outstanding hybrid sempervivums. 3D-South Click to display 'Kalinda' tag image 3"-5" 12"-18" 5-9 4˝" White
70. Royal Ruby
This selection produces medium-sized rosettes with narrow, pointy leaves of ruby red to smoky grey-red. Short spikes of pastel flowers in summer. 3D-South Click to display 'Royal Ruby' tag image 4"-8" 6"-12" 5-9 4˝" White
71. Ruby Heart
This selection forms rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery blue to blue-green leaves which are flushed rosy red at the base. This color varies by season, intensifying in cold temperatures. In midsummer, unique pinkish purple flowers are held aloft on short, leafy stalks. 3D-South Click to display 'Ruby Heart' tag image 3"-4" 6"-8" 3-8 4˝" White
Sempervivum tectorum
72. Sunset
Emerald green fleshy rosettes with tips of red transform to gleaming sunset tones of orange in cool weather. Mature plants produce short thick flower spikes of star-shaped pink flowers. A carefree, sun and heat loving succulent. 3D-South Click to display 'Sunset' tag image 4"-8" 6"-12" 5-9 4˝" White
Hosta Hosta hybrid
73. Ben Vernooij
Hosta 'Ben Vernooij' has incredibly vibrant coloration with extraordinary blue leaves with very wide bright yellow edges. The leaves are thick and extremely resistant to slugs.

Ben Vernooij is a beautiful sport of the very popular Hosta First Frost originating from J Fransen.

12B-North Click to display 'Ben Vernooij' tag image 16"-28" 18"-30" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
74. Curly Fries
This irresistible miniature to small sized hosta is the perfect accompaniment for bright blue hostas like ‘Prairie Sky’, especially when planted together in containers or near the front of the border. It forms an arching, wiggly clump of extremely rippled, narrow leaves. Position this hosta where it will receive morning sun, as its chartreuse foliage will be brightest there. Mature plants will develop red speckled petioles. Lavender flowers top the clump in midsummer. 12B-North Click to display 'Curly Fries' tag image 28" 40" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
75. Diamonds Are Forever
‘Diamonds are Forever’ is a very showy hosta with green leaves and crisp white margins. The sharply contrasting variegation can be spotted from quite a distance and is even more eye-catching in late summer when the purple, bell-shaped flowers appear. If you’re a fan of the “Tiara” series of hostas, you know they are vigorous growers in the garden, forming a flattish mound of petite leaves. They are excellent for edging a shade border. 12B-North Click to display 'Diamonds Are Forever' tag image n/a 10"-12" 22"-24" 3-9 Unknown
76. Fire Island
A small to medium sized hosta that is hard to miss in the spring garden. The leaves emerge brilliant yellow on red petioles; red coloring extends from the base of the petiole up into the leaves. As the season progresses, the foliage darkens to chartreuse, but the red petioles remain all season long.

The broadly ovate leaves are slightly corrugated with distinctly rippled margins at maturity. Lavender flowers are produced in midsummer. Vigorous grower; best in full shade.

11B-South Click to display 'Fire Island' tag image 10"-14" 15"-30" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
77. Island Breeze
First came ‘Fire Island’ which was followed by its variegated progeny ‘Paradise Island’. Now there is ‘Island Breeze’ which is the third member of this “tropical” family and a sport of ‘Paradise Island’. The improvements in this cultivar include more impressive variegation due to its wider margins, thicker leaf substance, and a strong growth rate.

Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring. As summer approaches, the centers become more chartreuse when plants are grown in heavier shade or lighter yellow if they are grown in more sun. Like ‘Paradise Island’, this one also has showy red speckled petioles that bleed up into the leaves. Dark lavender flowers appear on reddish green scapes in midsummer.

11B-South Click to display 'Island Breeze' tag image 12" 18"-20" 3-9 Unknown
78. June Spirit
This hosta forms a distinctive mound of shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse centers that turn yellow in summer if planted in part sun.

Lavender blue flowers appear on chartreuse scapes in mid to late summer.

11B-South Click to display 'June Spirit' tag image 14" 26" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
79. Lakeside™ Cupcake
An award winning small hosta that is the perfect size for troughs or other small containers. Nearly round leaves emerge in spring with blue-green margins and gold centers. As the leaves mature, they become cupped with blue margins, creamy white centers, and green jetting between the two. Pale lavender flowers. 11B-South Click to display 'Lakeside™ Cupcake' tag image 4"-6" 10"-12" 3-9 8" Green
80. Mini Skirt
This petite and flirty hosta forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. In summer, the center turns more green and the edge lightens to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers with deeper purple stripes appear closely packed together on short, very proportionately sized scapes in early to midsummer.

Show this cute mini hosta off in troughs and other patio containers with good drainage, or plant it right near the edge of the border where it's sure to be seen.

11B-South Click to display 'Mini Skirt' tag image 5"-7" 13" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
81. Pocketful of Sunshine
This cute small hosta grows quickly to form a compact clump of thick, rugose, distinctly cupped leaves that are yellow with broad, deep green margins at maturity. The centers of the leaves are chartreuse in spring and brighten as the season progresses.

Light lavender flowers are produced in early to midsummer.

11B-North Click to display 'Pocketful of Sunshine' tag image 9" 19" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Hyssop Agastache
82. Blue Boa
This outstanding selection is unlike any other Agastache. It features long, deep violet-blue flower spikes that are wide and extremely showy. Upright, clumping habit and bright green, fragrant foliage. Use in containers or tubs, or integrate in the perennial border. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. 4C-South Click to display 'Blue Boa' tag image 28"-30" 20"-24" 5-10 6" Green
Hyssop (Lavender) Agastache foeniculum
83. Lavender Hyssop
The crushed leaves of Lavender Hyssop, also known as Anise Hyssop, have a fragrance of mint and licorice. The bright purple flowers and textured foliage make this an excellent choice for sunny prairies, open oak woodlands, and savannas. This pollinator favorite and butterfly magnet is an excellent addition in herb gardens, borders and perennial gardens. Agastache foeniculum is biennial, and self-sows readily on open soil.

Lavender Hyssop is a world-famous North American native (native to the midwest) herb known for its distinctive licorice fragrance and taste. Great for tossing into salads, and adding fragrance to the wild meadow. The lavender flower spikes make lovely, fragrant arrangements.

6C-North Click to display 'Lavender Hyssop' tag image 24"-36" 18"-24" 3-8 4" Green
Ice Plant Delosperma cooperi
84. Jewel of Desert™ Rosequartz
This forms a low carpet or mat of succulent, green leaves bearing loads of starry flowers. Petals are rose-pink with a white inner halo surrounding a yellow centre. Part of the new Jewel of Desert series, these should bloom longer than typical ice plants. A great choice for hot, dry areas and excellent in the rock garden or wall and for edging the front of a border. Attractive to butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. Where winter drainage is poor, consider growing this as a summer blooming annual. 3D-South Click to display 'Jewel of Desert™ Rosequartz' tag image 4"-6" 6"-8" 4-9 4˝" White
Iris (Siberian) Iris siberica
85. Concord Crush
Large, 6" vibrant purple double blooms create a stunning statement in the early summer and attract hummingbirds to the garden. Prefering as much sun as possible and wet soil, once this Siberian Iris is established it requires little care to grow and thrive each season. Growing to be about 2’ tall, we recommend planting this variety in the border of the garden or someplace where you can appreciate its unique and colorful blooms. 9C-North Click to display 'Concord Crush' tag image 24"-28" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
86. Kaboom
Large, 6" vibrant purple double blooms create a stunning statement in the early summer and attract hummingbirds to the garden. Prefering as much sun as possible and wet soil, once this Siberian Iris is established it requires little care to grow and thrive each season. Growing to be about 2’ tall, we recommend planting this variety in the border of the garden or someplace where you can appreciate its unique and colorful blooms. 9C-North Click to display 'Kaboom' tag image 26"-30" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
Iris (Tall Bearded) Iris germanica
87. Attention Please
Mid, bright berry red standards and white falls with plum-burgundy edge. 9C-North Click to display 'Attention Please' tag image 28"-34" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
88. Carnaby
Mid pink standards, with falls of a deeper raspberry reddish pink, a tone quite hard to describe, but gorgeous to look at!. A most agreeable and easily grown iris requiring little more that sunshine and reasonably well drained soil. 9C-North Click to display 'Carnaby' tag image 32"-36" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
89. On Edge
Standards are light lavender with stitched pale lavender blue. Falls are white with deep violet purple edge and old gold beard. 9C-North Click to display 'On Edge' tag image 36"-48" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
90. Sunset Sky
Mid, stunning bicolor with yellow standards, rose-lavender falls edged in gold. 9C-North Click to display 'Sunset Sky' tag image 34"-36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Lamium (Creeping) Lamium maculatum
91. Anne Greenaway
This British selection forms a spreading patch of small leaves, brightly marbled with light and dark green, chartreuse and silver. Clusters of mauve-pink flowers appear in spring then continue on and off until fall. Fairly tolerant of dry shade, once established. Trim or mow back in late winter. Stems will root into the ground where they touch, and any new plants that form can be easily moved in spring or fall. Also easily divided. Evergreen. 3C-South Click to display 'Anne Greenaway' tag image 6"-8" 12"-23" 2-9 4˝" White
Lavender (English) Lavandula angustifolia
92. French Perfume
The grey-green foliage forms a compact, uniform, rounded mound topped with deep purple flowers beginning in midsummer. The flowers are intensely fragrant, carrying an unusually sweet, clean lavender perfume scent. They are wonderful for making potpourri and lavender wands.

This award winning Dutch selection of English Lavender blooms the first year from seed.

4B-South Click to display 'French Perfume' tag image 12"-16" 12"-16" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
93. Lavance Deep Purple
Produces the deepest purple lavender summer color with no bleaching, on the most controlled English Lavender available. 6D-North Click to display 'Lavance Deep Purple' tag image 10"-12" 10"-12" 5-9 4" Green
Lenten Rose Helleborus x hybridus
94. Ballerina Ruffles
This exquisite hellebore features large 3”, fluffy double flowers in pink shades ranging from light to bright lipstick pink, some with purple speckling. You can't help but to be drawn to this beauty queen. 12A-South Click to display 'Ballerina Ruffles' tag image 18"-22" 24" 4-9 10" Terra Cotta
Lily (Asiatic Double) Lilium (Asiatic Double)
95. Double Sensation
Unique bicolor double, rosy red petals with showy white centers, thick petals and side facing flowers, produces 4-5 flowers per stem. Double asiatic lilies are unique in that they do not produce pollen. Their anthers have been replaced with petals, creating a double flower and no pollen. Doubles have an exceptional long bloom time in the garden. 10C-North Click to display 'Double Sensation' tag image 24" 12"-16" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Lily (Asiatic) Lilium (Asiatic)
96. Gironde
Gironde is a gorgeous Asiatic Hybrid that boasts pure, buttery-yellow blooms that sparkle in the summer garden. The bright blooms are long-lasting, making it a florist favorite.

Gironde is the yellow Asiatic Hybrid that has become one of the standards of lily quality in the cut flower trade: Long-lasting flowers with clear color and great substance.

10C-North Click to display 'Gironde' tag image 40"-46" 12"-16" 3-9 8" Green
97. New Wave
"New Wave" is the pure creamy white lily many people confuse with the "Easter Lily." That's a different species, and not hardy everywhere. But with New Wave, you can have pristine white lilies easily each year in early summer. Remember, since it's an Asiatic Lily, this one blooms months before our famous white Oriental hybrid, "Casa Blanca." 10C-North Click to display 'New Wave' tag image 18"-22" 14"-18" 3-9 8" Green
Lily (Dwarf Oriental) Lilium (Dwarf Oriental)
98. After Eight
This compact selection has petals of deep cherry-pink with a crisp white edge, very much like the well-known ‘Stargazer’ but much shorter in habit. Especially nice in tubs or containers. 10C-North Click to display 'After Eight' tag image 18"-20" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
99. Speedy
It might as well be called "Fast and Furious" because it' s the fastest oriental to flower so far - it's even quicker than many Asiatic Lilies. Large pink flowers on short, stocky plants, 1-3 flowers per stem, 57 days to force. 10C-North Click to display 'Speedy' tag image 12"-14" 8"-10" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
100. Sunny Okinawa
Sunny Okinawa is a compact selection featuring large, pure white, flowers over dark green foliage. Especially nice in tubs or containers. 10C-North Click to display 'Sunny Okinawa' tag image 16"-18" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
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