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April 19, 2018

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New Perennials for 2018 - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order - Page 1 of 2


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Change View Preferences • Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
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Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
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Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Artemisia Artemisia ludoviciana
1. Valerie Finnis
An outstanding silver-leaved perennial for any sunny border. This selection spreads less quickly than the older ‘Silver King', with a slightly wider leaf that holds up well to summer heat and humidity. Plants form a bushy, upright mound, with clusters of creamy flowers in July. Trimming back hard after blooming will rejuvenate the foliage. Nice for cutting, and using in dried arrangements: simply hang bunches upside-down in a warm dark room. 4C-South Click to display 18"-23" 23"-29" 2-9 4½" White
Astilbe (Chinese) Astilbe chinensis
2. Little Vision in Purple
‘Little Vision in Purple’ differs from ‘Visions’ by its more compact plant habit, more finely dissected leaves, and darker colored flowers. These flowers form a dense block of fuzzy, pyramidal shaped, lavender plumes, presented just above the coarsely textured, dark green foliage in midsummer. Like all Astilbe chinensis types, this one exhibits a bit greater tolerance to drier soils and can tolerate full sun. 12B-North Click to display 12"-15" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Green
3. Milk and Honey
A later blooming species useful for extending the bloom season into late summer. Foliage is deeply incised, coarsely textured, and often bronze-green in color. Flowers are borne on narrow, branched panicles. Though garden performance is far superior in moist soils, members of this species are moderately drought tolerant. Shorter varieties such as 'Pumila' make excellent groundcovers. 12B-North Click to display 30" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
4. Vision Inferno
The large dense stalks of 'Vision Inferno' feature light pink flowers that rise above robust, deep green, divided foliage in early to mid July. As the flower stalk ages, the old flowers will become an attractive green. 12B-North Click to display 24"-30" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Green
Astilbe (Japanes) Astilbe japonica
5. Red Sentinel
A species characterized by an early bloom time and glossy green leaves often tinged with red. Flowers are produced in dense, pyramidal clusters. 12B-North Click to display 20"-24" 12"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Batchelor Button Centaurea cyanus
6. Blaue Gefüllte
This German Bachelor's Button has brilliant bright blue double flowers. 5B-North Click to display 18"-20" 18"-24" 4-9 4" Green
Bee Balm (Dwarf) Monarda didyma
7. Fireball
This more compact selection produces heads of large, shaggy dark-red flowers in mid to late summer. Foliage is delightfully fragrant, and significantly more resistant to powdery mildew than most older varieties. Excellent for cutting. The shorter stature makes this an excellent choice for the middle of a sunny perennial border. 9C-North Click to display 23"-27" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Green
Black Snakeroot; Bugbane Cimicifuga simplex
8. Brunette
‘Brunette’ is an exceptionally beautiful selection of Bugbane, valued for its large Astilbe-like leaves of purple black. Arching wands or bottlebrush spikes of fragrant pale-pink flowers rise above the clump in early fall. Great for cutting. In cool summer areas this will grow well in sunny sites, otherwise choose a part-shade location, protected from hot afternoon sun.

Plants will take about three years to develop into a mature clump. A striking specimen! This outstanding plant was selected and named by Haubert Christensen of Denmark.

11C-South Click to display 59"-5'10" 23"-29" 3-9 10" Black
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia fulgida
9. Viette's Little Suzy
Black-eyed Susan 'Viette's Little Suzy' produces long lasting flowers. Little Suzy is shorter than other Black-eyed Susan’s, but despite its size it is a strong, dependable plant. Little Suzy is deer resistant and attracts butterflies and birds to your garden. It’s a great cut flower and is very easy to grow. 11C-North Click to display 12"-14" 14"-16" 3-9 8" Green
Blue Fescue Festuca glauca
10. Beyond Blue
This selection forms a dense tuft of bluer-than-blue leaves that remain blue all season. Spikes of tan flowers in early summer. Excellent for mass planting, edging, or in the rock garden. Clumps are easily divided in early spring, and this should be done every 2 to 3 years. Evergreen in mild areas, in colder winter regions the leaves should be trimmed back in late winter right to the base. Flower spikes may also be removed in summer, if desired. 12C-South Click to display 10"-12" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Bluestem (Little) Schizachyrium scoparium
11. Blue Heaven™
Blue Heaven™ has a taller, more upright habit that does not tend to flop like the species. In the summer, the foliage color is a brighter steel blue color with purple highlights, looking almost iridescent up close. From late summer through early fall, glossy purple panicles appear with fluffy tan seeds attached.

An improvement over the species, this cultivar was discovered and selected in a field of Schizachyrium seedlings by Mary Meyer at the University of Minnesota. The fall color is also improved over the species, including a mix of purple, blue, red, pink, burgundy, and orange pigments. This color persists into mid-fall, after which snow typically arrives in the Midwest.

12C-South Click to display 42"-54" 30"-40" 3-9 8" Green
Butterfly Flower Asclepias tuberosa
12. Hello Yellow
A virtually hassle-free, very long lived perennial, this cultivar of our native A. tuberosa offers three months of golden yellow blooms from early through late summer. Deadheading the flowers will stimulate another bloom cycle about a month after the first one.

The flowers, which are heavily laden with nectar and pollen, are particularly attractive to hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies, bees, and other beneficial insects.

Gather bouquets of Asclepias all summer long; the long stems are wonderful for cutting and are long-lasting. Sear the ends of the cut stems over a flame to stop the milky sap from leaking out.

Following the fabulous flowers, green fruits develop which rupture to reveal seeds with long, silvery-white, silky hairs reminiscent of its cousin, common milkweed. These are great to use in dried flower arrangements.

9C-North Click to display 24" 24" 3-9 8" Green
Carpet Bugle; Bugleweed Ajuga reptans
13. Blueberry Muffin
An extremely vigorous small-leaved groundcover with dark new leaves and blueberry-blue flowers on eight inch spikes. A much faster and stronger grower than Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip'. Leaves are thicker and more weather resistant. 4C-South Click to display 4"-6" 12"-28" 5-9 4½" White
Catmint Nepeta faassenii
14. Kitten Around
The popular 'Purrsian Blue' changed the way we thought of catmint by giving a solid performance in a cute little package. If that wasn't small enough for you, you'll love 'Kitten Around'! Even more compact and petite than its predecessor, this plant forms a tight, round mound of aromatic foliage. Bright rosy purple calyxes hold periwinkle blue flowers. The perfect size for containers, edging the sunny border or filling in small spaces in the garden. 9C-South Click to display 12"-14" 20"-22" 3-8 8" Green
Catmint (Dwarf) Nepeta x faassenii
15. Little Trudy®
This lovely selection is a dwarf cultivar that grows in spreading mounds and features finely textured, grey-green leaves that are highly aromatic when crushed or bruised so makes a wonderful addition planted along a garden path. Two-lipped lavender flowers are densely clustered and bloom from May to September. The aroma is almost irresistible to our feline friends. Shear back the initial flower spikes for continuous bloom. 9C-South Click to display 10"-12" 12"-18" 4-9 8" Green
Cinquefoil Potentilla aurea
16. Verna
Abundant, tiny golden-yellow flowers on vigorous, low growing plants. 4C-South Click to display 3"-5" 12"-18" 4-8 4½" White
Coneflower Echinacea
17. Delicious Candy
According to the Dutch hybridizer Marco van Noort, ‘Delicious Candy’ is his best Echinacea in 5 years! The color on this double coneflower is practically fluorescent, with glowing fuchsia pink flowers. The single ray petals are held horizontally underneath the large pom-pom blooms. ‘Delicious Candy’ is one of the first Echinacea to flower and stays fresh looking long into the season. In addition to its beautiful flowers, this coneflower also has attractive dark green leaves and dark stems on compact plants.

12C-North Click to display 18"-24" 14"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
18. Mini Belle
Mini Belle is a miniature version of ‘Southern Belle’. With its bright magenta blooms and strong stems, yet in a smaller version for smaller garden spaces, Mini Belle is the plant for you. Like its sister, Mini Belle has Echinacea tennesseensis in her blood, s she should be super long-lived in any garden setting. Dead head her and she will rebloom the entire summer. 12C-North Click to display 18"-24" 24"-30" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
19. Pink Fascinator
Fascinators are those fashionable pins that ladies wear in their hair in London for the Queen’s birthday or the ladies in Kentucky wear for the Derby when a hat is just too much. When the Pink Fascinator Coneflower burst on the scene, it made just as much a fashion statement as one of those elegant pins.

The petals are a deep hot raspberry with a high mounding center cone to match. Birds, butterflies and bees can’t stay away from these beauties. The flowers keep coming all summer and, if deadheaded, well into fall. They stay upright, even in the rain, and keep to themselves in a tidy clump.

12C-North Click to display 16"-20" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
20. Pixie Meadowbrite™
Dwarf habit, strong sturdy stems, true pink flowers and an exceptionally long bloom time make this an excellent coneflower for any garden. This cross between tennesseensis, angustifolia, and purpurea was selected for its drought tolerance, compact form, and garden durability. Prefers well-drained, moist soils. 12C-North Click to display 18"-20" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
21. Rainbow Marcella
This new introduction features single petaled, flowers the color of orange sherbet that age to soft, raspberry pink. Retains its color until winter frost. Drought tolerant once established. 12C-North Click to display 16"-18" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Echinacea purpurea
22. Crazy Pink™
This selection is a very prolific bloomer, a significant improvement on many other varieties currently available. It features graceful drooping bright-pink petals surrounding a large orange button-shaped cone. Blooms are slightly fragrant, the plants well-branched, strong and bushy in habit. Ideal for sunny borders and growing in mixed containers. Attractive to butterflies. Excellent for cutting. 12C-North Click to display 27"-29" 18"-23" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
23. Purple Emporer
‘Purple Emperor’ produces large, fragrant, saturated magenta purple blossoms on sturdy, well-branched stems that are held in perfect proportion to the bushy clump of deep green foliage. As the flowers age, the tips of the petals turn a bit lighter pink but the center remains a bright magenta color. 12C-North Click to display 15"-18" 12"-16" 4-8 8" Terra Cotta
24. Solar Flare
'Solar Flare' is as close as we’ve come to a true red Echinacea. This is a new color for the genus, a kind of deep magenta red with red being the dominant color, and purple petal backs. As the flowers pass their prime, they age to an attractive smoky rose.

The enormous 5-6”, strongly fragrant flowers have horizontally held ray petals, making the flowers seem even larger. From mid through late summer, these showy blooms are produced atop very dark, near black stems that are thick and sturdy.

12C-North Click to display 24"-36" 18"-24" 4-8 8" Terra Cotta
Coral Bells Heuchera
25. Blondie
The caramel colored foliage is so cute with the delightful, ever present flower spikes of mellow, creamy yellow. Just 5" tall, and 8" wide, 'Blondie' is a blooming machine, with up to 20 - 8" flower spikes at a time! 4D-South Click to display 4"-6" 6"-8" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
26. Electric Plum
The foliage on this Heuchera is so bright, it’s electric! New leaves emerge near black and lighten to an intense purple with dramatic black veining. Dainty, bright fuchsia pink flowers are produced on near black stems, with a color intensity that matches the awesome foliage. Compared to the popular ‘Grape Expectations’, ‘Electric Plum’ has a brighter purple foliage color, more attractive flowers, and improved floral performance. Growers will appreciate that this Heuchera does not require vernalization to bloom, although it is beneficial. 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
27. Twist of Lime
Get ready for a wild looking Heuchera that's perfect for brightening up your shade garden! Incredibly wavy, chartreuse yellow leaves beg to be noticed, and is perhaps one of our brightest yellow Heucheras. Ruffling becomes less pronounced as the foliage matures. For best yellow color, site in dappled shade or morning sun. Cream flowers appear in early summer. 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
28. Wild Rose
This easily distinguishable Heuchera stands out with its large leaves and bright, uniquely colored foliage. 'Wild Rose' forms a dense habit of large, bright rosy purple leaves with deep charcoal gray veining. The prominent dark veining really causes the foliage color pop, making it a great choice for shade. This is the perfect companion plant to the dark-leafed 'Black Pearl'. Upright, dark burgundy rose flower scapes have matching dark buds that open to rosy pink flowers. 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Heuchera villosa
29. Plum Power
Plum Power is a real work horse, hot or cold, sun or shade, this Heuchera doesn't mind, the foliage color will change throughout the year from burgundy red in spring to purple-pink with a touch of silver in summer, its leaves can reach jumbo size at 8" wide and 14" long, dark pink flowers appear in June which will appear again in September. 4D-South Click to display 12"-14" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Cranesbill Geranium cinereum
30. Ballerina
This low-growing selection forms a trailing mat of grey-green leaves. The soft-pink flowers have a deep purple eye and veins, appearing on and off from early summer. Terrific in the rock garden, alpine trough, wall or for edging a border or pathway. Shear plants by half in midsummer if flowering stops, to encourage bushy growth and repeat blooming in autumn. Easily divided in spring. Received a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (1993/2006). 12C-North Click to display 4"-8" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Green
Daylily Hemerocallis hybrid
31. Bela Lugosi
This premium selection, considered the best purple on the market, features large purple flowers with a lime-green throat. It'a a strong grower and is heavily budded. Tetraploid. Midseason. 10C-South Click to display 29"-33" 18"-23" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
32. Bestseller
Mid to late, large 5" fragrant lavender-pink flowers trimmed with yellow ruffles edged above a greenish throat, compact and re-blooms. 10C-South Click to display 24"-28" 18"-24" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
33. Calico Jack
Bright lemon-yellow flowers show contrasting plum eye zones and ruffled rims. A standout in any border, this daring daylily received Honorable Mention from the AHS. 5½" blooms on sturdy 28" stems appear early to midsummer with dormant foliage. 10C-South Click to display 24"-28" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
34. Frosted Vintage Ruffles
This selection is considered a super-bloomer and features large, highly fragrant, pastel blend of yellow and light pink flowers with darker pink, heavily-ruffled edging. Rebloomer. Robust grower. Early season. 10C-South Click to display 18"-23" 23"-27" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
35. Naughty Red
A temptress to be sure, Naughty Red bears ruffled, recurved petals of deep red edged in sunny yellow, giving it a seductive look sure to lure visitors to your garden space. This vibrant vixen is perfect in mass plantings, containers and borders. 10C-South Click to display 24"-26" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
36. Orange Smoothy
4" wide, orange mango petals with a light rose band, pink mid-rib, and green throat. The flower scapes have well-branched, 4-way scapes and upwards near 32 buds per scape, packing quite a punch with its flower performance. The diamond dusting will dazzle you as it sparkles in direct sun. Flowers are cookie-cutter consistent in form and color and we have observed excellent rebloom. 'Orange Smoothie' combines well with pastel and bold colors alike, making it a great choice for landscape designers. Plant en masse for a truly stunning display.

From the same hybridizer who brought you the popular reblooming daylily 'Going Bananas'.

10C-South Click to display 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
37. Rocket City
Large 6” bittersweet orange trumpets with darker orange highlights resemble soft Tiger Lilies in height and color, but with clean foliage and an extended bloom time.

Hemerocallis Rocket City, a tetraploid, was selected for its abundant blossoms, vibrant colors, and hardiness in a variety of climates and soils. Drought tolerant once established.

10C-South Click to display 34"-36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
38. Romantic Returns
Another standout reblooming daylily from renowned hybridizer Dr. Darrel Apps! Deep rose pink flowers have ruffled petals with notably large flowers for a continuous bloomer at 5in wide. Compared to 'Passionate Returns', this is a deeper pink with larger flowers. 10C-South Click to display 25" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
39. Storm Shelter
This is one of our favorite new daylilies! This stunning, high quality, tetraploid produces 5 inch wide, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant purple eye that extends to nearly the edge of the petals. Piecrust edges have a wide picotee margin that matches the eggplant color of the eye zone. The flowers boast heavy substance that stands up to adverse weather. Rounded petals and flower form complete the package. The rich color saturation of the flower make this daylily a can't miss! 10C-South Click to display 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
40. Strawberry Candy
'Strawberry Candy' has textured, pink petals with ruffled, picotee edges surround the strawberry-red eye zones and yellow throats, making this reblooming variety a real winner. This cultivar has an diurnal extended blooming habit; its blooms remain open from the early morning until the evening, for at least 16 hours. Each flower lasts for only one day. They are rebloomers and will bloom more than once in a season. These daylilies bloom one to three weeks before the height of bloom of most cultivars. 10C-South Click to display 24"-26" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
Dwarf Garden Rue Ruta graveolens
41. Blue Mound
Gorgeous, ferny silvery-blue mounded foliage plant. A great accent plant with interesting texture that looks good all season long. Small yellow flowers in late summer give way to small but intersting seed pods. Nice foliage in flower arrangements. Much bluer than the species. 4C-South Click to display 12"-15" 8"-12" 5-9 4½" White
Dwarf Hummingbird Mint Agastache
42. Kudos™ Coral
One of several recent hybrid selections, this is a real workhorse in the garden, flowering nonstop from midsummer well into the autumn and it’s easy to grow. It forms a low, bushy mound bearing upright spikes of warm coral-colored plumes that attract both hummingbirds and butterflies. Great in containers or in a mixed border. 4C-South Click to display 16"-18" 14"-16" 5-9 6" Green
False Indigo Baptisia hybrid
43. Decadence® Pink Lemonade
'Pink Lemonade' has unique bicolor flower spikes, the first bicolor of the DECADENCE® series. In late spring to early summer, soft yellow flowers age to dusty raspberry purple, and both colors appear on the stem at the same time. Charcoal stems really make the colors pop. Forms an incredibly full and bushy habit-a perfect substitution for shrubs if you're looking for structure in the garden. 'Pink Lemonade' is part of a subgroup DECADENCE® DELUXE, a reference to its taller, vase-shaped habit. It joins 'Pink Truffles', a solid pink counterpart. 12C-North Click to display 42"-48" 36"-48" 4-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
44. Decadence® Pink Truffles
A novel new color in Baptisia! Clear soft pink blossoms with a pale yellow keel are produced in late spring, the perfect compliment to peonies, bleeding hearts, and other spring bloomers. Its compact, shorter habit makes it easy to fit into any garden. 12C-North Click to display 30"-36" 36" 4-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
False Spirea Astilbe arendsii
45. Younique™ Cerise
This selection features a low mound of lacy green foliage, topped by large branching heads of fragrant, triangular bright pink plumes. Good for a shady position if given a rich, moist soil and regular watering. Also thrives in tubs, or mixed containers. Fertilize in April and June. Excellent for cutting. Seed heads may be removed, or left on the plant for winter interest. 12B-North Click to display 12"-16" 14"-18" 4-9 8" Green
Astilbe simplicifolia
46. Key Largo
Mid-late, shiny dark green foliage with bright shell pink flowers, produces twice as many flowers than other types, often reblooms. 12B-North Click to display 16"-20" 18"-24" 3-8 8" Green
False Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides
47. Tuscan Gold™
One of the more popular perennials in the Proven Winners® program has been Heliopsis 'Tuscan Sun', and now there is a companion to go with it. Sunny yellow flowers have golden centers and matching eyes. The flowers of TUSCAN GOLD™ are a little more yellow and larger than the flowers than 'Tuscan Sun'. This exciting new selection boasts a compact, upright habit with dark green leaves that resist powdery mildew. A perfect flower for bouquets.

Bright golden yellow, daisy-like flowers with an orange-gold button center are produced on strong stems from mid through late summer atop the deep green foliage. It provides a brilliant beacon of color in the landscape during the hottest months of summer. Be sure to plant a few extra for your fresh bouquets!

9C-North Click to display 24"-32" 20"-24" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
Foamflower Tiarella hybrid
48. Candy Striper
'Candy Striper' features large, deeply-cut green leaves with beet-red stripes in the middle, forming a star pattern. Spikes of soft-pink buds open into fragrant white flowers in late spring. An excellent choice for edging in the shade garden. Winter foliage color is rich bronzy-purple. Do not prune back in the fall, just wait and remove any tattered or ugly leaves in the spring. 4D-South Click to display 10"-14" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
49. Spring Symphony
This selection has deeply cut green leaves with a black star pattern in the middle. Delicate spikes of fragrant, soft-pink flowers appear in late spring. Rated as one of the best Foamflower hybrids to date, outstanding for both its floral and foliage display. An excellent choice for edging in the shade garden. Winter foliage color is rich bronzy-purple. 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Green
Fountain Grass (Dwarf) Pennisetum alopecuroides
50. Ginger Love
If you like 'Red Head,' you will love this dwarf selection. Its smaller size makes it easy to fit into most gardens. Long, plump, reddish inflorenscences appear prolifically above the green, clumping foliage beginning in late summer. Foliage takes on coppery bronze tones in fall. 12C-South Click to display n/a 24"-36" 24"-36" 5-9 8" Green
Gaura Gaura lindheimeri
51. Walbertson's® Pink Fountain™
A mid-sized Gaura selection, this has a very bushy habit with loads of buds appearing all season long. The plant forms a mound of green leaves that are reddish when they first open. Small silky blooms of soft blush-pink are held just above on short wiry stems. Excellent in containers or in the sunny border. Needs good drainage in winter or it may behave as an annual. Bred by David Tristram of Walberton Nursery, UK. 4D-South Click to display 23"-35" 18"-23" 5-9 6" Green
Gayfeather; Blazing Star Liatris spicata 
52. Blue
Liatris spicata, also known as Blazing Star, is an unforgettable purple perennial. Known for its grass-like foliage and tall, spiky blooms that attract butterflies, birds and bees, Liatris makes a great cut flower and is deer resistant. Plant with Bee Balm and Black Eyed Susan’s for a vibrant, colorful garden. 4C-South Click to display 24"-36" 12"-24" 3-9 6" Green
Goat's Beard Aruncus
53. Chantilly Lace
This part shade-loving plant produces beautiful sprays of lacy, cream-colored flowers in late spring to early summer. It is very floriferous when it's in bloom, completely covering the deep green foliage. Goatsbeard is similar in appearance to Astilbe in the garden, but it is more drought tolerant. 12B-North Click to display 30"-32" 40"-48" 3-7 PW 1.0 Gallon
Goat's Beard (Dwarf Korean) Aruncus aethusifolius
54. Noble Spirit
Most Goat’s Beard are large plants for the back of the border, but this is a dwarf species that fits right into the smaller garden scheme. It forms a low mound of light green, ferny foliage, bearing short spikes of creamy-white flowers in June, similar to Astilbe. Excellent for edging, or in the rock garden. Remove faded flowers after blooming just to tidy the plants up for the rest of the season. Consider this also for growing in mixed tubs or containers, or perhaps beside a pond or stream. Easy and reliable, but not a good choice for dry shade situations. 4C-South Click to display 8"-12" 8"-12" 2-9 6" Green
Goldenrod Solidago
55. Wichita Mountains
Bearing resemblance to Liatris, this nativar shines in the fall with its tall flower wands densely packed with golden yellow blooms that pollinators adore. It is a highlight of the Lurie Garden in Chicago, but was originally discovered in SW Oklahoma by Steve Bieberich of Sunshine Nursery.

This nativar is very tolerant of heat and dry soils.

11C-South Click to display 24"-36" 24"-30" 4-9 8" Green
Granny's Bonnet Aquilegia vulgaris
56. Carol Ann
Beautiful, fluted nodding pink flowers on tall stems. 4D-South Click to display 24"-30" 14"-16" 4-8 6" Green
Hens and Chicks Sempervivum
57. Green Wheel
'Green Wheel' has medium-large pointy rosettes of bright-green forming a dense carpet. Short spikes of pastel flowers appear in summer. Easily increased by just removing the small baby rosettes and replanting in a new location at almost any time. After flowering, the mother rosette dies to leave room for the chicks: remove this by tugging gently at the base of the bloom stem. 6D-South Click to display 6"-8" 6"-8" 2-9 4½" White
58. Pacific Blue Ice
'Pacific Blue Ice' has a unique cupped form and produces rounded rosettes. Leaves are icy, blue-green with centers flushed rose, especially in cooler temperatures. Pink flowers may appear in late summer. Easily increased by just removing the small baby rosettes and replanting in a new location at almost any time. After flowering, the mother rosette dies to leave room for the chicks: remove this by tugging gently at the base of the bloom stem. 6D-South   2"-4" 6"-8" 2-9 4½" White
Sempervivum arachnoideum
59. Forest Frost
'Forest Frost' has small-sized rosettes of apple-green with silvery cobweb threads. Short spikes of pastel flowers appear in summer. Easily increased by just removing the small baby rosettes and replanting in a new location at almost any time. After flowering, the mother rosette dies to leave room for the chicks: remove this by tugging gently at the base of the bloom stem. 6D-South Click to display 6"-8" 6"-8" 2-9 4½" White
Sempervivum hybrid
60. Desert Bloom
Very drought tolerant, green sempervivum having a tint of red that appears on the rosettes. Can produce pink flowers in the summer. Very slow grower that prefers a sunny, dry environment. Water sparingly once established. 6D-South Click to display 4"-6" 10"-12" 4-6 4½" White
61. Gold Nugget
A sport of Ruby Heart, the vibrant foliage of this variety will add a bright spot to any garden. The bright gold foliage with red picotee edge changes to a bright lime green in the summer and back to gold and red in the fall. Mature rosettes up to 5" accross. Great for the border, rock garden, and containers. 6D-South Click to display n/a 2"-3" 6"-8" 3-9 5" Burgundy Square
62. Silverine
Forms rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery green leaves which are flushed with reddish-purple at the base. This color may vary from season to season. Unique deep pink flowers are held aloft on short, leafy stalks in midsummer. 6D-South Click to display 3"-4" 6"-8" 3-8 4½" White
Hosta Hosta hybrid
63. Alligator Alley
Aptly named, this medium to large sized hosta forms a coarsely textured mound of leathery, puckered, heart-shaped to round leaves of good substance.

It is a wide-margined sport of the long-popular ‘Dick Ward’, which is named for one of the most accomplished Hosta breeders in the US. Its leaves display wide, blue-green margins with chartreuse centers that become yellow in summer.

Near-white flowers appear atop chartreuse scapes in early summer.

11B-South Click to display 18" 36" 3-9 10" Black
64. Blue Hawaii
'Blue Hawaii' is a large selection that has heart-shaped blue corrugated leaves and holds their color very well. Taller stems of fragrant white flowers appear in midsummer. Terrific as a specimen in a container or border. Clumps may be easily divided in the spring or fall. 11B-South Click to display 27"-29" 35"-47" 2-9 8" Green
65. Brim Cup
Round to heart-shaped cupped leaves of mid-green are edged with very wide, irregular, creamy-chartreuse to white margins. The foliage becomes stiff and seer-suckered when mature. Plants form nice clumps 12 inches wide. Pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer. 11B-South Click to display 12"-14" 23"-29" 2-9 8" Green
66. Christmas Candy
'Christmas Candy' is a sport of H. 'Night before Christmas', but with heavier leaves. For a white centered hosta, it is a fairly rapid grower. It has medium green, lance-shaped leaves with wide, white centers. In midsummer, lavender flowers appear on 22" scapes. 11B-North Click to display 14" 24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
67. Diamonds Are Forever
‘Diamonds are Forever’ is a very showy hosta with green leaves and crisp white margins. The sharply contrasting variegation can be spotted from quite a distance and is even more eye-catching in late summer when the purple, bell-shaped flowers appear. If you’re a fan of the “Tiara” series of hostas, you know they are vigorous growers in the garden, forming a flattish mound of petite leaves. They are excellent for edging a shade border. 11B-North Click to display n/a 10"-12" 22"-24" 3-9 10" Black
68. Fire and Ice
This spectacular reverse sport of ‘Patriot’ is a mid-sized selection with slightly twisted foliage, white-centered leaves, and a wide streaky dark-green margin. Pale lavender flowers appear in mid summer. Suitable also for planting in mixed containers or tubs. 11B-North Click to display 20"-21" 35"-39" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
69. Fire Island
A small to medium sized hosta that is hard to miss in the spring garden. The leaves emerge brilliant yellow on red petioles; red coloring extends from the base of the petiole up into the leaves. As the season progresses, the foliage darkens to chartreuse, but the red petioles remain all season long.

The broadly ovate leaves are slightly corrugated with distinctly rippled margins at maturity. Lavender flowers are produced in midsummer. Vigorous grower; best in full shade.

11B-North Click to display 10"-14" 15"-30" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
70. Island Breeze
First came ‘Fire Island’ which was followed by its variegated progeny ‘Paradise Island’. Now there is ‘Island Breeze’ which is the third member of this “tropical” family and a sport of ‘Paradise Island’. The improvements in this cultivar include more impressive variegation due to its wider margins, thicker leaf substance, and a strong growth rate.

Wide, dark green margins stand in sharp contrast to the bright yellow centers in early spring. As summer approaches, the centers become more chartreuse when plants are grown in heavier shade or lighter yellow if they are grown in more sun. Like ‘Paradise Island’, this one also has showy red speckled petioles that bleed up into the leaves. Dark lavender flowers appear on reddish green scapes in midsummer.

11B-North Click to display 12" 18"-20" 3-9 10" Black
71. Lakeside™ Meter Maid
Medium, a sport from Hosta 'Summer Music', Meter Maid has a much darker green leaf edge surrounding a large creamy center, a third light green color streaks between the margin and leaf center, cream centers will turn white in summer, spikes of lavender flowers appear in summer. 11B-South Click to display 16"-18" 30"-36" 3-9 8" Green
72. Mini Skirt
This petite and flirty hosta forms a miniature mound of very wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins in spring. In summer, the center turns more green and the edge lightens to creamy white. Pale lavender flowers with deeper purple stripes appear closely packed together on short, very proportionately sized scapes in early to midsummer.

Show this cute mini hosta off in troughs and other patio containers with good drainage, or plant it right near the edge of the border where it's sure to be seen.

11B-South Click to display 5"-7" 13" 3-9 10" Black
73. Munchkin Fire
This vigorous new yellow miniature hosta is the perfect size for troughs and the ever-popular fairy gardens. Short and narrow leaves hold their bright yellow color all season long. Since the leaves are so narrow, there isn’t a prominent leaf base, and the leaves simply taper to become part of the petiole. Lavender flowers appear above the petite habit in midsummer. 11B-South Click to display 6"-8" 18"-20" 3-9 10" Black
74. Spartacus
Hosta 'Spartacus' illuminates the garden with it's brightly contrasted heart-shaped leaves. The leaves of 'Spartacus' are deeply veined and are slightly reverse-cupped. This hosta is sure to be a favorite as more people view it at maturity. Nearly white flowers are borne on long scapes that arch towards the ground. 11B-North Click to display 20"-22" 44"-48" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
75. Sun Mouse
This miniature Hosta hybridized by Tony Avent has a similar leaf shape and performance to ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, but with brilliant yellow leaves that holds its yellow color well into summer. The color is perfect for brightening up hosta troughs and shade gardens. Compared to ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, ‘Sun Mouse’ is a little bit shorter and wider. Plant it in an area with morning sun or filtered shade for best yellow color. Lavender flowers appear in midsummer. 11B-South Click to display 6"-8" 10"-12" 2-9 10" Black
76. Tootie Mae
Medium, Tootie Mae has heavily corrugated, round leaves that are more cream than blue, the wide cream border with blue centers will hold its color all summer long, the plants will form wide clumps that are topped in late spring with spikes of near white flowers. 11B-South Click to display n/a 16"-18" 36"-40" 3-9 8" Green
Ice Plant Delosperma cooperi
77. Jewel of Desert™ Amethyst
This forms a low carpet or mat of succulent, green leaves bearing loads of starry flowers. Petals are pink around the perimeter surrounding a bright purple center. Part of the new Jewel of Desert series, these should bloom longer than typical ice plants. A great choice for hot, dry areas and excellent in the rock garden or wall and for edging the front of a border. Attractive to butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. Where winter drainage is poor, consider growing this as a summer blooming annual. 6D-South Click to display 4"-6" 10"-12" 4-9 4½" White
78. Jewel of Desert™ Topaz
This forms a low carpet or mat of succulent, green leaves bearing loads of starry flowers. Petals are orange around the perimeter surrounding a white center. Part of the new Jewel of Desert series, these should bloom longer than typical ice plants. A great choice for hot, dry areas and excellent in the rock garden or wall and for edging the front of a border. Attractive to butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. Where winter drainage is poor, consider growing this as a summer blooming annual. 6D-South Click to display 4"-6" 6"-8" 4-9 4½" White
Ironweed Vernonia lettermannii
79. Iron Butterfly
‘Iron Butterfly’ is so named for its tubular, bright purple flowers that take on rusty hues. Slim, feathery leaves on this compact plant are attractive even before flowering begins in late summer. Provides fall color in a garden after other flowers have faded. Average-to-moist soils. Drought resistant. 11C-North Click to display 30"-36" 30"-36" 4-9 8" Green
Jacob's Ladder (Purple-leaf) Polemonium yezoense
80. Bressingham Purple
From Blooms of Bressingham®, this terrific British selection forms a lush mound of deep green, ferny foliage, which takes on dark purple tones in spring and fall. Heads of star-shaped lavender blue flowers are held above on burgundy stems in early summer. The compact size makes this suitable for edging, rock gardens and containers. Best if grown in light shade. 11C-South Click to display 18"-23" 10"-12" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
81. Purple Rain
An unusual form of Jacob's Ladder, this plant forms a lush mound of ferny foliage in a stunning black-purple shade, later becoming green. Upright stems of soft blue phlox-like flowers appear in late spring. An unusual plant for the woodland garden or edging in the border. Nice as a cut flower. Evergreen in mild winter areas. Easily divided in early spring or fall. Also tends to self seed and most seedlings should show the desirable dark foliage — discard any that don't. 6C-North Click to display 12"-23" 12"-18" 4-9 4" Green
Japanese Forest Grass Hakonechloa macra
82. Sunflare™
This stunning form of Hakonechloa macra is a sport selected from the popular cultivar ‘All Gold’ and boasts vibrant chartreuse leaves that with more sun become intense golden yellow, randomly highlighted in deep crimson. Fall coloring is a combination of chartreuse and gold saturated with tones of burnt orange and burgundy-red. This neat, strong-growing grass has a compact habit and forms an upright mound with graceful cascading foliage. 12C-South Click to display 12"-18" 18"-23" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
Japanese Silver Grass Miscanthus sinensis
83. Silberfeder (Silver Feather)
This variety has large silvery-white flowers over an arching mound of dark green leaves. The foliage dries and turns a light tan shade for the winter. Useful as a specimen, in the border, or for mass planting. Trim to the ground in late winter or early spring. Clumps may be divided in spring before new growth appears. 12C-South Click to display 59"-6'10" 31"-35" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Lamium (Creeping) Lamium maculatum
84. Shell Pink
This selection forms a spreading patch of small heart-shaped green leaves with a silvery stripe down the middle. Clusters of soft-pink flowers appear in spring, then continue on and off until fall. 3C-South   6"-8" 12"-23" 2-9 4½" White
Lavender (English) Lavandula angustifolia
85. Blue Cushion
Unlike many compact varieties of lavender which tend to have smaller, lighter blue flower spikes and an uneven flowering habit, ‘Blue Cushion’ PP9119 forms a perfectly compact, rounded cushion of fragrant, grey-green, evergreen foliage.

From early to late summer, the entire clump is covered in a dense mass of deep blue flowers which lighten to pale blue as they mature. The flowers are produced in several flushes, giving the appearance of continual bloom sometimes into early fall depending on the weather. Deadheading promotes rebloom.

4B-South Click to display 12"-16" 12"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
86. Essence Purple
‘Essence Purple’ forms a perfect rounded ball-shaped, uniform, dense clump of green, aromatic foliage. In trials, the plants retained their shape all season without opening up or discoloring.

It starts to bloom about 10 days earlier than standard Lavenders such as ‘Hidcote’, producing a profusion of bright blueberry colored flower spikes for many weeks. The stems are just the right length for cutting for fresh or dried bouquets.

If you’ve been growing the same varieties of Lavender forever, it’s time to give this new kid on the block a try. You won’t be disappointed!

4B-South Click to display 16"-18" 18"-24" 5-9 8" Green
87. Mini Blue
Compact, rounded plants quickly become smothered with masses of highly fragrant, deep purple lavender flowers from mid-summer onwards, which are highly attractive to bees. With impressive garden performance, Lavender 'Mini Blue' is ideal for growing in containers or used as a neat evergreen edging to beds and borders. 6C-North Click to display 10"-12" 12"-14" 5-9 4" Green
Lily (Asiatic) Lilium (Asiatic)
88. Heartstrings®
Long-blooming fancy asiatic lily, great for cutting, peachy-yellow flower centers with raspberry pink-tipped petals, produces 3-5 flowers per stem. 10C-North Click to display 42"-48" 9"-12" 3-9 8" Green
89. Landini
Dark purple-red to almost black, one of the darkest lilies, will stand out in the garden. produces 3-6 flowers per stem. 10C-North Click to display 36"-42" 9"-12" 3-9 8" Green
Lily (Asiatic, Dwarf) Lilium (Asiatic, Dwarf) 
90. Tango® Strawberry and Cream
From "The Originals" series, these are new exciting tow-tone hybrids selected for pot plant production. Most have dramatic spotted centers similar to the "Tango" series but are shorter. They perform equally as well in the garden. 10C-North Click to display 28"-30" 8"-12" 3-9 8" Green
Lily (Dwarf Oriental) Lilium (Dwarf Oriental) 
91. Entertainer
Bright new bi-color of pink-red flowers with pure white centers, flowers first open rosy-pink and deepen to red as the flower matures, strong stems and high bud count make this an exceptional pot lily, 4-6 flowers per stem, 105 days to force. 10C-North Click to display 16"-18" 8"-12" 3-9 8" Green
92. Sunny Bonaire®
This compact selection has ruffled petals of gorgeous soft pink. Especially nice in tubs or containers. 10C-North Click to display 16"-18" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Green
93. Sunny Grenada®
Dark burgundy red flowers with a bright white edge and heavily spotted, extremely fragrant and nice dark green foliage, 5-7 flowers per stem. 10C-North Click to display 16"-18" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Green
94. Sunny Keys®
One of the most bold colored Oriental Lily flowers available today, vibrant, dark pink-red blooms with a white edge, 2-4 flowers per stem 10C-North Click to display 16"-18" 10"-12" 4-9 8" Green
Lily (Oriental Double) Lilium (Oriental Double)
95. Elena
Deep pink double oriental lily blooms adorn 'Roselily Elena' in mid-Summer with fully double and pollen free flowers. Sweet fragrant rose-like long lasting flowers. Excellent for border container and cut flower use. Blooms are up to 6" across. 10C-North Click to display 36"-40" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
96. Natalia
Large light pink double flowers with darker rose midribs and lighter edges, lightly spotted centers, mildly fragrant, long-lasting and excellent cut flower. 10C-North Click to display 36"-40" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Lily (Oriental) Lilium (Oriental) 
97. Chill Out®
Large white flowers with large light yellow centers, fragrant, produces 3-5 flowers per stem. 10C-North Click to display 40"-44" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
98. Dizzy
Dizzy' is a tall lily that blooms with large super-sweet scented flowers and boldly colored petals of pale pink blending to dark red. 10C-North Click to display 48"-5' 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
99. Metropolitan®
Metropolitan Oriental Lily is an upward facing flower that can grow up to 55". This lily has red flowers with a white frilly edge, a truly magnificent addition to any garden. 10C-North Click to display 48"-55" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
100. Salmon Star
'Salmon Star' is a true, rich salmon color with dark red spots and an elegant shape -- plus the heavenly fragrance Oriental lilies are famous for. 10C-North Click to display 32"-36" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Green
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