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Salt Tolerant Plants - Displayed by Common Name in Ascending Order - Page 1 of 2


184 plants found. Generated on 10/22/2018. Display Plant Images Only   Printer-Friendly List

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Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to keep this list updated, we cannot guarantee the availability of any of the plants listed. Please call before making a special trip.
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Common Name
Botanical Name
Greenhouse Location Thumb-
nail Image
Flower Color Foliage Color Annual/ Perennial Exposure Bloom Season Height Spread Hardiness Zone
(See Map)
Container Size
Spring Summer Autumn
Aeonium Aeonium haworthii
1. Kiwi Verde
'Kiwi' dazzles the garden with a kaleidoscope of pinks, oranges and greens, setting it appart from typical Aeonium varieties; pale yellow flowers appear in summer. 3D-North Click to display 6"-12" 8"-12" 9-11 6" Green
Aster Aster
2. Kickin'® Carmine Red
KICKIN® 'Carmine Red' produces magenta red flowers with a gold button center. Their habit is superb, forming a very full, bushy, relatively short mound of... 9C-South Click to display 24"-36" 24"-36" 5-9 8" Green
Aster (New England) Aster novae-angliae 
3. Alma Potschke
In fall, this classic cultivar becomes a glowing mass of vibrant pink daisy-like flowers that will stop traffic on your street. 'Alma Potschke' grows 4... 4D-South Click to display 30"-36" 12"-18" 5-8 6" Green
Aster (New York) Aster novi-belgii
4. Alert
Densely packed clusters of deep purplish-red flowers provide outstanding color in the garden from late summer into fall. They make a terrific accent to fall... 9C-South Click to display 12"-15" 15"-18" 3-8 8" Green
Baby's Breath Gypsophila paniculata
5. Double Snowflake
Airy flower sprays are ideal for flower arrangements, fresh or dried. Provides a softening effect for bold colors or large flowers, and is very attractive... 4C-South Click to display 24"-36" 24" 3-9 4½" White
6. Summer Sparkles®
Baby’s Breath has come a long way over the years, with breeders improving their habit, bloom time, and longevity in the garden. SUMMER SPARKLES®... 9C-South Click to display 23"-27" 30"-40" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Beard-tongue Penstemon
7. Prairie Dusk
Attractive flowers are exceptionally long blooming and irresistable to hummingbirds. Beautiful at garden's edge, in rock gardens or cut for summer bouquets. Lovely planted with... 11C-South Click to display 20"-24" 15"-18" 3-8 8" Green
Betony (Alpine) Stachys monnieri
8. Hummelo
this species forms large, rounded clumps of green, long and narrow, textured leaves. It is lovely even when it's not in bloom. In midsummer, sturdy... 9C-North Click to display 18"-20" 18" 4-8 8" Green
Blanket Flower Gaillardia grandiflora 
9. Burgundy
Wine-red blooms measure a whopping 3 inches across! In the middle of these striking red petals is a button-like center which emerges bright yellow and... 5C-North Click to display 18"-30" 24"-30" 3-10 4" Green
10. Mesa™ Bright Bicolor
Bright red flowers with a wide, bright yellow band. 5C-North Click to display 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 4" Green
11. Mesa™ Peach
Peach flowers with a bright yellow band. Earlier bloomer than Mesa™ Bright Bicolor and MESA™ Yellow. 10C-N;5D-N Click to display 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 8" Green
12. Mesa™ Red
Beautiful, red scalloped petals surround a sunny yellow, flat cone. A compact, well-branched plant that grows 14 to 16 inches tall and 20 to 22... 5C-North Click to display 14"-16" 20"-22" 5-9 4" Green
13. Mesa™ Yellow
Very drought tolerant once established, Mesa Yellow shows intense, non-fading color all season on upright, well-branched plants that perform well in landscapes and mixed containers. 10C-N;5C-N Click to display 16"-18" 20"-24" 5-9 4" Green
Blue Oat Grass Helictotrichon sempervirens 
14. Sapphire
Blue Oat grass looks like a miniature water fountain, with its densely packed leaves gently spraying upward and arching back downward at the tips. 'Sapphire'... 12C-South Click to display 18"-24" 18"-24" 3-8 8" Green
Carnation Dianthus caryophyllus
15. Can Can Scarlet
Strong, well branched plants produce many fragrant, bright red 2" blooms. 5D-North Click to display 12"-14" 15" 4 4" Green
16. Grenadin™ King of the Blacks
The darkest red, fragrant flowers on strong, erect stems. Grasslike, blue-green foliage. Use for cutting, borders. 5D-North Click to display 24"-24" 15" n/a 4" Green
Cheddar Pinks Dianthus gratianopolitanus
17. Firewitch
A profusion of fragrant flowers and blue-green foliage make a beautiful display in the hummingbird or rock garden, at water's edge or as a small-scale... 4B-North Click to display 6" 6" 3-9 1 Gallon White
Cinquefoil Potentilla thurberi
18. Monarch's Velvet
Potentilla Monarch's Velvet showcases captivating flowers with raspberry-red, heart-shaped petals surrounding a velvet crimson center. Common name, Cinquefoil, means five-leaved in reference to the foliage.... 11C-North Click to display 12"-24" 12"-18" 5-9 8" Green
Coral Bells Heuchera
19. Amethyst Myst
Striking, deep burgundy foliage, overlaid with silver-veins and highlights, contrasts with bright magenta undersides. This glossy-leaved clump can achieve an impressive 24" across. 4D-South Click to display 8"-12" 18" 4-11 1 Gallon White
20. Black Pearl
If you’re going to choose just one Heuchera for your lineup, this is the one! Meet the new standard in black Heuchera. ‘Black Pearl’ forms... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 18"-20" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
21. Dolce® Crème Brûleé
In spring, the broad, flat leaves range in color from pale caramel to brown sugar. In autumn, the bronze tones turn ruddy red. 4D-South Click to display 8"-12" 16"-24" 5-11 1 Gallon White
22. Electric Plum
The foliage on this Heuchera is so bright, it’s electric! New leaves emerge near black and lighten to an intense purple with dramatic black veining.... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
23. Forever Purple
This Coral Bells is destined to become the new standard for purple-leafed perennials. It forms a mound of glossy, purple leaves with fluted edges year... 4D-South Click to display 12"-15" 18"-22" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
24. Lime Marmalade
A sport of ‘Marmalade’, this green selection exhibits the same robust, vigorous growth as its parent. Heavily ruffled, smaller lime green to chartreuse leaves... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 16"-18" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
25. Mega Caramel
Like 'Caramel' but much bigger! Caramel foliage with pink-purple undersides, large cream flowers on arching stems blooms mid summer to early fall. 4D-South Click to display 18"-20" 20"-28" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
26. Paris
The best reblooming heuchera we've ever seen. This free-flowering cultivar produces a plethora of large, deep rose-pink flowers on 14 inch scapes beginning in late... 4D-South Click to display 10"-14" 14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
27. Pretty Pistachio
You’ll be impressed by this big and beautiful plant for both its flowering performance and its garden performance. Starting in spring, 4.5in wide leaves are... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 28"-32" 4-9 PW 1.0 Gallon
28. Twist of Lime
Get ready for a wild looking Heuchera that's perfect for brightening up your shade garden! Incredibly wavy, chartreuse yellow leaves beg to be noticed, and... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
29. Wild Rose
This easily distinguishable Heuchera stands out with its large leaves and bright, uniquely colored foliage. 'Wild Rose' forms a dense habit of large, bright rosy... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Heuchera micrantha
30. Palace Purple
The original purple coral bells, 'Palace Purple' is perhaps the most well-recognized and widely planted variety of all heucheras. It was the 1991 Perennial Plant... 5D-South Click to display 8"-12" 12"-16" 3-8 4" Green
Heuchera sanguinea
31. Coral Petite
This beautiful, petite new variety of Heuchera is the perfect solution to all your fairy garden needs! Super compact, ‘Coral Petite’ tops out at just... 5D-South Click to display 8"-12" 8"-12" 3-9 4" Green
32. Ruby Bells
Spikes of tiny, bell-shaped, blood-red flwoers are held above attractive evergreen foliage. 5D-South Click to display 16" 12" n/a 4" Green
Heuchera villosa
33. Berry Smoothie
'Berry Smoothie' is an incredibly bright rose colored Heuchera. The foliage ranges a bit in color with the season, emerging bright rose pink in spring... 4D-South Click to display n/a 18"-28" 20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
34. Caramel
Delicate sprays of white flowers bloom above caramel-colored leaves. This plant is durable and tolerates heat and humidity. Deer resistant. Wonderful as an accent plant. 4D-South Click to display 12"-15" 12"-15" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
35. Circus
In spring, the new leaves of 'Circus' emerge a warm peach color with deep red veins. As they age and the weather turns warmer,... 4D-South Click to display 12"-14" 12"-14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
36. Citronelle
'Citronelle' is a robust hybrid with citron yellow leaves and silver undersides. When planted in heavier shade, the leaves will be more chartreuse. Small, creamy... 4D-South Click to display 12"-14" 14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
37. Fire Alarm
Touted by many as the best red to date, this H. villosa hybrid is incredibly vigorous, forming a full, dense clump of large, round lobed... 4D-South Click to display 8"-10" 12"-14" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
38. Georgia Peach
You'll be blown away by the spectacular glowing peach colored foliage of this new Heuchera from Terra Nova Nurseries!

The very large leaves, which can measure...

4D-South Click to display 14" 24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
39. Magnum
Heuchera 'Magnum' is a giant Heuchera villosa hybrid that lives up to its name by reaching 1' tall x 2' wide with huge 10" dark... 4D-South Click to display 8"-12" 12"-16" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
40. Mocha
The largest, darkest villosa currently available. Dark chocolate to bronze-purple leaves have bright purple undersides. As plant matures, foliage turns almost black with more sun... 4D-South Click to display 12"-18" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
41. Plum Power
Plum Power is a real work horse, hot or cold, sun or shade, this Heuchera doesn't mind, the foliage color will change throughout the year... 4D-South Click to display 12"-14" 18"-20" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
Cypress (Sawara) Chamaecyparis pisifera
42. Golden Charm
Compact, semi-erect conifer with interesting, thread-like needles that weep and drape over the entire shrub. Bright, golden-yellow new foliage, even in full sun. Excellent mop-headed... SA-1 Click to display n/a 5'-6' 7'-8' 4-8 2 Gallon
Daylily Hemerocallis hybrid 
43. Apricot Sparkles
This is considered a "Designer" daylily, which means that it has been selected as highly performing plant with exceptional bloom performance, substantive, vibrantly colored flowers,... 10C-South Click to display 15" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
44. Baby Moon Café
Similar in appearance to the highly regarded daylily ‘Custard Candy’, this cultivar offers a higher bud count on more well-branched scapes, fragrant blossoms, and a... n/a Click to display 22" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
45. Bela Lugosi
This premium selection, considered the best purple on the market, features large purple flowers with a lime-green throat. It'a a strong grower and is heavily... 10C-South Click to display 29"-33" 18"-23" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
46. Bestseller
Mid to late, large 5" fragrant lavender-pink flowers trimmed with yellow ruffles edged above a greenish throat, compact and re-blooms. 10C-South Click to display 24"-28" 18"-24" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
47. Bright Sunset
Daylily 'Bright Sunset' has very fragrant, 6" wide flowers with burnt coppery-orange petals, a golden orange band and midrid, and a small, deep green throat.... n/a Click to display 36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
48. Calico Jack
Bright lemon-yellow flowers show contrasting plum eye zones and ruffled rims. A standout in any border, this daring daylily received Honorable Mention from the AHS.... 10C-South Click to display 24"-28" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
49. Congo Coral
This re-bloomer will delight with double, salmon-coral blooms in spring and again in the fall. The large flowers are up to 5” across and have... 10C-South Click to display 18"-22" 12"-18" 2-9 8" Terra Cotta
50. Daring Deception
5½", dusty cream-pink self with a large, dark purple eye and green throat. Petals overlap, creating a uniquely shaped eyezone. Petals have dark purple picotee,... 10C-South Click to display 24" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
51. Desert Flame
Set your gardens ablaze with the large 5½”, flaming red-orange blossoms of this reblooming daylily. Its color is so vibrant, you’ll need sunglasses to... 10C-South Click to display 36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
52. Early Snow
Representing an incredible advancement in near-white daylilies, the blossoms of ‘Early Snow’ are “supremely beautiful and flawless” in the opinion of daylily expert Arthur Kroll.... 10C-South Click to display 27"-29" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
53. Entrapment
Super bloomer with 32 flowers per stem when mature, mid. Large 6" blue-purple flowers with a yellow throat and wonderful ruffling. Excellent rebloomer and destined... 10C-South Click to display 25"-27" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
54. Frosted Vintage Ruffles
This selection is considered a super-bloomer and features large, highly fragrant, pastel blend of yellow and light pink flowers with darker pink, heavily-ruffled edging. Rebloomer.... 10C-South Click to display 18"-23" 23"-27" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
55. Happy Returns
An extremely popular and widely used reblooming daylily. Canary yellow 3" blossoms are freely produced over a long season. Rebloomer. Of 'Stella de Oro' parentage,... 10C-South Click to display 18" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
56. Heavenly Flight of Angels
Mid, an exceptional diploid with blooms that stay open for two days, yellow spider flowers with white eye are up to 10" wide, fragrant and... 10C-South Click to display 30"-36" 24"-30" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
57. Lavender Blue Baby
This one-of-a-kind beauty has 5½", incredibly recurved lavender purple petals have a pronounced lavender blue eye. The two colors complement each other beautifully, and they... 10C-South Click to display 28" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
58. Midnight Raider
‘Midnight Raider’ is a tremendous performer, the best in its color class. Very thick, exceptionally heavily budded scapes support the large, deep reddish... 10C-South Click to display 30" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
59. Moses' Fire
The double flowers of 'Moses' Fire', a truly deep-red Daylily, have a faint golden streak on their ruffled edges, evoking the burning bush. Its petals... 10C-South Click to display 22"-24" 18"-24" 4-9 8" Terra Cotta
60. Naughty Red
A temptress to be sure, Naughty Red bears ruffled, recurved petals of deep red edged in sunny yellow, giving it a seductive look sure to... 10C-South Click to display 24"-26" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
61. Orange Smoothy
4" wide, orange mango petals with a light rose band, pink mid-rib, and green throat. The flower scapes have well-branched, 4-way scapes and upwards near... 10C-South Click to display 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
62. Passion for Red
Representing a breeding advancement in red daylilies, this new daylily produces very sunfast, extremely vibrant red flowers with a contrasting yellow eye/throat zone that is... 10C-South Click to display 25"-27" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
63. Primal Scream
If you’re looking for the WOW! factor in daylilies, you’ve found it here with ‘Primal Scream’. Nothing comes close to the spectacular 7½-8½ inch,... 10C-South Click to display 34" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
64. Raspberry Suede
Aptly named, the unusually smooth, velvety texture of this daylily is very much like suede. The large 5" flowers are a unique shade of... n/a Click to display 28" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
65. Red Hot Returns
Master daylily hybridizer Darrel Apps has done it again! This time, he’s developed the first red, continuous blooming daylily that performs well in northern... 10C-South Click to display 24"-28" 18"-24" 5-9 8" Terra Cotta
66. Rocket City
Large 6” bittersweet orange trumpets with darker orange highlights resemble soft Tiger Lilies in height and color, but with clean foliage and an extended bloom... 10C-South Click to display 34"-36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
67. Romantic Returns
Another standout reblooming daylily from renowned hybridizer Dr. Darrel Apps! Deep rose pink flowers have ruffled petals with notably large flowers for a continuous bloomer... 10C-South Click to display 25" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
68. Ruby Spider
One look and it’s easy to see why this incredible daylily is a multiple award winner! The gigantic 9”, dark ruby red flowers are... 10C-South Click to display 34" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
69. Stella de Oro
The world's most popular daylily! 2¾", bright gold complete self with mild pie crust edging and a subtle fragrance. Blooms from early to midsummer, followed... 10C-South Click to display 15" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
70. Stephanie Returns
Named for the Perennial Diva Stephanie Cohen, this little daylily really packs a punch! Like its parent, ‘Rosy Returns’, this is a short daylily... 10C-South Click to display 16"-18" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
71. Storm Shelter
This is one of our favorite new daylilies! This stunning, high quality, tetraploid produces 5 inch wide, mauve colored blossoms with an enormous deep eggplant... 10C-South Click to display 24" 18"-24" 3-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
72. Strawberry Candy
'Strawberry Candy' has textured, pink petals with ruffled, picotee edges surround the strawberry-red eye zones and yellow throats, making this reblooming variety a real winner.... 10C-South Click to display 24"-26" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
Dusty Miller; Wormwood Artemisia schmidtiana 
73. Silver Mound
Aptly named, 'Silver Mound' has soft, feathery foliage and forms compact, silky, cushion-like mounds. It has many applications in the garden including: edging, rock gardens,... 11C-North Click to display n/a 8"-10" 10"-15" 3-7 8" Green
False Cypress (Japanese) Chamaecyparis pisifera
74. Gold Mops
Bright yellow, feathery foliage. Mounding form when young will eventually develop into a loose pyramidal shape. SA-12 Click to display n/a n/a 6'-7' 8'-9' 5-8 2 Gallon
False Indigo Baptisia hybrid
75. Decadence® Pink Truffles
A novel new color in Baptisia! Clear soft pink blossoms with a pale yellow keel are produced in late spring, the perfect compliment to peonies,... 12C-North Click to display 30"-36" 36" 4-9 PW 2.0 Gallon
Feather Reed Grass Calamagrostis acutiflora 
76. Karl Foerster
Perennial Plant of the Year for 2001. This is a cool season, clumping grass with a compact, erect growth habit. It is especially prized in... 12C-South Click to display 6'-6' 36" 5-9 8" Green
Globe Thistle Echinops bannaticus
77. Blue Glow
Beginning in early summer, intense blue spheres measuring 1.5" across appear on tall, unbranched stems. Bumblebees and nocturnal moths delight in their sweet nectar. This... 11C-North Click to display 36"-48" 24" 3-8 8" Green
Hardy Pampas Grass Erianthus ravennae
78. Hardy Pampas Grass
An absolute giant of the ornamental grass world. Considered by many to be the best substitute for Pampas Grass in northern regions, they share similar... 12C-South Click to display 9'-12' 48"-5' 5-9 8" Green
Hens and Chicks Sempervivum arachnoideum
79. Cobweb Buttons
One of the most distinctive types of Sempervivum. Aptly named, 'Cobweb' is covered with fine, white threads which crisscross between the leaves' tips like a... 6D-South Click to display 3" 6"-8" 3 4½" White
Sempervivum braunii
80. Brown (Braunii)
Small, dark green leaves covered with fine white hairs form tight rosettes. Their sharply pointed tips are occasionally flushed with red. This color may vary... 6D-South Click to display 3"-4" 6"-8" 3-8 4½" White
Sempervivum hybrid
81. Ruby Heart
This selection forms rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery blue to blue-green leaves which are flushed rosy red at the base. This color varies by... 6D-South Click to display 3"-4" 6"-8" 3-8 4½" White
82. Silverine
Forms rosettes of sharply pointed, silvery green leaves which are flushed with reddish-purple at the base. This color may vary from season to season. Unique... 6D-South Click to display 3"-4" 6"-8" 3-8 4½" White
Hydrangea (Bigleaf) Hydrangea macrophylla
83. Let's Dance® Rave ('SMNHNSIGMA')
A strong, reliable bloomer with an abundance of intensely colored mophead blooms. Flower color ranges from a rich violet-purple color on acidic soils to a... 12A-North Click to display 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
84. Let's Dance® Rhythmic Blue ('ES14')
The flowers of this latest Let's Dance reblooming hydrangea are truly amazing. The florets have a distinctive geometric shape, and are closely packed into full,... 12A-North Click to display 24"-36" 36"-48" 5-9 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Hardy) Hydrangea paniculata
85. Fire Light® ('SMHPFL')
Fire Light™ is the new standard to measure all hardy hydrangeas. Upright panicles are packed with florets which transform from pure white to rich pomegranate-pink.... 11A-North Click to display 54"-6' 54"-6' 3-8 3 Gallon
86. Zinfin Doll® ('SMHPRZEP')
A unique new hardy hydrangea with loads of beautiful, dense blooms that emerge pure white, and much like Pinky Winky™ hydrangea, turn bright pink from... 11A-North Click to display 6'-8' 6'-8' 3-8 3 Gallon
Hydrangea (Oakleaf) Hydrangea quercifolia
87. Gatsby Pink® ('JoAnn')
A remarkable new oakleaf that boasts big showy blooms which quickly transform from pure white to an incredibly rich pink. The dark green foliage turns... 11A-North Click to display 6'-8' 7'-9' 5-9 3 Gallon
88. Ruby Slippers
A lovely plant whose white summer flowers quickly turn pale pink, then deep to rose, and are held upright above the foliage. Flowers may reach... 11A-North Click to display   36"-42" 48"-6' 5-9 10" Terra Cotta
Hydrangea (Smooth) Hydrangea arborescens
89. Incrediball® Blush ('NCHA4')
It's the next big thing in hydrangeas!

This beauty has big, bodacious, blush-pink blooms that change to an attractive green color as they age. This very...

11A-North Click to display   48"-5' 5'-6' 3-9 3 Gallon
90. Invincibelle® Ruby™ ('NCHA3')
The first red-flowered Hydrangea arborescens! The dark burgundy-red flower buds of Invincibelle® Ruby hydrangea open to a two-toned combination of bright ruby red and silvery... n/a Click to display 36"-48" 24"-36" 3-9 3 Gallon
91. Invincibelle® Spirit II ('NCHA2')
A better pink 'Annabelle' - type hydrangea!

This new and improved Invincibelle Spirit hydrangea delivers on all counts. It has darker foliage, stiffer stems, and larger...

11A-S,SB-17 Click to display 36"-48" 36"-5' 3-9 3 Gallon
Iris (Siberian) Iris siberica
92. Kaboom
Large, 6" vibrant purple double blooms create a stunning statement in the early summer and attract hummingbirds to the garden. Prefering as much sun as... 9C-North Click to display 26"-30" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Green
Iris (Tall Bearded) Iris germanica
93. Attention Please
Mid, bright berry red standards and white falls with plum-burgundy edge. 9C-North Click to display 28"-34" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
94. Carnaby
Mid pink standards, with falls of a deeper raspberry reddish pink, a tone quite hard to describe, but gorgeous to look at!. A most agreeable... 9C-North Click to display 32"-36" 12"-18" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
95. Harvest of Memories
Radiant yellow blooms with arched standards and flaring falls are totally saturated in yellow. A slightly sweet fragrance will draw you closer into the garden.... 9C-North Click to display 38" 18"-24" 3-10 8" Terra Cotta
96. Immortality
Fragrant white blossoms with light yellow beards. 'Immortality' is an award winning variety of the American Iris Society. 9C-North Click to display 29" 18"-24" 3-10 8" Terra Cotta
97. On Edge
Standards are light lavender with stitched pale lavender blue. Falls are white with deep violet purple edge and old gold beard. 9C-North Click to display 36"-48" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
98. Sunset Sky
Mid, stunning bicolor with yellow standards, rose-lavender falls edged in gold. 9C-North Click to display 34"-36" 18"-24" 3-9 8" Terra Cotta
Iris (Zebra-Striped Sweet) Iris pallida
99. Argentea Variegata (aka Albovariegata)
Striking green and ivory striped leaves. New foliage emerges in spring with creamy yellow margins that fade to ivory as the season progresses. 9C-North Click to display 34" 18"-24" 3-10 8" Terra Cotta
Juniper Juniperus chinensis
100. Gold Lace
A compact Pfitzer juniper with exceptional gold color, particularly at the tips of its branches. More compact than other varieties. Excellent for mass plantings or... SA-10 Click to display n/a 36"-48" 5'-6' 4-9 5 Gallon
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Botanical Name
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