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 All-America Selections® - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Year

All-America Selections
All-America Selections National and Regional Winners have been tested for garden performance by a panel of expert judges.The AAS Winners offer gardeners reliable new varieties that have proven their superior garden performance in Trial Grounds across North America, thus, their tagline of "Tested Nationally and Proven Locally®".

When you purchase an AAS Winner, you know that it has been put through its paces by an independent, neutral trialing organization and has been judged by experts in their field. The AAS Winner label is like a stamp of approval. And by requirement, all AAS Winners are bred or produced without using genetic engineering, commonly referred to as genetic modification or GMO.

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Year Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Summer Squash Cucurbita pepo
1. Early Prolific Straightneck
  1938 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a 24" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Hollyhock Alcea rosea
2. Indian Spring
Old-fashioned single flowers are 3-5" across and attract hummingbirds and butterlies to the garden. Biennial or short-lived perennial. Flowers are edible! 1939 6B-North Click to display Biennial 5'-7' 24"-36" 4-9 4" Green
Pepper (Sweet Hungarian) Capsicum annuum
3. Sweet Banana
A profuse bearer of long, sweet peppers that mature from yellow, orange, nd then to crimson red. Excellent for pickling, frying, or fresh in salads. 1941 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a 18"-24" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Snapdragon Antirrhinum majus
4. Rocket™ Red
Vigorous, heat-tolerant plants reach a uniform height and are topped by excellent-quality, closely set blooms in a comprehensive array of colors. Planting early, the home... 1960 9D-South Click to display 30"-36" 14"-18" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Lettuce (Bibb) Lactuca sativa
5. Buttercrunch
Forms a small, open but tightly bunched, 6" rosette that is fan-shaped rather than round. The leaves are dark green, and the small, compact hearts... 1963 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a   9"-15" 6"-8" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Marigold (African Double) Tagetes erecta
6. First Lady
This standard for taller African marigolds makes outstanding mass plantings. Lady produces very strong stems and a neat, tidy habit. An abundance of fully double,... 1968 10D-North Click to display 18"-20" 8"-10" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Butternut Squash Cucurbita moschata
7. Waltham
Butternut winter squash has a distinctive tan color, stores all winter, and tastes delicious made into "pumpkin" pie. 1970 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a 48" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Hollyhock Alcea rosea
8. Summer Carnival Mix
Old-fashioned double flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Reliable blooming, even as young plants. Biennial or short-lived perennial, allow to reseed. Flowers are produced lower on... 1972 6C-North Click to display Biennial 48"-6' 24"-36" 3-9 4" Green
Acorn Squash Cucurbita pepo
9. Table King Bush
Winter squash can be stored for eating all winter long. Delicious when halved and baked with butter and maple syrup. 1974 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a n/a 8-10 Flat (48-Count)
Cauliflower Cauliflower
10. Snow Crown
Very early, pure white heads up to 2 lbs. Try raw with dips or broken into salads. Tie outer leaves over developing heads to prevent... 1975 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a n/a 18" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Sugar Snap Peas Sugar Snap Peas
11. Sugar Snap Peas
A triple-purpose variety which can be used as a snow pea (pod and all) when yound, as a snap pea, or regular shell pea when... 1979 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a 5" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Grandiflora) Petunia x hybrida
12. Dreams™ Red Picotee
Large, fragrant flowers. Ideal for flower or hummingbird gardens and containers. 1983 10D-South Click to display 10"-15" 10"-14" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Tomato Lycopersicon esculentum
13. Celebrity
All-America Winner. All-purpose variety with superb flavor, disease resistance and heavy yield on determinate plants. Crack-resistant fruits average 7 oz. 1984 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a n/a 24"-36" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Double) Petunia (Grandiflora)
14. Pirouette Purple
Striking flowers, beautiful in the garden or mixed containers. 1987 10D-South Click to display 14"-16" 12"-15" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Cockscomb Celosia plumosa
15. New Look®
Dark, bronze foliage is set off by bright red, long lasting flower plumes. 1988 8D-South Click to display n/a 12"-14" 10"-12" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Shasta Daisy Leucanthemum superbum 
16. Snow Lady
This popular dwarf plant produces numerous bright white flowers all summer. 1988 6C-South Click to display 10"-12" 12" 4-9 4" Green
Petunia Petunia (Grandiflora) 
17. Daddy™ Orchid
A constant supply of very large, plum purple flowers with darker veins all summer. 1989 10D-South Click to display 15"-15" 9" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Tickseed Coreopsis grandiflora
18. Early Sunrise
A profusion of brilliant golden-yellow, semi-double flowers, each flushed orange-yellow in the center, bring unbeatable color to perennial and cottage gardens. This is one of... 1989 5D-South Click to display 18"-18" 15"-24" 4-9 4" Green
Yarrow Achillea millefolium
19. Summer Pastels
This delightful mixture offers a rich blend of soft shades, from white to peach to lavender and rose. They look great together, and their gentle... 1990 6C-S; 11C-S Click to display 18"-27" 18"-23" 3-10 4" Green
Pinks Dianthus chinensis x barbatus
20. Ideal Select™ Violet
Pinks in the Ideal Select series are crosses between China pinks (Dianthus chinensis) and sweet William (Dianthus barbatus). Dense clusters of small violet-colored flowers with... 1992 8D-South Click to display 8"-10" 8"-10" 6-10 Flat (48-Count)
Verbena Verbena speciosa 
21. Imagination
Valued for its rich, violet-blue flower clusters and lacy foliage. Blooms until frost. Dense plants are great as groundcovers on slopes and banks, as well... 1993 9D-South Click to display 12"-20" 12"-24" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Petunia (Spreading) Petunia x hybrida 
22. Wave™ Purple
Creates a ground-hugging carpet of purple! This series is the lowest growing in the Ride The Wave™ family. It also spreads out, making a beautiful... 1995 2C-South Click to display 4"-6" 12"-18" 9-10 6-pack
Petunia Petunia (Grandiflora) 
23. Prism Sunshine
This award-winning variety has been judged the best yellow flowering petunia in its class. 1998 10D-South Click to display 10"-12" 9" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Red Hot Poker Kniphofia uvaria 
24. Flamenco
Tall spikes of spectacular flowers bloom in a mix of hot colors including red, yellow and orange. Superb as cut flowers. 1999 6D-North Click to display 24"-30" 18"-24" n/a 4" Green
Zinnia Zinnia hybrida
25. Profusion™ Orange
Bright flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Robust, heat-tolerant plants. 1999 4C-North Click to display 12"-18" 14"-16" n/a 4" Green
Sunflower Helianthus annuus
26. Soraya
Soraya is the first sunflower in AAS history to earn an AAS Award. One of the distinct qualities is orange petals - most sunflowers have... 2000 n/a Click to display 5'-6' 18"-24" n/a 4" Green
Pepper (Ornamental) Capsicum annuum
27. Chilly Chili
This child-safe variety bears non-pungent fruit, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use in both public and residential areas. The F1 vigour makes it... 2002 4C-North Click to display 9"-10" 12"-16" n/a 4" Green
Spider Flower Cleome hassleriana
28. Sparkler Blush
This dwarf hybrid Spider Flower gives you armloads of blooms over a very long season on plants that don't exceed 4 feet tall! The butterflies... 2002 4C-North Click to display 36"-48" 24" n/a 4" Green
Carnation Dianthus caryophyllus
29. Can Can Scarlet
Strong, well branched plants produce many fragrant, bright red 2" blooms. 2003 5D-North Click to display 12"-14" 15" 4 4" Green
Ornamental Millet Pennisetum glaucum 
30. Purple Majesty
Bold purple foliage and deep maroon 8-12" flower plumes make a dramatic addition to your garden or landscape. Striking in large containers, at the center... 2003 3D-South Click to display 48"-5' 24"-48" 9-11 4˝" White
Petunia Petunia 
31. Merlin Blue Morn
A striking display of bicolor flowers above neat, compact plants. Blooms maintain their fresh appearance even after heavy wind and rain. 2003 10D-South Click to display 10"-10" 9" 9-10 Flat (48-Count)
Cockscomb Celosia plumosa
32. Fresh Look Red
Feathery, bright red flower plumes fade to a nice rose color over time. Foliage covers faded flowers, then reblooms! 2004 8D-South Click to display 14"-20" 10"-16" n/a Flat (48-Count)
33. Fresh Look Yellow
Feathery, bright yellow flower plumes remain fresh in wind and rain all summer long. Foliage covers faded flowers, then reblooms! 2004 8D-South Click to display 14"-20" 10"-16" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Tomato (Cherry) Lycopersicon esculentum
34. Sugary
Super-sweet flavor, a fun new shape, and huge, huge yields on plants that just keep growing up and up all season! 2005 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a 24"-36" 36"-48" n/a 4" Green
Pepper (Sweet) Capsicum annuum
35. Carmen
'Carmen' is an improved sweet pepper with an unusual shape. 'Carmen' is an Italian bull's horn type which refers to its elongated shape, about 6... 2006 7D-North Click to display n/a n/a n/a 18"-24" n/a Flat (48-Count)
Sage (Mealycup) Salvia farinacea
36. Evolution
This is far and away the best Mealycup Sage ever grown, and it deserves a big planting in your sunniest garden spot! 'Evolution' really is... 2006 9D-South Click to display 16"-24" 12"-16" 8-11 Flat (48-Count)
Eggplant Eggplant
37. Hansel
Best described as a miniature eggplant, ‘Hansel’ is a smaller-sized plant with finger-sized clusters of fruit. Just because of its smaller size, don’t make the... 2008 7D-South Click to display n/a n/a 36" 30" n/a 4" Green
Blanket Flower Gaillardia grandiflora
38. Mesa™ Yellow
Very drought tolerant once established, Mesa Yellow shows intense, non-fading color all season on upright, well-branched plants that perform well in landscapes and mixed containers. 2010 10C-N;5C-N Click to display 16"-18" 20"-24" 5-9 4" Green
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
39. PowWow™ Wild Berry
This first year flowering perennial reportedly keeps on blooming without having to be deadheaded. Each stocky, relatively short plant carried a bouquet of fragrant, 3-4”,... 2010 5D-S;12C-N Click to display 18"-24" 12"-16" 3-8 4" Green
Zinnia Zinnia marylandica
40. Zahara™ Double Cherry
Famous for its resistance to mildew and leaf spot, its nonstop blooms, and its larger flower size. So tolerant of heat, humidity, and drought, it... 2010 4C-North Click to display 16"-20" 16"-20" n/a 4" Green
Salvia Salvia coccinea
41. Summer Jewel™ Red
Neat, heavy blooming, 20" plants produce spikes of brilliant red flowers, continusously from spring until fall. They are hummingbird magnets. Flowers appear two weeks earlier,... 2011 9D-North Click to display n/a n/a 16"-20" 10"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
42. Summer Jewel™ Pink
Sister to earlier AAS Winner Salvia 'Summer Jewel Red', this dwarf sized, compact plant has a prolific bloom count throughout the growing season. As a... 2012 9D-North Click to display n/a n/a 10"-24" 10"-12" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
43. Cheyenne Spirit
This stunning first-year flowering echinacea captures the spirit of the North American plains by producing a delightful mix of flower colors from rich purple, pink,... 2013 5D-North Click to display 22"-30" 18"-28" 4-9 4" Green
Gaura Gaura lindheimeri
44. Sparkle White
Sparkle White gaura will bring a touch of airy elegance to the garden with its long slender stems sporting a large number of dainty white... 2014 6B-North Click to display 12"-24" 12"-20" 6-9 4" Green
Sunflower Helianthus annuus
45. Suntastic
This new hybrid dwarf sunflower produces no pollen, but blooms up to three times in a season with as many as twenty flowers per plant.... 2014 4C-North Click to display 10"-24" 8"-10" n/a 4" Green
Basil Ocimum basilicum
46. Dolce Fresca
Dolce Fresca won a 2015 All-America Selection award for its compact habit, strong scent and flavor, and vigorous growth. This award-winning variety combines intensity of... 2015 8D-North Click to display n/a n/a 10"-20" 10"-12" n/a 4" Green
Impatiens Impatiens x hybrida
47. Spreading Shell Pink
SunPatiens® are a completely new type of Impatiens that thrive in hot, sunny conditions. 2015 2D-South Click to display 36"-48" 24"-36" 8-10 6" Green
Impatiens (New Guinea) Impatiens hawkeri
48. Bounce™ Pink Flame
  2015 1D-North Click to display 14"-20" 14"-18" n/a 4˝" White
Petunia (Spreading) Petunia (Hedgiflora) 
49. Tidal Wave™ Red Velour
This All-America Selections and Fleuroselect Quality Mark winner is a great addition to the Tidal Wave™ series. 2015 2C-South Click to display 16"-22" 12"-24" 9-10 4˝" White
Salvia Salvia coccinea
50. Summer Jewel™ White
A third color in the popular Summer Jewel series, white brings a much-needed color to compact salvias. This dwarf sized, compact plant has a prolific... 2015 9D-North Click to display 10"-13" 12"-15" 9-11 Flat (48-Count)
Geranium (Zonal) Pelargonium x hortorum
51. Calliope® Medium Dark Red
With an outstanding deep red velvety flower color and great branching habit, Calliope® Medium Dark Red was unmatched in the AAS Trials when compared to... 2017 3B-South Click to display 12"-14" 18"-20" 9-11 4˝" White
Zinnia Zinnia hybrida
52. Profusion™ Red
This newest Profusion Zinnia winner is the fourth color in the single flower series to win the coveted AAS Winner award. Judges raved about the... 2017 4C-North Click to display 12"-14" 14"-16" n/a 6" Green
Common Name
Botanical Name
Year Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure
Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Bloom Season

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